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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Dr Tim Vollmer video

The Acclerated Cure Project has included a video of its 2007 annual event on its website. The video of Dr Tim Vollmer's presentation looks very interesting - I've seen the first 20 mins and will watch the rest later. I think GWA is a fan of Dr Vollmer.

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In Memory and Hope

Today marks the one year anniversary of my uncle’s death from MS. If you ever hear someone say you can’t die from MS, unfortunately I know that you can and it was a terrible way to die. He was a great guy and I miss him. I was diagnosed with MS the year he died. But, here is where the hope part comes in; I believe I have a better chance against this illness than ...
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Ok, this is a strange connection....but the story really caught my eye. Really feel for these folks and their families...

Eleven employees at an Austin pork plant have developed chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) There's currently an official inquiry, since these folks have become very ill...numbness, tingling, loss of mobility, stiffness and pain.

I actually found a site where someone has spent alot of time compiling evidence stating ...
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Interesting video

This isn't for everyone. It's a half hour video about a guy with Crohn's (one of the inflammatory bowel diseases, which are also considered "autoimmune" or one of the inflammatory diseases).

I think this will be of interest to those of "us" who feel these diseases share common causes/mechanisms/cure and have an interest in helminth immunomodulation. I'm in the process of watching it but I'm told there is a segment on hookworm and Crohn's.

I ...
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ladies' problem and gabapentine/baclofen

I started gabapentine a week ago, and baclofen 2 weeks ago. Over the weekend and last night (3 nights out of 4) I have had EXTREMELY heavy bleeding. I'm not going to be course but we're talking about (apologises) flooding, not just a heavy period.

I wondered if it could be the tablets, prob gabapentine as that started more recently. I also have PCOS which means I have had this problem before, but only ...
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Mirror Neurons: Therapeutic Reflection

I recently saw a TV show which talked about "Mirror Neurons". It seemed like they would be a possible therapeutic target for motor skills. I have since tried a couple of times to find anything relating these to MS, but always came out empty handed. Finally, I found the following article, related to stroke.

I have included the whole article, as it can only be found "Cached" on google, not at the actual web site. ...
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Are any of the thousands of members that may be on one of the conventional treatments ever wonder if maybe they should try one of these alternative therepies such as ldn or antibiotics ect. After all you may get better results taking a pill than poking yourself with a needle for years on end. What do you think? I know the only way to find out is to try them but it must be hard ...
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Causes and potential cures for MS

Although I'm new to the community I've noticed something I think is important. Both in reading posts here and looking at information elsewhere I've found that with almost every case of MS research can be done to find a potential cause or cure but that it may only apply to a few cases. What I mean is there are so many different pieces of research that seem to have valid finds with solid information that ...
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silenced genes

I think this type of knowledge could have implications for scientists studying MS.

Duke Scientists Map 'Silenced Genes'

AP - Remember biology class where you learned that children inherit one copy of a gene from mom and a second from dad? There's a twist: Some of those genes arrive switched off, so there is no backup if the other copy goes bad, making you more vulnerable to disorders from obesity to cancer.

Duke University scientists ...
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MS and books - fantasy genre

Ok for something totally off normal topics!
Has anyone else noticed that Harry Potter could be a metaphor for JK Rowling's grief for her Mum and her Mum's MS? Voldemort going away, gaining strength, attacking periodically (relapses), the Dementors taking all hope from the victims. All the metaphors for magic, power, control, betrayal from things that seemed like friends etc.

And for those who've read Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, same thing? - I'm not sure what ...
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