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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Estrogen Induced Neuroprotectio (article available)

Sorry, this is so late but some one (probably sharon) posted an abstract of a research article with title Novel Mechanisms for Estrogen Induced Neuroprotection. I subsequently obtained the full 8 page article, unfortunately only in PDF. If anyone wishes a cc please pm me and I will send to their email (i.e. I'll need an external email address)
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Bromley and 2 weeks


You were supposed to be a lab rat for two weeks with no internet access.

Did you get dropped from the program or are you sneaking out to access thisisms? :P :P

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Phentermine and Brain Damage

Ok, here I go again... A week before I ended up in the hospital for MS (June 05), I had been taking a weight loss drug called Phentermine. It was very effective. I stopped taking abruptly because I thought its effectiveness was wearing off and I was tired of the head-ache it was giving me every night when I "came down" off of this drug. Next week: I am in the hospital. I told my ...
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Currently in Tovaxin IIB Clinical Trial

I have been accepted in the Tovaxin Phase IIb Clinical Trial. I have created an online journal that will track my progress during the trial. You can view my online journal here . If you have any questions for me you can contact me through Yahoo IM or Yahoo Email. My Yahoo ID is pvns2005.
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Studying OPCs


Movies reveal that the process of insulating nerves is surprisingly dynamic

Much like the electrical wiring in your house, the nerves in your body need to be completely covered by a layer of insulation to work properly.
Instead of red, white or black plastic, however, the wiring in the nervous system is protected by layers of an insulating protein called myelin. These layers increase the speed that nerve impulses travel throughout the brain ...
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Cerebral Spinal Fluid Data

What is the significance of Glucose in CSF testing? Does anyone know? What about Protein? In June '05, when they took a sample of my CSF, the results were: CSF, GLUCOSE = 75; Reference Range=40-70

CSF, PROTEIN=42.6; Reference Range=15.0-40.0

Just curious if anyone knows anything about that?

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White Matte vs. Gray Matter

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Interesting articles

I like the NMSS as I have said before. Here are some articles from their current magazine. I don't know who Richard Cohen is - but his 87 year old father has MS which must give us hope for a reasonably long life - given the better treatments in the pipeline. And he is the third generation in his family to get MS which suggests to me that genes may play more of a role ...
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This site was a serious site until that joker and attention seeker Lyon joined. I had lunch with Arron today and we feel that an official warning is needed. Lyon - you can post about worms and MS but no more postings about viagra, beavers or chocolate. HarryZ was very lonely in the period in which I banned him from posting - he claims that I apologised to him and begged him to come back ...
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Gamma Globulin ...Any Connection?

:( I was given Gamma Globulin as a child to fight off a childhood illness because I got it from my sister & got deathly sick...I was born in 1952 & I think this was something new back then...Could this be where the MS comes from... No one in the family had it..?
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