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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Possibly have Ms

I have stared at this screen for 5 minutes woundering wether i should talk to yall about myself.
well here goes.
im a 25 yr old female i am about to finish school for PTA (physical therpist assistant)i have a new job waiting for me when im done. but for the last year i have suspected that i have MS. heat makes me fatigued, i have had nerve pain in my arms, my hands forget ...
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Research - Various MS drugs

Consumer Research Centre is holding confidential one-on-one interviews with people living with MS. These are NOT drug trials, this is an opportunity to talk about your condition and the medications you take, give feedback, make a difference and get paid to do it.
We are looking for people with MS 18-65 years of age, using injectable medications, and with MS of various types: Relapsing-Remitting; Primary- Progressive; Secondary-Progressive; Progressive-Relapsing. We are looking for a mix of ...
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Copaxone Poison

I was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis instead of the correct diagnosis of brainstem stroke. I had been on Copaxone for the four years of my misdiagnosis. About the fifth week of taking Copaxone, I developed a almost constant head tremor. (Dystonic No-No) It appeared as if I was shivering or repetitively shaking my head no very quickly. My quack neuro said that it was a symptom of my MS. I tried a variety of meds ...
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Anyone taken this drug before?

Day 5 was today. I was aware I could go from 100mg to 200mg anywhere from 4-7 days in.

Well, my facial pain was terrible today, so I took 100mg upon waking (I take 100mg in the evening). My gosh. My face feels NUMB LOL.

Is this normally what the drug does? I have very little experience with it. My mouth pain went away for the most part at least!
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Question about IVSM

I had my 1st 3 day course of IVSM, 1000 mg/day, It's been a week, am I supposed to feel different by now?

I thought I had a moment or 2 of mental clarity the other day, and I got all excited, but today I'm back to walking into walls.

I'd love to hear everyone's experiences...
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Infections and Transplants

I was going to post this on the hicy forum but decided to put it here as it is speculative and only tangentially related to treatment with hicy.

I wondered about permanently latent virii like:
-HSV1 (cold sores on the lips)
-HHV6 lives in you forever after contacting it as a kid (we all have it)
-EBV lives in your b cells forever, and possibly the marrow

those are all viruses that the vast majority ...
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Computer-based molecular modeling in drug discovery

Computer modeling in drug discovery

I have been asked to comment on a treatment protocol being put forward based on computer modeling of small molecules in the ligand binding sites of receptors. I am not familiar with the protocol but I can comment on some of the many caveats that must be considered when interpreting computer-based modeling of drug-protein interactions. The bottom line is that the modeling by itself is only suggestive of possibilities, not ...
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My neurologist appointment yesterday

Was AWESOME!! He spent over 2 hours with me, talking about many things. He was actually more interested in hearing about what I had done in life and my artwork than anything :)

He said he treats many with burning mouth syndrome, and he's familiar with the treatment methods for this. He began by discussing neurontin, and then he actually asked me what I think I should ...
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How long for interferons?

How long do interferons remain in our systems?

I can't seem to find any information to find how long it takes for our bodies to be clear of it. I would imagine there must be variances with methods (subcutaneous vs. intramuscular) and type and of course we all have different metabolisms.

I have been off of Rebif for two months now. I read somewhere recently that it takes up to 6 months for Rebif and ...
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help please!!

so as some of you may know from my previous posts, i've been suspicious of having MS for about a month or so now. Well, my opthomalogist agreed to get me an MRI (with and without contrast). The results came in today and i'm at a loss. Technically, the MRI came back clear. No lesions whatsoever. The only thing is it showed some "thickening" or "scarring" ( i forget exactly what word they used) on ...
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