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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

ENS Conference

The European Neurology Society held a conference last week. Here is a summary. It's good news that MRI imaging is improving which should lead to a better understanding of MS and better ways of monitoring the effect of treatments. Good to see that:

“A central aspect of the treatment of MS will be, on the one hand, control over the inflammatory component and, on the other hand, over the repair mechanisms and neuroprotection, meaning supporting ...
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MRI + Lesion Patterns -- Question

Does anyone know if there is any correlation between Lesion patterns and types of MS? or severities of MS?

My MRI, as of almost a year ago had many lesions, it looked like buck-shot scattered over my brain. All of the lesions were small, but there were many. I have ZERO known symptoms as of now. I was curious if anyone would share their situation compared to their MRI's?

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My nightmare with this disease is anything related to cognition (in addition to anything to do with physical disability, dignity, depression etc etc). In fact, this disease is my nightmare disease. Unfortunately, three of today's research papers are all to do with this.

As ususal bigger trials / more research required. Surely, the way ...
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Japanese Scientists Create Brain Cells from Stem Cells

Japanese Scientists Create Brain Cells from Stem Cells


Japanese scientists create brain cells from stem cells
Posted February 11, 2005 in ALS Research
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February 10, 2005, Thursday
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DATELINE: Tokyo, Feb. 10

Using a newly developed cell culture method, mouse ES cells, pluripotent cells that can develop into various tissues and organs, were differentiated into nerve cells at a success rate of 90 ...
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You read this sort of research and you have to conclude that the MS researchers have got years of well-paid work ahead of them.
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Tysabri's BACK!!!!

US OKs resumed sales of Biogen and Elan's Tysabri

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Biogen Idec Inc. and Elan Corp. won permission on Monday to resume sales of their multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri, which was withdrawn last year after it was linked to a rare but potentially fatal brain disease, U.S. regulators said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tysabri must be sold under a restricted distribution plan to minimize chances of harm. Tysabri should be ...
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What's normal???

John had one bout in 1998 of optic neuritis and then up to 2004 he had mini symptoms that no one ever connected to MS. His last main bout was Aug 2004 when he went lame and had pins and needles. That corrected in June of 2005. I'm knocking on wood as I write this :D but since 2004 we have really had nothing other than ...
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Psychiatric Conditions Other Than

Psychiatric Conditions Other Than Depression Common in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Presented at ENS
Sleep disorders occurred in 82% of the patients. Significant obsessive-compulsive symptoms were seen in 75%, and 67% had some form of eating disorder.

Depression was present in 61%, so it exceeded many experts' estimates even if it was not the most common single condition in this study, Dr. Pires-Baranta said. Anxiety occurred in 43% and 57% of patients had somatization symptoms. ...
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