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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Adopting with MS

I haven't been on this site for a while. Hello everyone! :)

I have a question. I may have posted on here that I've had miscarriages. I've had 5 to be exact and am now pursuing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). I haven't gotten any results back yet, and I won't for about 2 weeks on whether or not I'm pregnant. I so hope I am. But, I have ...
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FDA Requests Boxed Warning for Contrast Agents

This article is relevant to all of us. It's something to read before your next MRI done with a gadolinium-based contrast agent.
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Histamine 2

Good article I just found. I am sure none of you will be surprised.... But still, a good article.

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Copaxone Side Effect-Has this happened to you?

I was taking Copaxone for 5 years, and had the side effect I guess they call flushness, chest pain, palpitations, difficulty breathing. Doesn't sound very severe, until you are experiencing it. The first time it happened my husband called 911 I turned red my lips turned purple I grabbed my chest and collapsed on the bed I couldn't speak it was over in about 6 minutes that was the first time in 2005, then ...
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immune system research

I know, I know, maybe MS isn't autoimmune, but one way or another, some of our t-cells are up to no good...

Natural immune-control system may hold clue to treatment of autoimmune disease and tissue rejection, study finds

The immune system's ability to police itself may offer a new method of arresting the cells responsible for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and for the rejection of transplanted organs and tissues, scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer ...
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new neurons in old brains

Stem cell-related research...

New Neurons in Old Brains Exhibit Babylike Plasticity

May 23, 2007 - Scientific American - Johns Hopkins researchers have identified a two-week window in the young life of a new neuron in the adult brain when it is as adaptable as a brain cell in a newborn baby.
Researchers have identified a "critical period" during which new nerve cells in adult brains have the same capacity to learn as those in developing ...
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Demylination, but were afraid to ask?

I came accross this (oldish 1999) pdf while searching for something else. I have yet to read it, but flicking through it it appears to have a lot of explanations with diagrams of what is happening. I thought that someone else may find it interesting. found at
The pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis is reviewed, with emphasis on the axonal conduction properties underlying the production of symptoms, and the course of the disease. ...
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Is there a best time to take Inosine?

With / without food?

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Life after pulse roids

In a few weeks I have a follow up with my neurologist. This will mark a year since I switched to him and he changed my meds to Avonex with pulse Solu-medrol every month. I feel that my current therapies are benefiting me significantly when compared to my disease activity prior to changing therapies . He mentioned previously that he would order the pulse roids for a year or two. In case he does not ...
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My daughter

This post is for all of you who were so kind and supportive of both my daughter, Suzy, and me-- Jimmylegs, mormiles, lyndacarol, moonwolf, sh8un, wino, anecdote (Sarah), etc. I have an exciting update! (For those who were not so supportive, you will probably want to skip this post—no more fights, please!)

I have sent private emails to most of you, I believe, with the results of Suzy’s visit to her MS specialist this past ...
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