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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

CXCR3 receptor and autoimmune disease-

The CXCR3 receptor has been identified as the gateway for permiability in celiac disease.

"A study published in the July issue of Gastroenterology identifies the CXCR3 receptor in the intestine as a gluten gateway. When people with celiac disease eat gluten, the protein triggers their immune system to attack the body, causing a wide range of serious health problems.

"This is a scientific question that had never been answered before," Dr. Alessio Fasano, medical director ...
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How much are spending on supplements and medication a month?


I've just been going through my accounts and realised that I am spending considerably more than I thought on supplements. I'm starting to wonder if I've got a little carried away and spending unnecessarily...

How much do you guys spend on supplements and medication a month? And what do you take and buy.

Thanks, I'll give a breakdown of my spending when I have a little more time!

Best wishes, Abe
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Hey guys just wanted to drop a line. I haven't posted anything lately, been kinda busy mostly fishing, LOL. Well I made it to my Dr. for my cholestrol and he now has me on a statin and a strict diet w/out beer. That kinda sucks , but whatever. Really needed to stop drinking anyhow. I had posted earlier about pain which I thought was my appendix turns out it wasn't that the doc thinks ...
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quest for the board.

okay to make a long story nephew has been dx with epilepsy. so with the history of 4 people having ms in my family they decided to do a mri. the mri reports that there are lesions. but i had my neuro to look at the mri results and he and the other neuro agree that it isn't ms. but what is it? the mri looks as if it is a picture of his ...
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How to format my regimen posts?

Does anyone know why sometimes the format of posts becomes very extended widthwise, rendering the post difficult to read, in that it requires the reader to click left and right through the post? I expect this has happened to my posts because I've put too many pubmed quotes in. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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New search engine: Cuil

For lack of a better spot to post this, I put this here: This week I heard about this new search engine created by three former Google employees. It is and is self-described as having 3 times more than Google. Also,
We believe that analyzing the Web rather than our users is a more useful approach, so we don’t collect data about you and your habits, lest we ...
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UK MS Society research


For those such as Lyon / Dignan etc (basically the nice people who visit this site), please read on:

The UK MS Society has announced $9 million of research grants (paltry compared to the US, but ...
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Postpolio/ MS similarity


Hi everyone!
I have had MRI's of my brain and spinal cord this spring in preparation for investigating revimmune as a possibility.

I have had a progressive seeming course since spring of '03 (after 12 years of MS before that with a benign course-I have been on Cop since it came out) and at that time I was essentially a 1 or a 2 and I am now on a cane full time.

In ...
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MS and Sexual Relationships

I couldn't find any threads here after searching the words "Sex" and "Sexual". I mean there were threads, but none that seemed to be specifically about how having MS effects sex.

Obvioulsy sex involves the nervous system and obviously this can impact all sensations, including sexual ones. I can see where this could be a big topic and I invite comment. But, mostly I have a question that stems from a personal observation.

For us, ...
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Reseach into regeneration

Brain cells may regenerate after damage from multiple sclerosis 25 July 2008

Brain cells in areas targeted by multiple sclerosis may regenerate - often years after the initial injury, according to research by a team of Cleveland Clinic neuroscientists.

The finding, published online today, lends further support for the concept of adult neurogenesis -- that the human brain can regenerate itself, and in the case of MS, is working to repair itself.

Multiple sclerosis ...
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