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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Peer review process

(This is somewhat off-topic from the original thread "EBV and MS" so I moved it out.)


Regarding the peer review process: Arrr!!! Me thinks you have some misgivings about the pirates' code!

Some might think of it as a necessary evil, but overall it works well. What would be the alternatives? You have a boiling pot of good and bad science, big egos versus bigger egos, lots of time and careers invested with publication ...
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Bill and Linda Gates Foundation

There are many people coming to this site that are heavily involved in trying to find decent treatments or a cure for this disease.

I am curious if any attempts have been made to get the Gates Foundation to contribute dollars towards MS research.

From what I have seen, the Gates are interested in funding projects for diseases that have too small of a patient load and are therefore not money makers for big pharma ...
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'encephalomyelitis disseminata' or 'disseminated sclerosis'?

I have never heard MS referred as such.
Multiple sclerosis (often abbreviated to just 'MS' but also known as 'encephalomyelitis disseminata' or 'disseminated sclerosis') is an inflammatory disease that affects the neurons in the brain and spinal cord that carry information through the central nervous system.
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A little good news

Hi all,

I just wanted to say I received my neuro report on the Brain/Spinal MRI I had last Friday and the results are encouraging. My brain appears stable (although my brother questions that :wink: ) with one lesion being less visable. This was my first spinal scan and no spinal lesions were identified.

It's been almost a year since I was diagnosed when an excerbation hit ...
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Is there a certain amount of participants that have to be in a trial for it to be successful or to move through the phases?
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A sentiment we can all get behind

This sounds like a great event. I second that emotion.
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Electric Stair Lifts


I am wondering about which electric stair lift to purchase. I am not sure where this query should be posted, but what I would like to know is what experiences others have had with various brands and models of stair lifts, good and bad.

We of course want to buy one that will continue to work over a long time period.

Any help will be much appreciated!


John ...
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Can no longer afford Copaxone

Does anyone know of a doctor in central Florida who will prescribe LDN? I need meds but my insurance company just raised my copay for Copaxone from $35 to over $350. I cannot afford it. Thanks!
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Dr Tim Vollmer video

The Acclerated Cure Project has included a video of its 2007 annual event on its website. The video of Dr Tim Vollmer's presentation looks very interesting - I've seen the first 20 mins and will watch the rest later. I think GWA is a fan of Dr Vollmer.

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