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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Psychological care

If they could only come up with treatments which stopped this disease in its tracks, then they would not have to deal with the psychological problems that come with this disease!

Pilot program overcomes barriers to psychological care in MS patients

The attempted suicide of a young man was the catalyst for change in the way treatment is offered to multiple sclerosis patients at Medical College of Georgia (MCG), a change that may have ...
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Dear all,

Many experts consider MS to have an infectious cause (for those with genetic susceptibility)

Dr Giovannoni is one of my neuros and is interested in the role of EBV. I saw today that he has been given a grant to do further research on this. Once infected with EBV (90% of the population) the virus remains for life in B cells. Rituxan which depletes B cells is currently in trial for MS, so ...
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Attached is the Boston Cure Project's summary of the ECTRIMS conference: ... =nocomment

I like the description of EAE as
"the devil's tool"
. It's sad that even the experts know it is a crap model but carry on regardless. Given that MS might have an infectious cause (EBV, Cpn etc), I don't believe that this forms part of the EAE model.
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MS Fitness Challenge Tampa

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, I dont have MS but I work for the Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Just wanted to tell everyone of an event we are hosting at the USF Sundome on Oct 28th at 9am - 2pm. Were calling it the MS Fitness Challenge, were going to have events like spinning, obstacle courses, children activities, basketball, silent auction, and a ...
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Yesterday I had an MRI w&w/o gladolinium. I continued on to work afterwards but my arms and legs felt a little numb, and they feel somewhat worse this morning as if I've had a relapse. Granting that MRI's are next to worthless since lesions have nothing to do with either disease status or progression is it possible they're also harmful? I couldn't find any google on this at all, has anyone else felt crappy after ...
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Does anyone know anything about SF1019? Apparently, Alan Osmond has used it for his MS, with success. It could be similar to Aimspro and does not have FDA approval. It may be a furphy but who knows?
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Understanding MS 102: My Doctor is Expressing Cytokines

Understanding MS 102: My Doctor is Expressing Cytokines: Code Cipher Training

This is part of my continuing effort to understand Multiple Sclerosis as best as I can. I’m documenting my efforts as I go because I figure there are a few more others like me who would like to try and understand this stuff the way I’m trying to. I’ve made hyperlinks in blue in hopes that this narrative may be more like a beginning ...
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Progressive stage

The thing that still stuns me about this disease is the lack of treatments for the progressive phases - the really crap phases in my view, when disability starts ramping up. The is a question from the MS Society Canada and really illustrates how piss poor treatment options are.

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Bacterial Infections and CSF Research

Hi all

Given all the interest in infections here's another study from Ectrims 2006 that I'm also surprised no one has posted. :roll:
PCR for bacteria in multiple sclerosis cerebrospinal fluid
J.W. Lindsey, S. Patel (Houston, USA)

Objective: The objective of this study was to use a sensitive PCR method to test for the presence of seven different groups of bacteria in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ...
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Age and MS

Age Should Not Deter Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis: Presented at ECTRIMS
By Bruce Sylvester

MADRID, SPAIN -- October 1, 2006 -- In a new study of patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) after the age of 60, nearly half of relapsing patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and patients with clinically isolated syndrome presented with signs of inflammation on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

This finding suggests that the disease course depends on the inflammatory component of ...
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