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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

DIRECT-MS sponsors a vitamin D trial

A Dose/Safety Study of Vitamin D for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction – Beginning in 2000, Direct-MS has strongly advocated the use of adequate vitamin D supplementation for the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Since that time we have also actively promoted the need for clinical research to test the effectiveness of vitamin D for preventing and treating MS. Before clinical trials to test the efficacy of vitamin D for MS can be done, ...
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DIRECT-MS funding a clinical trial to test the Best Bet Diet

Testing the Effectiveness of the Best Bet Diet for Decreasing Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction Direct-MS is very pleased to be funding a rigorous clinical trial which will test the effectiveness of the Direct-MS recommended nutritional strategies, often referred to as the Best Bet Diet for MS (BBD), for affecting MS disease activity. Such research is of critical importance for determining if the recommended nutritional strategies are of value for MS and thus ...
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Frea of having PPMS - Please help me

I am new to this forum and new to the whole concept of MS. I hope to get some help from people with experience with PPMS. I am truly desperate and need some guidance.

I have had many symptoms in the last 7 months that I would like to know if they can be PPMS.

Ok, so here it goes. Seven months ago I was as new. No problems, nothing. The only problem I would ...
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As I was raised a protestant, I have no time for nuns (can't see the point of them and they are exempt from paying taxes). Nevertheless, I'm having a bad day and came across the following story. This nun was dx in 1970 but is still teaching and doesn't look to bad for someone who has had MS for 36 years. I still don't like nuns ( would force them to marry monks if I ...
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Positive stem cells for a change

A story from my local newspaper. Professor Scolding is my neurologist and all round good egg. At my last appointment with him he intimated that he hopes to be starting human trials within a year.

<shortened url>

Hey Ian, if you start machine gunning MS researchers could you leave the Prof til last? I actually believe that he may be one of our best hopes for full restitution from MS ...
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Nicotiamide - B3 - may help MS...

Jeez, I hope this is true... Seems legit...
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I need opinions!

Truthful, heartfelt, from your gut opinions.

Tovaxin trial: Would you/wouldn't you? why/why not?

I've been contacted. I qualify. They want me.

I'm not sure if I'm prepared to be a guinea pig...

I'm also not sure if I'm prepared to live with not giving it a try...

Thanks for your input. :)
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Double dosing

If a drug doesn't work that well - the solution is to double the dose! But this doesn't apply to Copaxone.
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FTY720 Hype

Although I long for the day when I can pop a pill to treat my so called MS, what is the real benefit? I hate injections, so yes, this is a benefit, no more injections, but here are some things to think about:

1. MRI enhancing lesion reduction -- This doesn't correspond to disease activity, why do they insist on using this as a valid metric of effectiveness???

2. "The annualized relapse rate was reduced ...
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