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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

ROBIN: Let's get "technical". Get this!

Robin, (and others), is something interesting. For those who know and followed my, Robin and Wesley's highly technical discussions in 2004 and 2005, you all will probably understand this. If not, you might not understand.

For once, though, I'm not going to go into overdrive with my usual explanations, etc.

I just know that Robin may find this particularly interesting. Especially when he sees the word "microglia". :wink: ...
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Come back Deb all is forgiven

This forum used to be a very good place to visit and objectively discuss current MS research. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

These days each news item is used to either complain at the lack of progress in finding a cure for MS or to promote the ABX regimen. I'm happy for those that are following the regimen and are getting good results but there are others getting good results from different treatments ...
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Infectious cause

Dear all,

As most of you know I'm not a believer in the auto-immune theory of MS. I have no medical training etc but rely on basic observation. Inflammation is the body's response to something e.g. if you cut your finger it becomes inflammed as the immune system targets any foreign invaders. My gut feeling tells me that the same must be true with MS. Something is happening in the CNS and the immune system ...
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Are these relapses?

I was diagnosed over a year ago and have been pretty lucky I think. I had a distinct problem that led to diagnosis, double vision that cleared up within about a month and some spotty numbness through my legs that went on for a few months at the same time and again (numbness) when starting LDN a year ago...but that went away pretty quickly.

Since my initial attack I haven't had any symptons that have ...
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California insurance cost--need advice

For anyone who lives in California and can offer advice, please contact me.

We are a small business group of two. Both my husband and I need injectables for different diseases (mine is Avonex for MS; his is Enbrel for Psoriatic Arthritis). The out-of-pocket costs between the insurance plan itself and Blue Shield PPO requiring us to pay 30% of the cost of the drugs is coming to around $1,500 a month. (That's not a ...
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MSRC MS Review of the year 2005

Hi all,

I have put together a MS review of the year 2005, which I hope you will find both useful and informative.

There have been some significant breakthroughs in MS treatment and research and this review will hopefully bring most, if not all of them, to you to read at your leisure.

Please go to MSRC: Latest MS News : 2005 MS News in review - ... N=57563484 ...
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MS and Fats - A Balancing Act

MS and Fats - A Balancing Act, by Ashton Embry PhD.

This article featured in New Pathways magazine, Nov/Dec edition 2005.

The Swank Research & Diet

The role of fats in MS has been passionately debated for over 50 years. It all began over 50 years ago when Dr Roy Swank published a paper in 1950 claiming that saturated fat was an important factor in MS.

Saturated fat is one of four main types of ...
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2005 MS Newswire Wrap-up

The link below outlines some of the "News" worthy items with regards to MS in the 2005 year. It covers an number of items with links to the original news stories. ... ing031_xml

Sorry for the long link.

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Tovaxin Clinical Trials

Haven't posted in a while, but found the information about Tovaxin to be interesting as well as promising. Just wanted to let the members know there will be a clinical trial of Tovaxin starting in February 2006. Information can be found at Trial number identifier is NCT00245622. This is a phase II trial. Unfortunately, my age (50) and type of MS (my neurologist just told me he would classify mine as secondary progressive, although ...
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Are you taking Provigil?

Do you or anyone you know suffer from excessive sleepiness? Are you currently taking the medication Provigil? Would you like to earn up to $275 by answering a couple of brief surveys? If so, please contact our customer service team at 1-866-275-3879 X 5. Please call soon as there are few remaining slots, all of which need to be filled by Friday, December 30th. This is a great way to start paying off some of ...
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