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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Muscle Twitching (fasciculations)

Something I noticed is that probably once every two days I'll get a twitching muscle in my calf muscle, thigh, forearm, or upper arm. Is this normal? Or is this indicative of active MS? The only symptom I've had of MS (which led to my diagnosis) was nystagmus in June '05, which has since gone away. I am a 26 y/o male. Does anyone else experience this? It has never really concerned me, but it ...
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More lesions

The researchers have found that we've got more lesions than we thought. ... f_les.html
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Brain atrophy

The only good thing about this research is that future treatments may be judged on their ability to stop atrophy. ... es_of.html
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Damage to White Matter and Grey Matter

More research showing that damage occurs in both the White Matter and Grey Matter. They need to shift to identifying why! ... fusio.html
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I like this sort of research!

Two stem cell receptors aid brain injury repair

A research team has identified two receptors that increase the number of restorative stem cells as a response to brain injury.

This knowledge, they contend, could lead to development of new drugs that target the two stem cell receptors -- called EGFR and Notch1, gp-130 -- which are key players in brain regeneration.

The research, conducted by Steve Levison, co-author ...
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Double Vision

First, I want to express again my thanks for answers to questions I have posted here. Regarding two recent ones, I am on my way to getting appointment at UCSF Clinic (I had asked about clinics in US) and I seeing GP tomorrow about pursuing possible celiac/glutein ataxia link.
So here is another. One of symptoms after initial episode was double vision, occuring only during heavy exercise (running). I thought it was clearing up a ...
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Toxic agents and MS

The Boston Cure Project has published its work in relation to Toxic Agents (one of the many possible causes it is examining as part of its Cure Map). The following summarises the results of its work in this area: ... agents.pdf

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IL-4 Expression by Mast Cells

IL-4 Expression By Mast Cells Modifies The Immune Response In Multiple Sclerosis
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Allergy Multiple Sclerosis

Main Category: Immune System / Vaccines News
Article Date: 23 Apr 2006 - 17:00pm (PDT)

IL-4 is expressed by many types of immune cells and it can act on a variety of other immune as well as non-immune cells to modulate the immune response. This broad range of effects necessitates strict control of IL-4 expression ...
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MS and Heat, Why?


This seems like such a "known", yet I cant find any distinctive medically accepted reason for it. ie MS'ers heat intolerance.

What are the current thoughts on this by the medical profession?

I understand the Prokarin / histamine train of thought, but i am guessing this is not the general practice / accepted reason. or is it?

I am guessing there must be some "accepted" rationale behind it considering Ive herd it was the ...
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