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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

MS-esque, or not so much?

Um, no, I'm not seeking a diagnosis from strangers on the internet. Just looking for a reality check on a couple symptoms - does this sound MS-ish, or not so MS-ish, in your experience:

I get kind a stiff/numb feeling in my right side extremities, and it seems like some of the time the trigger is related to muscles in my back. (Maybe; that's my guess). For example, if I'm out walking around, relaxed and ...
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Botox Injections For Blepharospasm - My Opinions

Botox Injections For Blepharospasm / Hemifacial Spasms - My Opinions

As a matter of fact, I have received 3 therapy sessions of Botox injections from a neurosurgeon for my chronic medication-induced involuntary uncontrollable non-stop rapid eyelid-twtiching / eye-blinking at a very exorbitant cost of U.S 5000 dollars each from an expensive private medical centre located in my home country (one of the less-developed ones in Asia) before I have actually got it gradually and totally ...
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Opinions on clinical trial

Hi all,

I've been recently diagnosed (about a month and a half ago), and was told to pick a DMD. I live near 2 fairly well known hospitals with MS centers, and looked into what trials they had. One hospital has several trials for which they are recruiting. I shied away from the trials which have a placebo group, and came up with two possibilities. One is the Campath trial, but unfortunately it is the ...
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Am I the only one that is affected by the cooler weather in relation to it bringing on an "attack"? If I am in air conditioning too long, or if the weather changes to a cool, or rainy day, I will almost always begin to feel my symptoms appear. I know everybody has different symptoms, but I've only heard about adverse heat reactions, and not cold. Guess I'm "special."
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The ACTRIMS + ECTRIMS + LACTRIMS conference is on, as many of you know. For my money, the presentations at this event are the most interesting of any conference over the last 5 years. Below are a whole lotta abstracts from today (so the embargo is off) that I find interesting. If you want to see more, go to: – then select “Browse” from left-hand menu.
(thank you ...
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Personality aspects in multiple sclerosis

Personality aspects in multiple sclerosis.

1: Ital J Neurol Sci. 1985 Dec;6(4):415-23.

To test the claim that peculiar personality bias is detectable in multiple sclerosis (MS) we used the Szondi test to investigate the psychodynamic aspects of 110 MS patients in comparison with 200 healthy subjects. MS patients appeared to have a greater need for love in a passive form than normal people, rigid defense mechanisms, difficulty in resolving their inner conflicts either by sublimation ...
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Has anyone used this supplement? I was considering it and wondered if there are any contra-indications for ms'ers?


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Found this on the Accelerated Cure Project website:

<shortened url>
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Atlas of MS

This was published on Wednesday and I'm hoping it will distract Lyon for a few days so that we can have some relief from his constant postings. ... index.html
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TMI copaxone q - women's stuff

Guys - you might not wanna read this, it's a 'women's trouble' question!

Sorry for the TMI - For any ladies on copaxone - has it affected your cycle in any way? I am having issues and trying to work out what the cause is. Have been bleeding for 15 days now and the only options I can think of are either that the MS meds have screwed me up or that I have had ...
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