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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Google up your Medical Degree

I've always been a google buff but come on we can't all be Doctors. ROFLMAO

<shortened url>

November 10, 2006 - 12:09PM

Patients are not the only people turning to the internet for medical information.

Searching the worldwide web with engines such as Google may also help doctors to diagnose perplexing medical conditions, according to Australian researchers.

"Our study suggests that in difficult cases, it is often useful to Google for a diagnosis," said Hangwi ...
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garden path indeed

you know this is all straight up brom! glad you are sorted out with something. how many iu did you end up with in your tabs?
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Questin for Anecdote

Hey--I have a "curiosty" question for you which may have already been addressed and I have simply missed it! In your posts, you close with:

"Started the Wheldon regime in August 2003, due to aggressive SPMS. Moved to intermittent therapy after one year. Oct 2006 still take this, now two weeks every three months. EDSS was about 7, now no more than 2."

Your current EDSS score of "2"...was this determined by your "MS" doctor? ...
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Viruses, Sex and DHEA

Here’s another abstract about viruses, this time, herpes simplex virus type 2, which seems to suggest that people with MS may have more sexual partners than the average Joe or Jane, particularly in London. :roll:

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 in MS
HSV-2 seroprevalence in London MS patients compared with London blood donors was significantly greater irrespective of age, but the MS seropositive rate was ...
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Mothers with MS Call for participants in TX


A research study on mothers with chronic illness is seeking participants for interviews lasting approximately 90 minutes.

This study, being conducted by Courtney O’Dell, a graduate student at Texas Woman’s University, aims to gain insight into the daily realities of chronically ill women who mother by focusing on the narratives of mothers with MS.
You Must Be:
• Over the age of 18.
• Caring ...
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Virtual worms

Virtual worms crawl through 3-D medical images
Simon Fraser University-created technology gives medical researchers a peek inside patients
Published: Monday, November 06, 2006

Computer scientists at Simon Fraser University have created virtual worms that crawl through medical images of blood vessels, air passages and spinal cords, offering medical researchers a non-invasive and detailed peek inside their patients.

Assistant professor Ghassan Hamarneh and graduate student Chris McIntosh developed the "3-D crawlers" to help medical researchers analyse ...
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Am I thinking to much??

I like to think I'm a "semi"normal person. Today however, I thought to myself, "I wonder if everybody thinks about their MS as often in a day's time as I do."

When I wake up, I lie there. For that first few precious seconds I really don't feel like I have anything wrong. Then I move. Spill my water on my way to shutting off the alarm clock, not being able to feel the tag ...
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How much benefit from that multivitamin?

Do you suppose this vinegar method works for all the water soluble vitamins????

How much benefit from that multivitamin?

Q: A physician told my daughter that 80 percent of vitamins in solid form are unabsorbed and lost through digestion. My pharmacist says it's more like 50 percent. I am taking 600 mg of calcium carbonate plus Vitamin D twice a day. Can you tell me how to know how much I'm actually receiving?

A: It's ...
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Vit D

Vit D article

I've become a convert to the Vit D thing. No more high factor suntan cream in Summer. But as I look out the window and see the fireworks going off (Bonfire Night in the UK), I realise how short and dark the days are.

I now understand that Vit D3 is the supplement to take, but am confused by how much I should be taking. ...
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when it rains...

it pours and then some.

more than a month ago, my symptoms - fatigue, numbness a few others started to intesify but still manageable.

please forgive any spelling errors - this message was written with the right-hand hunt n' peck method ;-)

a week ago i was treated for UTI symptoms...

this monday i called my neuro to give him an update, and he told me to ...
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