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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Testosterone Phase I Results

Bromley--this one is for you. What timing. It's an abstract from the AAN meeting in early April.

A Pilot Study of Testosterone Treatment for Men with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Nancy L. Sicotte, Barbara S. Giesser, Vinita Tandon, Barbara Steiner, Ricki Klutch, Ann Drain, David W. Shattuck, Laura Hull, Ronald Swerdloff, Torrance, CA, Rhonda R. Voskuhl, Los Angeles, CA

OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of testosterone treatment in men with relapsing remitting MS.

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Fact or fiction?

As another week ends, new visitors to this site (which covers a huge range of possible MS therapies, including abx) are re-directed to cpn-help - a site dedicated to one treatment approach. And why wouldn't new members be interested. MS is a degenerative disease and most treatments at best slow down the progress, with some treatments providing some repair / return of function (e.g. Campath - where some have experienced a small improvement in their ...
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Hormones and myelin


This is my be nice to Sharon week. Another article on hormones.

My advice for men on how to avoid MS - avoid EBV; don't use sunscreen; don't drink from aluminium cans; up your testosterone levels. Not sure how you achieve the last one. ... eb23-2.asp

Sharon the article has a good link to all the sex hormone research.

You might remember my bald men don't get ...
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Article about making clinical trials better

Fantastic article about clinical trials and the balance between doing no harm and causing harm by doing nothing.

Deadly Caution: How our national obsession with drug safety is killing people -- and what we can do about it.

Fortune Magazine - February 9, 2006 - For six hours on Nov. 8, 2005, time moved so slowly for Frank Burroughs and Steve Walker that it seemed to stop altogether. The two had come to a dreary ...
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Selective T cell stimulation

Selective T cell stimulation could help improve treatment of autoimmune disease and cancer
Medical Studies/Trials
Published: Thursday, 23-Feb-2006

The findings could also be significant for developing new ways to help patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or juvenile diabetes.

The study, which was published in the February 16 issue of the online journal Science Express, showed that these injections caused a massive selective increase in the immune system's two main types ...
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have you read this book ?

Has anyone read this book, he makes some claims about MS and it's treatment. I just wondered if anyone had some comments about it. Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by: Kevin Trudeau, thx
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Bone Marrow Transplantation Study Update:

Hello everybody, I have been called out to this study next month and I am very excited it is finally here. I am looking to get any input from the knowledgeable people on this site as to anything that will promote regrowth of mylein or help me through this tough procedure. I look forward to your responses.

The Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation is funding a multi-centre project to determine definitively whether transplanting bone marrow ...
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Patent for MS Diagnosis

This was posted on the MS News website ( but I thought it would be prudent to post it here as well.

This is a U.S. patent that "relates generally to the field of diagnosis, treatment assessment and prognosis." By means of "Peripheral blood cell markers." It's definitely worth a read as it attempts to explain my facets of MS. ... 003327.php ...
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I have suffered with severe joint pain for around three years. My doctor recently did a bone density scan and that was ok. I upped my calcium intake anyway and within two days of doing so my pain had disappeared. I now take 2000 mg calcium daily and have been doing so for the past month and am still pain free. Don't understand why but it's wonderful to feel like moving around again. ...
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