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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Brain atlas

This sounds like a significant new tool for researchers.

Paul Allen's "brain atlas" unlocking mysteries of the ultimate computer

September 26, 2006 -- Seattle Times -- The type of brain map that used to grace high-school biology texts looked like a quilt: A pink chunk labeled "vision" bumped up against a blue blob that was the seat of language and a yellow swath representing motor perception.

Those crude representations were the result of centuries' worth ...
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Genes research

International team analyses human genetic variation in key immune region

In-depth analysis will enable scientists to identify genetic risk factors for common immune diseases.

An international group of researchers today unveiled a detailed map of human genetic variation within the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), the most important region of the human genome encoding the human response to infection, autoimmune disease and organ transplantation. The work represents a milestone in the analysis of genetic variability for ...
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This is interesting, and they do mention neurodegenerative disorders.

IBM & Genome Institute of Singapore Collaboration May Lead to Better Understanding of Cell Process Regulation

22 Sept 2006 -- IBM, in collaboration with the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), today revealed results from a joint research study that could potentially alter our views of how cell processes are regulated.

The two teams have discovered that microRNAs, small molecules that are an important regulatory component in ...
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I think this is interesting because taurine is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks like Red Bull. The study seem relevant to MS since neuroprotection is obviously key, and mitochondrial dysfunction is being increasingly implicated in MS.

Taurine increases mitochondrial buffering of calcium: role in neuroprotection.

Amino Acids. 2006 Sep 8;
El Idrissi A.
Department of Biology and Center for Developmental Neuroscience, College of Staten Island of the City University of New York, ...
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Biogen and PML

Another Partner for Biogen
By Brian Lawler
September 21, 2006

It seems that not a week goes by when I'm not writing about Biogen IDEC (Nasdaq: BIIB) licensing a drug or signing up a new partner. For a biopharmaceutical company of its size, Biogen definitely takes the cake as the most prolific drug-acquirer.

After the market closed yesterday, Biogen added another collaboration agreement with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ALNY) to its long list of partners. This ...
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Merck financial news

Found this info kind of interesting considering Merck's MS candidate seems to have failed.

Merck to take control of Swiss drug maker
By Carter Dougherty International Herald Tribune

Published: September 21, 2006

FRANKFURT Merck of Germany announced Thursday that it would take control of Serono, a Swiss pharmaceutical maker, for €10.6 billion after failing to secure a merger with Schering, its German competitor, this year.

A deal with Schering would have created a German powerhouse ...
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DIRECT-MS sponsors a vitamin D trial

A Dose/Safety Study of Vitamin D for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction – Beginning in 2000, Direct-MS has strongly advocated the use of adequate vitamin D supplementation for the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Since that time we have also actively promoted the need for clinical research to test the effectiveness of vitamin D for preventing and treating MS. Before clinical trials to test the efficacy of vitamin D for MS can be done, ...
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DIRECT-MS funding a clinical trial to test the Best Bet Diet

Testing the Effectiveness of the Best Bet Diet for Decreasing Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis

Introduction Direct-MS is very pleased to be funding a rigorous clinical trial which will test the effectiveness of the Direct-MS recommended nutritional strategies, often referred to as the Best Bet Diet for MS (BBD), for affecting MS disease activity. Such research is of critical importance for determining if the recommended nutritional strategies are of value for MS and thus ...
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Frea of having PPMS - Please help me

I am new to this forum and new to the whole concept of MS. I hope to get some help from people with experience with PPMS. I am truly desperate and need some guidance.

I have had many symptoms in the last 7 months that I would like to know if they can be PPMS.

Ok, so here it goes. Seven months ago I was as new. No problems, nothing. The only problem I would ...
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