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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.



I was on Rebif for 2 months, but was taken off because of allergic reaction. 1 month later I started Copaxone, but was allergic to that too.

I saw an allergist and my Neuro, no one knows what to do for me next. Apparently Mannitol is in all of the CRAB's and that's what I seem to be allergic to.

Has anyone ever heard allergies to all meds? Do you have any recommendations?

Any ...
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Employment Issues and Insurance Issues

I am new, but am I missing a heading for these? My wife is the one newly diagnosed and we have a lot of questions and need lots of advice. Thanks!
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Rebif vs Copaxone

I wouldn't say this qualifies as big news, but if anybody is trying to make a choice right now...

Merck KGaA's Rebif, Teva's Copaxone similar-study

Oct 10 (Reuters) - Merck's Rebif multiple-sclerosis drug is not superior to rival Teva's Copaxone, a study obtained by Reuters on Wednesday showed.

"The number of events (relapses) was insufficient to establish a statistically significant difference between the two products, despite a trend advantage for Rebif," the report said.

The ...
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European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS

FYI...this conference is meeting this week...I've seen a few tidbits online re: some of the studies, but haven't seen much

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MRI time lapse of MS (and other) brains

never noticed this mri site before. it's an ms brain. or if you just go back as far as aanlib in the URL you can see all the other kinds of brain mris they have. on the ms brain (with tour) - that's the link below - if you find the right vertical slice, then you can move along the timeline from left to right and watch for changes. here and there there's some explanation ...
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Tobacco Smoke Dispelled as Factor in MS Progression

Tobacco Smoke Dispelled as Factor in MS Progression

GRONINGEN, Netherlands, Oct. 9 -- Smoking has been overrated as an important factor in spurring multiple sclerosis progression and disability, researchers here said.

Smoking was not associated with primary or secondary MS progression on any measures except for some weak associations with disability, found Marcus Koch, M.D., of the University Medical Center Groningen here, and colleagues, in a large cohort study in the Oct. 9 issue of ...
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Okay it's with the mouse model, but it's Mayo Clinic which is highly respected. And we need cheering up. Lots more articles due end of this week with the ECTRIMS conference.


Antibody leads to repair of myelin sheath in lab study of multiple sclerosis and related disorders 09 October 2007

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that a human antibody administered in a single low dose in laboratory mouse models can repair myelin, the ...
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DNA Plasmid Vaccination for Multiple Sclerosis

not really sure where to put this article...unfortunately, i am only able to get part of the article...tried to google the title, but had little is the link and what i was able to find: ... 64/10/1385

In this issue of the Archives, Bar-Or and coworkers1 report on a successful attempt to induce antigen-specific tolerance with a DNA encoding myelin basic protein (MBP) vaccine in patients with ...
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new campaign in the UK

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Out of Africa

AllyB wrote: and certainly did not want to be seen as some shyster trying to extort money from sick people... Shocked
Hi Ally,
Well, that does go on here from time to time and people do get rightly upset about it, but in those cases it's obvious that there is no underlying humor involved.

Besides, this exact subject has come up before (chocolate vs MS) and I think it was agreed that in regards to chocolate, ...
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