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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Molecular pathway to disease identified

This article reveals a molecular pathway which can be involved with disease development and which can, in a striking parallel with all the possible triggers for MS, be activated by a wide range of environmental factors.
I'm not sure about such sweeping statements as, " Th 17 cell activity is the cause of… multiple sclerosis", but then I suppose that's journalists for you:
Scientists working at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research have shown ...
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Interviews with researchers

Here are interviews with the researchers who presented at last weekend's MS Life Conference. ... index.html
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Fasting could offer protection from chemotherapy effects

I wonder if this approach would make chemo more or less effective for MS. How immune cells are effected by starvation I guess is the real question.

A new study is suggesting that short-term fasting could help protect cancer patients against the effects of chemotherapy.

Scientists from the University of Southern California have found in experiments with mice that fasting strengthens healthy cells but not cancer cells, and they are optimistic such strategies could be ...
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Second round of Campath and having a baby

Does anyone know the rationale behind the studies administering a second (or third/fourth) round of Campath? Or could anyone formulate a hypothesis?
Why would HiCy be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and Campath not? Aren’t they both “rebooting” the adaptive immune system (killing all lymphocytes)?

And does anyone know whether you need immunizations again after Campath (bromley? Raven? Lab Rat)? I would think that if it had the same mechanism behind it as HiCy, one would need ...
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Imaging neuroregeneration

Interesting imaging development...

Harvard researchers publish MRI images of genes in action in the living brain

Biologists have just confirmed what poets have known for centuries: eyes really are windows of the soul—or at least of the brain. In a new study published in the April 2008 print issue of The FASEB Journal (, Harvard researchers describe the development of gene probe eye drops that—for the first time—make it ...
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Went to Dr. Friday. I asked to many questions to put on here, but the most important one to me was "when am I going to see results". He said it was still a bit toearly , but most of his other paitents had seen improvements within four or five months from their last treatment. I can't say that I have definetly seen any improvement ,but somedays seem to be better than others. We also ...
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DEAR MEMBERS my mane is seeva i need any one of our know about
GRAHAM-STETZER FILTERS.ONE OF MY M.S FRIEND from LONDON send me a e.mail wich she was recevied from another her m.s friend. about this filters. thay called dirty electricity contamination can be cleaned by this filters. a lady was with progressive m.s has met DR. HAVAS and he installed 14 filters in his house and within three days he repoted walking unaid. ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Agitation

I just found this article from 1997 about neuropsychiatric symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients and they found that 40% of the patients were agitated! :twisted: ... /51?ck=nck
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Started Cytoxan Today

First of six infusions to be given once per month. So far, no adverse effects whatsoever. Hopefully that will continue and I'll actually see some benefits.

Anyone else on here tried Cytoxan other than the Revimmune crew?

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