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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.


Are any of the thousands of members that may be on one of the conventional treatments ever wonder if maybe they should try one of these alternative therepies such as ldn or antibiotics ect. After all you may get better results taking a pill than poking yourself with a needle for years on end. What do you think? I know the only way to find out is to try them but it must be hard ...
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Causes and potential cures for MS

Although I'm new to the community I've noticed something I think is important. Both in reading posts here and looking at information elsewhere I've found that with almost every case of MS research can be done to find a potential cause or cure but that it may only apply to a few cases. What I mean is there are so many different pieces of research that seem to have valid finds with solid information that ...
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silenced genes

I think this type of knowledge could have implications for scientists studying MS.

Duke Scientists Map 'Silenced Genes'

AP - Remember biology class where you learned that children inherit one copy of a gene from mom and a second from dad? There's a twist: Some of those genes arrive switched off, so there is no backup if the other copy goes bad, making you more vulnerable to disorders from obesity to cancer.

Duke University scientists ...
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MS and books - fantasy genre

Ok for something totally off normal topics!
Has anyone else noticed that Harry Potter could be a metaphor for JK Rowling's grief for her Mum and her Mum's MS? Voldemort going away, gaining strength, attacking periodically (relapses), the Dementors taking all hope from the victims. All the metaphors for magic, power, control, betrayal from things that seemed like friends etc.

And for those who've read Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, same thing? - I'm not sure what ...
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Fast Forward programme for new drugs

Translating research in the laboratory into medicines in the real world can be frustratingly slow, so the NMSS has set up this project in the hope of speeding things up:

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Launches Drug Development Initiative 28 November 2007
Fast Forward Program Will Bridge the Gap Between University Research and Drug Development, Speeding New Treatments for People With MS

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society today announced the creation of Fast Forward LLC, a ...
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Significant changes in MS brain blood flow

From time to time, the idea of MS being a vascular disease crops up, and this study appears to show a significant correlation between blood flow, lesions and disability:

Intracranial venous haemodynamics in multiple sclerosis.
Zamboni P, Menegatti E, Bartolomei I, Galeotti R, Malagoni AM, Tacconi G, Salvi F.

Vascular Diseases Center, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy.

In multiple sclerosis (MS) plaques are known to be venocentric; in addition, ...
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The Birth of a Brain Cell: Scientists Witness Neurogenesis

Stumbled on this one while looking for something else.
For the first time, researchers have developed a way to view stem cells in the brains of living animals, including humans—a finding that allows scientists to follow the process neurogenesis (the birth of neurons).
The key ingredient in this process is a substance unique to immature cells that is neither found in mature neurons nor in glia, the brain's nonneuronal support cells.
They were able to determine the chemical ...
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Hives, copaxone

Hello, I searched and the topic hives was already discussed, but though I´m askink. Did anybody have hives? I have terrible hives for 14 days (now I ´m hospitalized on cortizone cure, which helps, but when it stops, it appears again). I use copaxone 1 year and had no problems so far, but my neuro said, she couldn´t separete out the copaxone like a reason of hives. That´s why I don´t continue with copaxone now ...
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Legs tingle when I put my head down?

I noticed it for the first time when I was running on Monday. Now whenever I run if I put my head down too quickly my legs shoot with a tingling sensation that also seems to tire them out. I've continued running since if I don't tilt my head quickly nothing happens and even if I do I don't get dizzy or lightheaded or anything, just the odd sensation. The effect goes away after I'm ...
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Blue Brain project update

They're making progress on the most advanced computer simulation of the human brain.

A Working Brain Model - A computer simulation could eventually allow neuroscience to be carried out in silico.

Technology Review - An ambitious project to create an accurate computer model of the brain has reached an impressive milestone. Scientists in Switzerland working with IBM researchers have shown that their computer simulation of the neocortical column, arguably the most complex part of a ...
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