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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.


I have numbness/tingling in my left hand, leg and foot. I've had this since I was dxd in May 2002. I have been on Neurontin, which worked well to control it but caused weight gain. I was then on Topamax which thankfully caused weight loss but didn't do as well to control the numbness/tingling and made me feel a little "spacey". I am now on Cymbalta which is working well for the numbness/tingling symptom but ...
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Biogen Sponsored Talks

I'm interested in attending an MS talk sponsored by MS Active Source (Biogen). I was wondering if anyone has been to these Biogen sponsored talks and what their experience has been. For example, are they actually informative, i.e., are they willing to discuss CAM treatments and other experimental therapies, or are they just reiterating the message that can be found in the CRAB literature?

Thanks, NHE
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Family/Celiac/multiple sclerosis

Not terribly exciting. But I was recently in contact with my brother, a rather infrequent occurance, and communicated to him that I may have MS, as useful family medical information. He responded that he has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. That means three of four siblings in my family have a confirmed autoimmune disease. And my mother died two years ago in a confusion of conflicting diagnoses including RA and Lupus. Anyhow. I believe ...
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Her goal: Put MS out of business

Martha Crowninshield brokered high-stakes business deals all the time as a venture capitalist.

But never before had she been involved in a deal with a payoff that could help millions of people worldwide. Crowninshield is a major player in a landmark effort to search the human genome for genes that put people at risk for multiple sclerosis.

There's no cure for MS today, and even with the ...
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Harry Potter

Dear all,

I've always thought that we would need a wizard to crack this disease. J K Rowling is helping fund an MS research centre in Scotland.

Ian ... 924202.stm
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Research on family members with and without MS

Interesting findings, but they haven't quite figured out what to make of them yet...

Italians make MS breakthrough

ANSA - April 19 - Italian scientists have made a breakthrough in multiple sclerosis research, showing that healthy relatives may hold the key to a long-elusive cure for the often devastating condition .

The brains of healthy family members have similar lesions to their relatives with MS but their cerebral tissue seems to have reacted to protect ...
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MS Life Congress

Hi all,

Just wondered how many of you are coming to the "MS Life Congress" this weekend in the GMEX in Manchester?

If you fancy a chat you can find me on the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre stand throughout the weekend, would be nice to say hi to you all :O)


MSRC Webmaster
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Research on repairing brain damage


Brain knitting

April 13, 2006 - Nature - Materials Update - Healing brain and spinal-cord injuries is one of the most desirable, but challenging, goals of regenerative medicine. Molecules that self-assemble into nanoscale filaments may show the way.

A scaffold of nanoscale fibres that self-assembles from small, synthetic protein-like components provides a framework for the regrowth of damaged brain tissue, allowing vision to be restored in hamsters with brain lesions, a team in the ...
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Century Wellness Clinic / Alternative funding

Has anyone had any expirience with getting Alternative treatment for MS at the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno NV? Their site:

I am looking into this for my husband. Any help would be appriciated.

I am also trying to find out anything I can about funding Alternative treatments. We are on a fixed income and I would like to try raising funds for treatments without it counting against ...
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Reata Pharmaceuticals

This doesn't even qualify for the research pipeline since the company doesn't appear to have a specific drug targeted at MS yet, but they look like they're doing something a bit different by concentrating on protein misfolding.

Reata Announces Licensing of Novel Class of Anti-Inflammatory Compounds; Drugs Have Broad Potential Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas

April 17 - PRNewswire - Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced the completion of a license agreement with Dartmouth College and The ...
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