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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

breathing question

Question for all, and I have no idea if it's MS related or not. I want to find out if others have experienced this. It's not really that big of a deal, but an annoyance.

You know those 'deep breaths' you take every so often (usually after a yawn) where you just breath way down until your lungs feel filled? There are times throughout the day here recently where I can't get the last 10% ...
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Switching from Copaxone to ???? Per new doctors orders

Just wanted some opinions here. I'm 29 and have been seeing my MS Dr for about 5 years (since I was dx). Recently, he decided to take a job at Stanford so now I'm seeing a new Dr. My old doctor really pushed Copaxone and I seemed to do well on it. I felt like he was very trustworthy. I've only had a few minor issues but am still doing well. Recently my leg is ...
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some thoughts

Hello. I have not posted very much but do look in from time to time. Find lots of info to help but still going through not knowing for sure if I have MS. Been over 6 years with some progression of symptoms. Been dx with Central Nervous System Disorder. Last MRI Oct. 2007 showed 2 new lesions that could suggest MS. Neuro has not dx MS, I asked what else could be looked at and ...
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"Exercise pill" AICAR

No direct relationship to MS, but, given my fascination with insulin, I found this sentence in the CNN article interesting:
AICAR stimulates muscles to remove sugar from the blood, noted Laurie Goodyear of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

from 'Exercise pill' burns fat--if you're a mouse

You may find this abstract to have a little more info:
Friday, August 01, 2008
Cell Article on Effects of "Exercise Pill" on Mice
Cell has a fascinating ...
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Titanium AFO's

My neuro has prescribed an AFO for foot drop. I live 2 hours away from neuro and was planning to get fitted in hometown. Neuro said to make sure AFO is made from titanium, but no one I've contacted is familiar with anything of the sort. Any suggestions? Maybe I'm not asking for the right thing?

Any help would be appreciated!!!
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Tysabri: 2 new cases of PML

I hope the fallout from this doesn't get too ugly...
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CXCR3 receptor and autoimmune disease-

The CXCR3 receptor has been identified as the gateway for permiability in celiac disease.

"A study published in the July issue of Gastroenterology identifies the CXCR3 receptor in the intestine as a gluten gateway. When people with celiac disease eat gluten, the protein triggers their immune system to attack the body, causing a wide range of serious health problems.

"This is a scientific question that had never been answered before," Dr. Alessio Fasano, medical director ...
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How much are spending on supplements and medication a month?


I've just been going through my accounts and realised that I am spending considerably more than I thought on supplements. I'm starting to wonder if I've got a little carried away and spending unnecessarily...

How much do you guys spend on supplements and medication a month? And what do you take and buy.

Thanks, I'll give a breakdown of my spending when I have a little more time!

Best wishes, Abe
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Hey guys just wanted to drop a line. I haven't posted anything lately, been kinda busy mostly fishing, LOL. Well I made it to my Dr. for my cholestrol and he now has me on a statin and a strict diet w/out beer. That kinda sucks , but whatever. Really needed to stop drinking anyhow. I had posted earlier about pain which I thought was my appendix turns out it wasn't that the doc thinks ...
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quest for the board.

okay to make a long story nephew has been dx with epilepsy. so with the history of 4 people having ms in my family they decided to do a mri. the mri reports that there are lesions. but i had my neuro to look at the mri results and he and the other neuro agree that it isn't ms. but what is it? the mri looks as if it is a picture of his ...
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