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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Cladribrine Question

I know this is in the final leg of testing as the first oral for MS but because it is an approved drug for a different indication, it can be used off label as an injection.

Does anyone have any experience with using Cladribrine either off label or in the MS trial? Phase II data of the MS trial included zero efficacy data and I am considering trying it off label after developing antibodies to ...
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How do I?

Alright I have been kind of in a depression since, my diagnoses in Feb. and now im worst cause I might not get state aid, which means Im jsut worst

Im tired all the time, I cant focus, I cant get motivated to do anything.
How do I get out of this slump? I was a very energic person before all this news...I mean I have good friends asking if im ok, cause I just ...
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I have always been a light sleeper and was surprised when my Dr said I needed to have a sleep study. I was shocked when I was told that I have central sleep apnea the Dr said it was caused by the lesions on my brain! I have been dx for 5 years but with symptoms for 20. AS ANYONE ELSE HEARD OF SUCH A THING?
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Neuroregeneration and reprogramming

Here are a couple of interesting articles, one on neuroregeneration by silencing growth inhibitors and the other about reprogramming adult cells into stem cells.

Silencing growth inhibitors could help recovery from brain injury
Silencing natural growth inhibitors may make it possible to regenerate nerves damaged by brain or spinal cord injury, finds a study from Children's Hospital Boston. In a mouse study published in the November 7 issue of Science, researchers temporarily silenced genes that ...
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Personal circuit

A circular journey or one which begins and ends at the same place

MS is a circuit for me, there is no moving forward yet, just a continuous loop of symptoms and medicinal trial and error.

I walk in circles, I learn information and then learn that information is wrong. I try new things to feel better then end up feeling worse. I bang my head repeatedly searching for my happy place.

I'm not ...
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I got a job!!!!

I just got a permenant job at the company I have been temping at since last year! I am so so pleased!
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Informative web site

I stumbled across the following web site, and read one of the webcast transcripts. I like the format, in that the host questions experts (ie neurologists). I read the one on ON, even though I have never had ON (that I have known about), and I am now interested in getting an OCT performed.

There is a lot of information on this web site. Including videos, a dictionary, news and more. The transcript on ...
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Twitching and the whole fascilation thing....

I am such a hypochondriac.

I used to get them.(twitches) Still do from time to time. Mostly when I am at rest after doing something or right when I wake up and I'm still getting going. They may not show up for a month sometimes longer. Then the buggers come back. May hang out for a week or 2. They are usually in my hands or a finger but I can get a flicker everywhere ...
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Interesting snippet

An MS research conference is currently underway. Here is a snippet - which seems interesting. Hopefully, there will be more info once the conference has finished.

Collaboration in action

Concomitantly, the first ever Tykeson Fellows Conference is bringing 106 MS scientists together to advance collaborations and cross fertilization in their ongoing work to create a world free of MS.

The Society currently sponsors 70 postdoctoral fellowships at a cost of $3.2 million. These fellowship funds ...
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What changes will we see for MS with new president?

Any one else expect we will see some changes as far as research and funding? Especially since I've heard Obama's father-in-law has MS.
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