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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Regeneration project

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How myelin gets mistaken

The following link to a PubMed abstract contains the usual impenetrable jargon. Here is my attempt at translation:

Two of the amino acids on a ligand, (docking molecule), of myelin basic protein are in the wrong position. They are necessary to bind with receptors on the surface of T-cells so that the myelin is not mistaken as "foreign".
Because they do not engage correctly with the T-cell, the myelin basic protein is misrecognised.
Here is ...
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Pulse steroids or estriol?

Hi all

My wife has RRMS cannot take interferons (persistent elevated liver enzymes) or Copaxone (allergic reaction after 2 months) anymore. Her neurologist, who is great, is recommending pulse steroids every 3 months.

We have agreed to this, and she is due to start another round in a few weeks, however reading up about the new estriol trial is making us wonder whether 8mg of estriol per day would be better.

Regular pulse steroids have ...
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Blue Brain

This project isn't immediately related to MS, but it's about eventually gaining a complete understanding of the brain.

Growing a Brain in Switzerland

Feb 16, 2007 - Der Spiegel - A network of artificial nerves is growing in a Swiss supercomputer -- meant to simulate a natural brain, cell-for-cell. The researchers at work on "Blue Brain" promise new insights into the sources of human consciousness.

The machine is beautiful as it wakes up -- nerve ...
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Gene research

Gene Behind Autoimmune Diseases Identified by Researchers 27 March 2007

A report in the March 22 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that a pinpointed region of chromosome 17, a gene named NALP1, could be a new target of treatment for autoimmune diseases. This is a particularly exciting discovery because NALP1, a gene known to control part of the immune system that serves to alert the body to viral and bacterial ...
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Q&A on Tysabri and Campath 1-H

Dear all,

I recently posted a presentation by Dr Coles on Tysabri and Campath. This week, Dr Coles is answering questions about Tysabri and Campath on the UK MS Society website. Tysabri is not yet approved in the UK and Campath is in trial.


<shortened url>
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MRF Podcast with Scott Johnson and Dr. Bob Miller

This link will take you to an interesting and informative March 24th interview Scott and Dr. Miller did with host Marc Pelletier of Futures in Biotech. It's about 1 hour. I think the interview was conducted in a way that would make it interesting to both scientists and MS novices.
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Abbot Labs Puts Money Over Lives

This article appeared in It is not about MS, but pertinent to many discussions we have about drug companies.

I am glad to see that the soon to be doctors are taking a stand against such practices.


US Medical Students Stand In Solidarity With Thais In Response To Abbott Laboratories' Withholding Essential Medications
27 Mar 2007

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) stands in solidarity with Thai colleagues in their national day of ...
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Inhibiting Blood To Save The Brain

This might be old news but with my memory everything is new news :oops:
Seems interesting but I'm never sure how accurate information is after it's been disseminated by a reporter. ... 105436.htm
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