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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Promise 2010

Dear all,

As usual the US always does things bigger and better. The following is from the US MS Society website and announces a massive amount of funding for research. I note that the Canadian and UK MS Societies have recently introduced new initiatives (e.g the Cambridge Myelin Repair project) but the sums involved are tiny compared to the US. In addition, there are other projects such as the Myelin Repair Foundation which are pushing ...
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Myelin repair (again).

Hi everyone,

Found this on '' and was intrigued, to say the least. I wonder if it will facilitate repair of old, scarred tissue, or 'merely' recent damage? Having had PPMS for 19 years, I hope the former. Talking of which, does anyone know if, should stem cells deliver on axonal repair, work has been done to get past any potential barrier presented by scar tissue?

Thanks, Dom.

Ps. May have breached copyright by 'lifting' ...
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Mice and myelin

Another piece of research which may or may not lead to better treaments. As usual it involves mice and is at an early stage but one day, just one day, one of these findings will deliver.

Bromley ... 080505.php
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Any Officers?

Was just curious if there are any persons with MS working in law enforcement, corrections. If so, would like to find out how they deal with symptoms, emotions, co-workers, supervisors and such or just chat.
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Too many choices

Dear all,

I hate this disease for many, many reasons - the first one being that I've got it. The second one being that the so called experts after sixty years of research (and $500m in research funding from the US MS Society alone) still haven't got a clue what is happening, thirdly, that so many companies are making so much money from relatively ineffectve treatments (Biogen's revenue last year from Avonex was over $1.2 ...
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combining multiple mri sessions in dicom format on a cd?

Warning: computer geek terminology ahead :-)

I have my mri scans from last year and this year in digital form. Last year they gave me a cd containing a Siemens MagicView windows application (for free even). Inserting it in the computer, it knows the patient has a certain number of image sequences. You can pick which sequence and then move through them or view them in movie ...
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Early treatment

I read everywhere that the earlier you get on a treatment plan the better your results. My Question is what is considered early and where are you sitting on the EDSS scale to be early enough? Hubby had his first attack in 1998 but was not diagnosed till Jan 2005 after his second attack in Aug of 2004. It then took till July 4 2005 to be finally put on treatment. He is 2.5 on ...
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Officials to study multiple sclerosis in Lorain County

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Officials to study multiple sclerosis in Lorain County
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Molly Kavanaugh
Plain Dealer Reporter
Carlisle Township - Lorain County, home to an unusually high rate of multiple sclerosis, will be part of a groundbreaking national study examin ing environmental and genetic factors that may lead to the disease.

Federal, state and local health officials announced the three-year project Wednesday as they ...
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Watching viruses at work

Better understanding of viruses...maybe we'll actually be able to figure out what their role is in MS.

The Deadly Art of Viral Cinema

Her studio is a biophysics lab, her camera a microscope. And she's changing the way we see - and fight - disease.

August 3, 2005 - Wired - By Jonathon Keats

Xiaowei Zhuang makes snuff films. First, she isolates her victims. Then she forces them into a closed chamber, surrounds them with ...
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Dear all,

Paper on re-myelination and the benefits in spinal cord injuries.

Wish I was a rat (or a mouse)! They seem to get much better (and effective) treatment than we humans.


PS The UK MS Society, the Candaian MS Society and the Myelin Repair Foundation (and others) are all investing in projects aimed at re-myelination. Really hope this approach works but I'd feel a lot better ...
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