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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Stem cells abandon sites of injury

One of the most frustrating things about the central nervous system is the fact that it doesn't repair itself like the rest of the body – something stops the normal repair mechanisms from working – and Netrin-1 sounds like it could be involved. It makes stem cells migrate away from the site of injury, but as so often happens it can have completely the opposite function: attracting stem cells into the right positions in the ...
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MRI Cervical/Thoracic This AM - Thoughts?

Had my cervical/thoracic MRI this AM. It was ordered "with contrast", however the tech said they may not need the contrast. I said "I thought the contrast made lesions brighter and more noticeable"? She said, "well, if the radiologist feels he has enough info to make a diagnosis, we won't need the contrast". We DID NOT need the contrast. So, this tells me they found lesions? What do you guys think? I have to wait ...
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Interferons: stimulant or suppressant?

I had the unpleasure of going to a walk-in clinic a few days ago and ended up in a ridiculous argument with the Dr. as to whether interferons are an immune suppressant or stimulant.

I know there's some debate around it, but my neuro, my nurse and Serono have told me Rebif can make one susceptible to infections.

Anyway, I couldn't adequately explain to the doc why interferons are a suppressant in MS patients but ...
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MS TV programme on UK TV

A programme is being broadcast in the UK about a woman with MS. Details of the programme and the timings are provided in the link. The programme covers visits made by the woman to leading MS researchers including Professor Scolding who is overseeing an MS stem cell pilot study in humans. I only have Freeview and will have to get up at 07:00 on Sunday to see the show (no chance!). For those with access ...
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Lesion research

MR Imaging Intensity Modeling of Damage and Repair In Multiple Sclerosis: Relationship of Short-Term Lesion Recovery to Progression and Disability 13 November 2007

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Formation of lesions in multiple sclerosis (MS) shows pronounced short-term fluctuation of MR imaging hyperintensity and size, a qualitatively known but poorly characterized phenomenon. With the use of time-series modeling of MR imaging intensity, our study relates the short-term dynamics of new T2 lesion formation to those of ...
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Sugar, testosterone and oestrogen

I thought this new discovery might have some relevance to MS: we know that the level and ratio of oestrogen to testosterone is important in neuroprotection, and finding that a diet high in sugar can destroy that balance fits in very nicely with the fact that MS seems to go hand in hand with a modernised, (and therefore high sugar), lifestyle. The only spanner in the works is that this article suggests high levels of ...
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I like to cheer everbody up on a Monday morning. This does look interesting and human trials are in the offing.


Blood pressure drug hope for Multiple Sclerosis 12 November 2007
A drug which has been used for decades to treat high blood pressure may turn out to be a key treatment for multiple sclerosis, say British researchers.

Amiloride was found to reduce degeneration of nerve tissue in mice and the team at Oxford ...
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IL 27

IL-27 Anti-Inflammation Molecule Helps Fight MS-Like Disease 12 November 2007

An immune system messenger molecule that normally helps quiet inflammation could be an effective tool against multiple sclerosis (MS). Neurology researchers led by Abdolmohamad Rostami, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Neurology at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and the Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philadelphia, have found that the protein interkeukin-27 (IL-27) helped block the onset or reverse ...
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I am 25, white female and I suspect that I may have MS. I had gone to see a doctor about 2 years ago when I experienced my first episode of non-severe, but hardly dismissable neurological symptoms. He ran some tests and then told me nothing is wrong and not to worry about it.
I forgot about it all until a few weeks ago when the same type of symptoms re-appeared.
At this point, ...
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Placenta / parasite

That old parasite Lyon has managed to drive everyone from this site.

This story should keep him happy for a bit.
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