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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Finding the positives of MS

They call it "benefit finding", but I just think of it as looking on the bright side: I met my best friend while we were both in neurological rehab, (he had a terrible car-crash), and we were talking about it the other day -- I can't be glad that I have MS, but I know that, come that wonderful day when all this is over, I will be glad I had it. It's made me ...
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Johns Eyes

As some here will know I've been trying supplement approach to fix John's eye affected by ON in 1998. The good part is something is happening and he is getting flashes of clarity which have been absent sine 1998. He has also been able to see color again in the past several months. The bad part is I can't tell you which supplement if any are responsible. What a SUCK ASS way to report findings ...
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Myelin Repair Foundation Winter 2007 Update

Here's a link to the Myelin Repair Foundation's latest research update. Lots of good stuff, looks like they're making some real progress...
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Lp results are in...

Well of course it's positive.

It's not really a shock but i wish the diagnosis was something else.

The neuro has suggested maybe starting on Avonex and i will be seeing him again in May so he will prescribe it then. That will give me time to stop breastfeeding.

Has anyone had an ok experience with Avonex?


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Neurology Conferences

Hi all,

In the couple of years that I've had MS, it seems that although there is a steady stream of information generated about MS, some of the more notable results from research are presented at the major neurology conferences. I was wondering if there is a comprehensive list of the major conferences, so one might have an idea of when to expect these sorts of things. For example, I googled AAN and their yearly ...
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C3 necessary for 'maximal' EAE

Complement is part of the immune system. C3b is an Opsonin, (helps white blood cells to bind to foreign tissue), and it sounds to me as if C3b mistakenly binds to self-tissue, thus bonding it to white blood cells, which then destroy it.
C3a also can trigger the release of histamine, which may play a part in some forms of MS:

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Psychosocial impact of MS

Just a little reminder to neuros that we're not just a bundle of faulty wiring. I wish I could get hold of the full texts to these abstracts--anyone got friends in high places?


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MS and heart rate

Looks as if MS can impair your body's ability to regulate the heart....dammit! Does that mean I'll have to give up mountaineering? :wink:


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Inflammation and degeneration together

We know that both processes occur in MS, and it's not an either/or question. They acknowledge here that treating just one may be detrimental, (presumably inflammation, because it can be helpful):


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