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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Legs tingle when I put my head down?

I noticed it for the first time when I was running on Monday. Now whenever I run if I put my head down too quickly my legs shoot with a tingling sensation that also seems to tire them out. I've continued running since if I don't tilt my head quickly nothing happens and even if I do I don't get dizzy or lightheaded or anything, just the odd sensation. The effect goes away after I'm ...
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Blue Brain project update

They're making progress on the most advanced computer simulation of the human brain.

A Working Brain Model - A computer simulation could eventually allow neuroscience to be carried out in silico.

Technology Review - An ambitious project to create an accurate computer model of the brain has reached an impressive milestone. Scientists in Switzerland working with IBM researchers have shown that their computer simulation of the neocortical column, arguably the most complex part of a ...
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Biogen News

Biogen has recently partnered with Neurimmune Therapeutics to develop an antibody against amyloid-beta to treat Alzheimer's.
Biogen Idec, Neurimmune Therapeutics in JV to develop alzheimer's treatments
November 20, 2007: 02:30 AM EST

Biogen Idec (NASDAQ:BIIB) and Neurimmune Therapeutics AG announced they have entered into an agreement for the worldwide development and commercialization of novel, fully human antibodies for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

The alliance will focus on the development of antibodies that bind ...
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MRIs and scans

I was quite amazed by the pictures from the new scanners, see:
But then today, I read this: ... sk/?page=2
I think we'll wait for another MRI, thanks.... :roll:
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What works

It seems to me that most of the people here who really believe they are getting better are taking antibiotics. Am I correct on this? Robbie, you started abx, right? I am waiting and hoping that you'll soon say you are improving. How are you?
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Recommendations for MS specialist in Los Angeles?

First, thank you all for your very warm and supportive responses to my introductory post in September. I haven't been on this site in two months, as I've been working very long hours on a TV show and under a lot of pressure (stress and exhaustion -- not so good for fighting this monster, eh?). I am moved by how kind the people here are.

The Neuro I've seen twice at UCLA, Dr. Norman Namerow, ...
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Myelin Repair Foundation

The Myelin Repair Foundation has posted a research summary on their website. It summarizes their efforts from July 2004 - July 2007. If you haven't read it already, you can read it here: ... ults.shtml
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'Saboteur' - MS TV Commercial

The following is a link about a TV advertisement (which I never saw) by the MS Society in Aus. Nothing of benefit, just interesting to see.
or you can go straight to the video (15MB) at
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Kegel question for women

Ok, I know this topic is a little unpleasant but I am currently experiencing a lovely UTI and it reminded me to ask this question. In 2004 I had a very bad exacerbation which left me with very little bladder control or bladder capacity. At the time I didn't go on medication for it and eventually it got better but it has never been the same. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a ...
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has anyone else!

ok my boyfriend's mom was telling me about some research that someone (dont know who) has found out that the epstein barr virus has been linked to people that have M.S! has anyone else heard anything about this????
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