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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

MS Events in Boston and San Francisco (no charge)

I'd like to invite the ThisIsMS community to attend either (or both) of the Accelerated Cure Project Annual Events this year. They are both free of charge, both cocktail party with lecture format, and both feature guest speakers talking about ongoing MS research and also the activities of the Accelerated Cure Project.

They both require RSVP, though, so please do that if you'd like to come.

San Francisco Friday Nov 9th details:

Boston Saturday ...
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Caution: Killing Germs May Be Hazardous to Your Health


In terms of infectious disease, the environment of the American suburb is unquestionably a far healthier place than most of the rest of the world. But we've made a Faustian bargain with our antibiotics, because most researchers now believe that our supersanitized world exacts a unique price in allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases, most of which were unknown to our ancestors. Sachs warns that many people drew ...
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ECTRIMS 2007 Notes

ECTRIMS, the European Committee on Treatment and Research in MS, holds a huge conference every year where MS researchers from around the world present their latest work.

This year I went with Hollie Schmidt to the meeting in Prague where we took lots of notes. They are now available at

They are rather long, but lots of good stuff in there.
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Good MS Doctor In Kentucky

Hi folks;
I'm new to this forum, and I need some info. My doctor does not specialize in MS, and I'm trying to choose a new one. I have had secondary progressive MS for about 20 years. I'm on copaxone, and a few other maintenance drugs. I am now totally disabled, but I have not given up!
I do know there are some very good looking drugs coming down the pipeline, and I think it ...
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More news on Biogen's sale

Carl Icahn raises the stakes for Big Pharma
The financier has set a high benchmark for bidders for the biotech firm. Fortune's John Simons explains why Big Pharma is likely to pay top dollar for a very risky asset.

<shortened url>
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Biogen stock trade

Biogen stock sale generates 1.4 million in a single day's trade for executive vice president. ... 333509.htm

I can't find the exact thread right now, but I seem to recall a couple of their execs selling a large quantity of stock right before Tysabri was initially pulled from the market followed by their share price getting cut in half. The above stock sale sounds almost like cashing out ...
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HapMap phase 2

A new, improved version of the Hap Map has been released.

"In its overview paper in Nature, the consortium estimates that the Phase II HapMap captured 90 to 96 percent of common genetic variation in the populations surveyed."

Consortium Publishes Phase II Map of Human Genetic Variation

New map improves power to find variants involved in common diseases; reveals more signs of human evolutionary history

The International HapMap Consortium today published analyses of its second-generation ...
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Potential therapy for spasticity

Public release date: 16-Oct-2007

Contact: Debra Kain
University of California - San Diego

UCSD findings could lead to new therapy for spinal cord injury-induced spasticity and rigidity
Research led by scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine has identified a target with potential as an effective new therapy for chronic spasticity and rigidity, ...
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Question about minocycline

How long does it take for minocycline to start working (when talking about ms and not acne :wink: )?

I’m sure this has already been discussed before but I am in the middle of a relapse right now and I really don’t feel that good!
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Possible new role for blood in the brain

This seems like a bizarre idea and a completely different view on how the brain might work, but a new twist in thinking might be just what we need:

Public release date: 15-Oct-2007

Contact: Elizabeth Thomson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT: blood may help us think
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--MIT scientists propose that blood may help us think, in addition ...
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