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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Remyelinating antibody study data revealed

Acorda Therapeutics Inc has presented data from a Phase 1 clinical trial of rHIgM22, a remyelinating antibody being studied for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Safety data showed rHIgM22 was well-tolerated in each of the five tested doses, supporting additional clinical development. In addition, testing detected rHIgM22 in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), indicating the drug’s access to the central nervous system..... Read More -
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Moving for Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis helped relieve my PPMS when I lived in California. Here in Florida I have no legal access to it and my body is getting worse.

I want to relocate to Oregon or Colorado or Washington, but I cannot afford to live alone and I need wheelchair friendly housing. (I use my rollator walker indoors and an electric wheelchair for outdoor trips.)

I am posting this publicly and hoping for a roommate miracle. Age ...
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Leg spasticity?

Hiya everyone

Maybe I should know what this is but I'm not sure. My leg has always had the partial loss of sensation that remains after a relapse. It's harder to control, but mostly I do my best to keep fit and sort out any gait issues with physio.

But about 3 weeks ago the surface on the lower leg suddenly felt cold. It's much colder to touch and my body feels colder because I ...
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Doctor offers new model for MS

Multiple sclerosis may be more of a continuum than three distinct types of disease, and a new model attempts to capture that nuance reports MedPage Today.

The "topographical" model could provide a new way of looking at disease course, Stephen Krieger, MD, of Mount Sinai in New York City, claims...... Read More -
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Study finds MS activity can return when treatment stops

A new study by the NYU Langone Medical Centre found almost 40 per cent of patients had some disease activity return when they stopped taking their meds.
The findings, issued in a press release by the centre, have been presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting held April 18-25, in Washington, D.C.... Read More -
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Smoking ‘leads to multiple sclerosis treatment issues’

According to study results presented at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in Washington, DC, researchers say they have tied the effects of cigarette smoke with various health issues experienced by current and potential multiple sclerosis patients..... Read More -
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Scientists target new painkillers from spider venom

Scientists in Australia have made an important discovery about spider venom that could lead to a new class of painkillers.

Spiders use their venom to immobilize or kill their prey. Researchers from the University of Queensland isolated seven peptides—the building blocks of proteins—in spider venom that blocked the molecular pathway responsible for sending pain signals from the nerves to the brain. One peptide in particular, from a Borneo orange-fringed tarantula, had the right structure, stability ...
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Mindfulness ‘as good as anti-depressants’

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be as good as pills at stopping people relapsing after recovering from major bouts of depression, according to a new study..... Read More -
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what does your relapse look like?

Okay so I am not diagnosed, nor do I really know if I am anywhere near a diagnosis or if I am (or my doc) on the right track here. But my symptoms are:
Fatigue - crazy fatigue
Limb weakness - most intense was in both feet, they were slapping the ground as I walked. Was in both feet but worse in left foot.
Pins and needles - arms and feet
Oh I am 29. ...
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