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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

New Baby!!!

Well here is our next child!! My wife is only 10 weeks along (i think), but the due date is May 12. I can't wait!!!!!! :D


I fixed it, arti sorry fo the confusion :oops:

and lew you are Captain S. head, LOL :D
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Hi everyone. I'd like to get some feedback about Provigil. Has anyone taken it for fatigue? My girlfriend is having what we think is a relapse. She was very fatigued for a few days, then felt better, but is very fatigued again today. I know she's really sick of it. The doctor gave her a sample of Provigil but she has yet to try it. She has relapsing/remitting and is on Copaxone, if that matters. ...
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Low sex drive - dryness


Just out of curiosity, anyone else out there who has no other symptoms except for vaginal dryness and low sex drive? I've been reading a lot on the subject but still not sure if it's MS or something else. Can you have no symptoms (and no change for 3 years) with low sex drive and dryness in down there? I know you can based on the articles I've been reading. What about the people ...
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Everyone’s different

Why does everyone respond different to all the drugs, from one extreme to the other? There is no common denominator we all try everything and occasionally we find something that helps weather its goats milk or vitamins or whatever, how is it possible that this happens?
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Low sex drive


This is my first visit to this site and I think it's great how so many people share their information. I was diagnosed with MS last year from the numbess in my right thumb which is almost gone now and I haven't had any change in my body from 3 years ago (6 months after giving birth) which I thank god for every day. My last visit to the specialist he told me that ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter - October Issue

Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter - October Issue

Long Term Data on Avonex, Copaxone
New results from studies that looked at long-term use of Avonex (interferon beta-1a) and Copaxone (glatiramer acetate) showed that on average both stabilized or reduced disability.

Both studies followed-up on people who had been involved in the Phase III clinical trials that led to the initial FDA approval for the drugs.

The Copaxone research looked at 100 people who had received ongoing treatment ...
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TREM-2 "in the wrong place"

TREM-2 has previously been thought to play a role in MS. Now it has been found in the spinal fluid of MS patients:

A protein that helps keep immune cells quiet is more abundant in the spinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), further boosting suspicion that the protein, TREM-2, may be an important contributor to the disease.

More of an immune-control protein might seem like a boon to MS sufferers, whose symptoms are ...
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Quick test for MS

This could be an interesting development: one of the big problems with MS has been a suspicion that the disease process begins years or even decades before symptoms show. If that is what happens, we could be missing crucial points where intervention might be possible, or which at least might give us a better understanding.
If this new test becomes commonplace it might become possible to check apparently healthy people, and therefore discover the true ...
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New Job-ADA

Can a person be denied employment for disclosing their MS in a required medical exam after accepting a job offer?

Its my understanding that under the ADA a person can't be turned away once disclosing something like MS because any judgments have to made on their current condition...not what could happen down the road.

I couldn't find any threads about this topic!

Thanks for any input.
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Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate not better than placebo

Its "just" in Athritis, but there might be some relevance for MS too, as Glucosamine might offer a potential future treatment for MS
In favour of the supplements it has been noticed that the placebo group had some hard to explain "clinically important reduction" in loss of cartilage.


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