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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

EDSS self assesment

I have never had my EDSS done by a professional. I have read various sites that provide a break down of how to come to an EDSS. Such as

But even this information lacks how to combine the scores to one. Anyone know how this should be done?

Or an explanation of what to do with "8. Other function"
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Asymtomatic brain damage in relatives of MS


Asymptomatic first-degree relatives of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) demonstrate focal brain tissue abnormalities indistinguishable from those of MS, researchers reported in April in Annals of Neurology journal.
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I think I could have worked this one out in 5 mins even with a reducing brain. Did they really need to do research on it?

<shortened url>
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Ion Channel Knowledgebase

This isn't a breakthrough press release or anything, but I'm glad to read that an "Ion Channel Knowledgebase" exists because it seems there's something funny going on with our ion channels.

Aureus Pharma Licenses AurSCOPE Ion Channel Knowledgebase to Xention

June 29, 2006 -- PRNewswire -- Aureus Pharma a leading provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, announces that Xention, a drug discovery and development company focusing on ion ...
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BBB Permeability?

Just wanted to gather all your knowledge on BBB Permeability reduction, and what we can do now. For example, with suppliments.

The thing that triggered this line of thought was probably the thread which had statins reducing BBB permeability.

Now I (think I) know tysabri works by making the stuff too big to pass through the BBB. And when I did a search on this site, i also came accross the article "Interferon-Beta Treatment ...
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Immunology research

Whether you are an auto-immune theory supporter or not, the immune system plays a key role in driving this disease. A new collaborative project has been announced -

New immunology research collaboration established

Singapore's Agency forScience, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and The Australian National University establish immunology research collaboration. A*STAR's Centre for Molecular Medicine (CMM) and the Australian Phenomics Facility based at The Australian National University (APF ANU) have established an immunology research partnership ...
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what to do

hey there everyone,
i just got done catching up with things on here...i finally went on a vacation...down to key west..had a great time....took care of myself while i was down there so as not to end up seeing someone down there...however i got back on saturday and on monday when i came into work i found out my neurologist had gone on vacation while i was gone and passed away...i mean dang now i ...
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A little light reading...

Could hemp be the hot new healthy ingredient?

By Jess Halliday

26/06/2006 - The health-enhancing properties of hemp have come under the spotlight this month with the launch of a drink containing hemp-blossom syrup (Cannabis sativa) in the UK, which is also being tested by multiple sclerosis sufferers for its potential to alleviate lag pain and spasms.

The drink, called C-Ice, was develop by Austrian company Thurella and launched by distributor ...
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Research Matters

Dear all,

The UK MS Society produces a booklet called Research Matters. The latest edition is attached. It covers the different modifying drugs, work looking at re-myelination etc. It's worth a read.

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just life

Maybe Arron you could create a forum for people to just talk about their lives and challenges living with ms. I think there would be alot of us that just need to share our day to day obsticles that are happening in the now and not the future of drugs that are really not part of our reality, just a thought rob
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