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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Ask the expert

The Canadian MS Society website has added a useful ask the expert section.

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WHO clinical trials database it just me or is this WHO clinical trials database about 30 years overdue?!

Pharma firms told to end secrecy in drug trials

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rebuffed requests from the pharmaceutical industry to tone down its plans for openness in drug testing.

Industry groups had asked for critical details about clinical trials to be omitted from a new WHO database, which will bring together information on trials from around the world ...
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EBV / MS Think Tank

Dear all,

On Friday I am attending the EBV / MS Think Tank which is taking place in London, UK. The event starts at 10.00am and runs to 5.30pm. The morning sessions are presentations covering a range of issues such as "EBV and other putative autoimmune diseases", "Immunology of MS and EBV", and "Anti-viral agents targeting EBV". It's being led by Dr Gavin Giovannoni, Reader in Clinical Neuroimmunology (a recipient of one of the large ...
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The pathology of multiple sclerosis: a paradigm shift.

Dear all,

I was interested to read the research on the front page. I think it was earlier this week that I posted some comments by my good neuro (one of the UK's top MS researchers), that he considered that the problem was that the myelin making cells were damaged / killed because they were in a "sick micro-environment". I assume (my view) that the sick micro-environment might be due to a virus or some ...
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Depression and Interferon Beta

Public release date: 17-May-2006

Contact: Amitabh Avasthi
Penn State

Depression in MS patients clue to better treatment

Depression increases in some patients with multiple sclerosis over time, according to neuropsychologists, and this research finding could help reduce depression in patients and aid in better treatment strategies.

"Depressed mood in patients with multiple sclerosis changes more significantly over time than other stable depression symptoms such as a negative view ...
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Microsoft Powerpoint

Today I posted a number of presentations from the UK MS Society Life Conference. When I opened these at work they were fine but I could not open them at home because I don't have PowerPoint - which you need to open them.

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Combination therapies

UK MS Society - presentation on combination therapies - Mike Boggiled is very highly regarded by hhis patients.

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Presentation on fatigue

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One for you Sharon -

UK MS Society - presentation on hormones.

Bigger studies needed but results are promising (particulalry testosterone for men).


PS Given the good results from testosterone gel (for men) - I would be more than happy to start now. What's the risk? Disability? But we're going to get that anyway! By the time they prove it is safe - there won't be much of my brain left to save!

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Oncomodulin enables nerve regrowth

This is exciting -- many years from being a treatment (if ever) -- but exciting.

Potent protein regenerates damaged eye nerves

15 May 2006 - news service - A potent molecule that causes more regeneration of eye nerves than any other known has been found by researchers. The damaged eye nerves of rats that received injections of the protein showed five times better recovery than those that did not.

Drugs developed from the newly ...
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