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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

FREE Multiple Sclerosis Polls Yahoo group!

There is a great group of people with over 400 members, all with MS.

Great polls, the best links, symptoms database which lists member symptoms.

For people with MS only. If you have not joined already here is the link: ... osispolls/
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Interesting use of technology from the AAN Meeting

This abstract talks about using chip arrays to look at CSF. It seems that technology like this should enable a more thorough analysis of what's really going on at a protein-level...I think...

Identification of CSF Proteome Modifications in Multiple Sclerosis Using a Protein Chip Array Technology

Arnaud Lacour, Lille, Nord, France, Didier Lefranc, Jerome De Seze, Brigitte Onraed, Sylvain Dubucquoi, Gilbert Briand, Lionel Prin, Patrick Vermersch, Lille, France

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study ...
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Dear all,

I am off to Mauritius on Wednesday so will not be logging on again until after Easter (admit it you're all jealous).

The research is coming in thick and fast so I'll be interested to see what else has arrived when I return.

But here's one for my best friend Sharon - she's big on hormones and it looks like she's be barking up the right tree. As usual a small trial, but ...
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I was in contact today with one of my neuros who is holding an EBV / MS think-tank in May. He said that a lot of research in this area had been undertaken by a Dr Sven haahr (Danish). I did a search on Dr haahr and the first article on the list was:

<shortened url>

I think the phrase is what goes around comes around!

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MRI Accuracy

This is a very interesting study that questions the accuracy of MRIs in diagnosing MS. Isn't one of the measures in the clinical trials of all these MS drugs the number of lesions that appear on an MRI??!! Hmmm...



Study Questions The Accuracy Of MRI In Diagnosis Of MS After First Neurologic Event

The accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging might not be great enough to confirm a diagnosis of MS, based ...
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Treatments for Neuropathic Pain

Just wondering what some MSers experiences with AED's used for neuropathic pain has been? Seems that the new medicine by Pfizer that is recommended for use in neuropathic pain makes my vertigo and balance worse. Any others that have had similar experiences? And regarding neuropathic pain,, what are some of the meds or things that seem to provide benefit without making one have that "disconnected from the body feeling" or is this just a trade-off ...
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echinacea for ms!?!

i think i'm going to guinea pig myself and try it! if the auto-immune theory is disputed, and if the home page article says more natural killer cells are good, then hell yea! i'd say that speaks to the good ol' virus theory, wot wot? i'm throwing immune system caution to the wind and takin me some echinacea.

Biogerontology. 2005;6(3):157-63.
Enhancement of natural killer cells and increased survival of aging mice fed daily Echinacea root ...
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Understanding MS 101: Doctor Talk and People Talk

In trying to explore various issues relating to supplements, I realized that I needed a more detailed understanding of just how exactly MS works and demyelination comes to be. So this is a thread that is strictly for trying to understand what is known and unknown about how the disease process happens. I realize that a lot of you understand all this, but for me (and I figure there are a few more others like ...
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