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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Low dose pesticides

Here's an interesting discussion from the BBC's Farming Today This Week programme.

You hear a contributor, a lady with MS, describing a cluster of people, 5 in all, from a small village in the South of England each of whom contracted MS. She attributes this to the use and drift of pesticides locally.
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Maybe I'm being over-sensitive but would women really want their brains repaired with stem-cells from testicles?
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Epidemiology Task Force

An epidemiology task force is being set up to look at numbers with MS / clusters etc.
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In my view, some of the research that holds most promise is the research on tissue from MS sufferers. A talk by the UK MS Tissue Bank is taking place next week (I can't attend but will try to get hold of the material or see what is posted on the UK MS website). I'm particularly interested in the third element of the presentation - the antibodies produced within the CNS. If such anti-bodies were ...
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Hormones and pregnancy

A nice story - although it also shows what a vile disease this is.
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Spoke to the MS nurse today

She is coming on Wednesday next week to help me with my first Rebif injection. Seems like it took forever to get to this point. (actually it was about a month and a half) I have been so anxious to get this over with so I don't have to worry anymore about how I will react. I hope it goes good and I don't have too bad of a reaction. I am excited and nauseous ...
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Can you recommend DR in San Francisco??

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone in SF (or area) could recommend a general physician or neuro or clinic with whom they've had good experience and communication. I moved down here, I seem to be doing worse, I'd like to discuss treatment options. I realize its asking the impossible, but maybe someone who can discuss if not alternatives to CRABS then at least complements to CRABs (like, copaxone + minocycline, or copaxone + LDN). ...
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optic nerosis

in the last 2 months i have had problems with my vision. my nero wants to start rebif asap. i am scared and confused. i only have one lesion on my spine and 3 possible areas on my brain. i wanted to have another child but docs think i need meds quick because my system is so hot. what to do, any advice
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pregnancy and rebif/ avonex

i have optic nerosis... my spinal tap showed 5 bands, my nero wants to start rebif or avonex asap....... I wanted to have children in the future. Is it safe to go on and off ms drugs? is it safe to try to have children when you have ms
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msdialogue "Anatomy of MS"

For those of whom who do not subscribe to; they produce a booklet every 4 months called the "msdialogue" which cover various MS topics including research, strategies, people, etc. I find them informative and would recommend the read.

Here is the link to this most current booklet "Anatomy of MS" (it's a pdf): ... JAN.31.pdf

Here's the link to all of the past publications and other articles: ...
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