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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Today's Vitamin D study results

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PML research

Biogen recently purchased a biotech company that was doing research on PML. I think I read about this here, but cannot find the name of the company.

It seems really odd to me that Biogen has now had two of their drugs, Tysarbi and Rituxin, linked to PML and they just recently happened to buy a company researching PML.

Who wants to be a lab rat for their next product? Not me.
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More EBV research

More research on EBV and MS.


<shortened url>
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Rituxan Problems?

Just saw this article from Reuters re: PML showing up in a couple of Rituxan patients. Although the drug has been used for about 8 years with supposedly good safety results, one has to wonder why PML has decided to all of a sudden show up. I would hope that those MS patients involved in clinical trials with Rituxan will be closely monitored.



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two lupus patients died from a rare ...
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The score: HERV 1 - HHV6 0

It's looking more and more to me like HHV6 either plays nothing more than a triggering role in MS, or is a red herring.

Brains and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients hyperexpress MS-associated retrovirus/HERV-W endogenous retrovirus, but not Human herpesvirus 6.

J Gen Virol. 2007 Jan;88(Pt 1):264-74.
Mameli G, Astone V, Arru G, Marconi S, Lovato L, Serra C, Sotgiu S, Bonetti B, Dolei A.
Section of Microbiology, Department of Biomedical ...
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Stem cells in hair follicles

Adult Stem Cells Found in Hair Follicles

FRIDAY, Dec. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Adult stem cells found in the bulge of hair follicles may provide an alternative to embryonic stem cells, say researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Like embryonic stem cells, these epidermal neural crest stem cells have a high degree of plasticity, can be isolated at high levels of purity, and can be expanded in culture, the researchers said.

And, ...
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MS Charity Chief Slams Conviction

THE conviction of three people found guilty of supplying thousands of cannabis-laced chocolate bars to people with multiple sclerosis for pain and other symptom relief has been slammed by a charity dedicated to people affected by the disease.
Lawrence Wood, Chief Executive of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC) charity, said after the judgement at Carlisle Crown Court:

“Although we are unable to condone breaking the law we are in a position to point out ...
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Drug dealers !

A sad story from the BBC reporting a realy daft decision by an English jury to convict three people of supplying cannabis to people with MS.

I wish this disease on nobody but perhaps those 12 might live with it for a fortnight to know what it feels like.
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Medical Mal-practice

I wanted to let the members know that, after five days of trial, upon completion of the plaintiff's presentation and before the Defense's presentation, a medical malpractice case was settled for an undisclosable sum of money, after we brought suit against my wife's original treating neurologist for failing to diagnose and treat her multiple sclerosis during his nearly six years of treating her.

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