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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Optic Neuritis

I am fairly convinced that I have optic neuritis again but in my left eye this time. I have had pain on movement and a noticible change to my vision (blurriness) for a couple of weeks and have now reached the point where the pain is constant and the accompanying headache is no better.

Unfortunately as I still have not had a dx or have even met my current neuro I don't know what to ...
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Genomic Scans...a conundrum

A thought provoking essay in the LA Times written by a young woman who had a genomic test done by Navigenics, utilizing the technology of the genotyping chip. For those of us with children who might wonder if our kids have the genetic predisposition for MS....would this test be blessing or curse?

It's not cheap...$2500 for a spit analysis. I'm not rushing out any time soon for this test for my child (or myself- my ...
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Optical Coherence Tomography- interesting

Hi All,
I generally post things here after they have been discussed at great length but I thought this might interest some who have not heard of it. I initially read about this in Southwestern Medicine Magazine which is a publication from UT Southwestern. This link is from a Johns Hopkins study, I'm not sure who is really the leading research facility but no matter, give it a read.
Lars ...

Injuring yourself....via MS...

Soo...since my first attack in late Dec 2007, I've been ok....just waiting for my June MRI (for full diagnosis or to continue to wait).

I injured my knee at work about two weeks ago. I (work in a hospital in radiology) was bringing a patient down for a study. I filed a workmans comp claim and recently started physical therapy to try and get the knee back in shape. I had a consultation where we ...
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Muscle aches

Does anyone have muscle aches? I read a lot about how people with MS have joint pain and nerve pain. But I dont have that, This is something kind of new, it started with my last relapse a little and came back a week ago. It's just my muscles that ache all ove rmy body.

I did think it might be the directic I started taking recently taking for my BP, but I wasnt taking ...
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How Long Does Inflammation Last?

Hi Guys

Quick pick of the brains & experience here, if that is ok?
Background: MS diagnosed in 1999 - mild relapses periodically up until 2006.

Had bad relapse in nov 2006 & I had an MRI of brain and spine in Dec 2006 - result:

one non-enhancing lesion in c-spine at c2;
Three non-enhancing lesions in brain, one glad-enhancing lesion in brain;
Two glad-enhancing lesions in c-spine at c3-c4 (inflammation here caused bulging of ...
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question re surgery

Hello, my sister has MS and I visit your site from time to time. I am not very computer techno savy so plse bear with me if I have sent this to the wrong place. My sister was diagnosed 2 years ago and has had a pretty challenging time with her MS. She suffers from a variety of symptoms and manages but not without some difficulty at times--- as I am sure you can all ...
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Devics disease

I assume this subject has come up before but I thought it may be worth a re-visit. More than a few in my local MS chapter have been re-diagnosed with Devics and not MS. I had never even heard of this disease before. The Mayo clinic seems to be the front-runner in diagnosis and treatment of Devics. It may be worth some investigation for a lot of "diagnosed as MS" patients.
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Cedars-Sinai event - anyone go?

I wish I had known about this day about MS held at Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles). I would certainly have gone.

I wonder if the 'celebrity guest' was Montel Williams.

Does anyone know about the MS program at Cedars?

Jack Sprat
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The Fight Against MS- Friday, April 11 on Montel

FYI- For those of us in the states-
Montel William's program for Friday, April 11
Featuring Clay Walker, recording artist and Ann Boroch, naturopath and author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis
From his website

The guests on today's show say have multiple sclerosis but multiple sclerosis doesn't have them. We'll talk with Clay Walker, a multiplatinum recording artist about his career, his struggle with MS and with the charity ...
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