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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Relapse occuring like flu?

Hey, I'm sorry to ask for advice again, but here goes.

I had imagined that relapses would be fairly straightforward ... like ... awakening to find a numbness in an arm or leg. But my first episode was a "flu" that got worse and worse until I wasn't able to walk or use my hands very well and was thinking and talking somewhat incoherently.

I had thought that was a freak onset. Except now I ...
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Viruses have been suggested as triggers for "auto-immune" diseases including MS. There has been mounting evidence that a virus such as EBV may make one more susceptible. The following research suggests that an initial virus may lay dormant in the CNS and then reactivated later by another virus. Just a theory, but might explain why this disease has been so difficult to crack.

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The Canadian MS Society has organised presentations in late April and in May about MS Research. Not sure if the venues are near to any users of this website but it would be good if someone could report back.

HarryZ - don't you live in London?

Ian ... ndHope.htm
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Viruses and MS...again

HHV-6 vs EBV in a battle to decide which causes more cases of MS...coming soon to a theatre near you...

Human herpesvirus 6 and multiple sclerosis: a one-year follow-up study.

Brain Pathol. 2006 Jan;16(1):20-7.
Alvarez-Lafuente R, De Las Heras V, Bartolome M, Garcia-Montojo M, Arroyo R.
Servicio de Neurologia, Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain.

BACKGROUND: This study was undertaken in order to investigate the possible relation of HHV-6 ...
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Head injuries not the cause

According to a recent report, head injuries do not seem to trigger the development of multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological disease. The hypothesis that trauma to the head might influence the development of multiple sclerosis in genetically predisposed individuals has been debated for several years, but the link has not been studied conclusively.
Researchers from Oxford University studied data for a group of over 110,000 people admitted to a hospital with head injury and analysed ...
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Axonal loss

In recent years it has been recognised that axonal loss is the main cause of permanent disability. The traditional view is that attacks by the immune sytem result in demyelination and that the underlying nerve fibres (axons) degenerate. The damage is considered to take place under the lesions which form where de-myelination has occurred. As with everything connected with this disease - nothing is straightforward. Attached is an article which suggestes that demyelination and axonal ...
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Glutamate has often been cited as being involved in the cascade of events in MS. The following research suggests that there might be a drug to help (I must admit I found the article difficult to decipher).

Ian ... ptors.html
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2006 - Good Year?

Dear all,

As you Canadians emerge from you igloos, think of me returning today from ten days in paradise - Mauritius. For the price of half a year's interferon I got - more Vit D than I could handle, a testosterone boost (girls in bikinis), lovely vegetables and fruit (Swank diet for ten days), and best of all, massages from someone trained in traditional Indian massage - US$15 for an hour). But I'll stop boasting. ...
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no so good news

well have been on here the last couple of weeks reading everything but haven't had anything to report..just went to my neurologist this week..who first off is now sending me to a nerologist optomoligist...oh what fun to start all over with a new guy just isnt something i am excited about..but we were talk about that then he wanted to do a quick exam on me..okay no big deal..he checked my eyes and also my ...
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Beta Inteferon & PPMS

Hi Folks, looking for some guidance and help: have close family member who was diagnosed some 24-30 months ago with MS, I've recently understood it to be PPMS and have been doing some background understanding on the same; his MS Consultant has suggested trying Beta Interferon to try to slow/stop the deterioration in his mobility, which we're looking at ways of funding etc - does anyone here have any feedback on the success of BI ...
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