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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Possible Fibromyalgia

Happy New Year to everyone.
Deb, sorry to bother you with this but you are the obvious expert on this topic, anyone else is free to answer as well. Since October 2005 I have suffered with balance problems, stiffness, irritable bowel.headaches and most importantly severe myofasial pain. I've had these same symptoms off and on since I was dx in April 2004. However, they have gotten worse in both years in the fall. Every medicine ...
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More on progression

Another research article on progression.

While these sorts of articles frighten the pants off me, at least the researchers (after 50 years) are starting to wake up to the fact that this disease is much more than inflammation. It is only when we start to really understand the underlying mechanisms that any real progress will be seen.
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We start a discussion on MS being possibly a collection of different diseases and then researchers publish an article suggesting that progression in the various sub-types has common features etc. It also suggests (from my understanding) that there is an underlying mechanism distinct from the immune sytem involvement / damage. As usual no insights into how this underlying mechanism could be halted.

It does pander to my real fear that even if you stopped the ...
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Insurance/Medical Spending Account Question

Has anyone had experience with insurance or medical spending account claims for expenses indirectly related to MS (expenses other than medicines, doctor, hospital, MRI, etc.)? Health club dues for an MS patient, for example. If so, what types of expenses did you have covered and did you need to submit any additional documents, such as a letter of necessity from your doctor?

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A few thoughts for Deb and others.

During recent months I haven't really been looking into the science behind MS. AS I continue to improve on my treatment I have spent less time musing on the whys and wherefores.

However, a conversation with Alasdair Coles and a chance conversation elsewhere got me thinking again. The upshot of the conversation with Alasdair was that MS is actually a group of diseases, not just one. The other conversation forced me to revisit my investigations ...
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Hormone study

Here is study just released on the blockage of leptin, a hormone. "Shayk" since you are the "hormone" expert on the site, have you came across this particular hormone before?

Blocking Leptin Helps Halt And Heal Multiple Sclerosis
Category: Multiple Sclerosis News
Article Date: 13 Jan 2006 - 11am (UK)

Italian researchers have found that blockade of the hormone leptin, which is primarily produced in fats cells, has beneficial effects on the induction and progression ...
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I've forgotten I've got MS

MS has many symptoms which are seen in other conditions (tremors - Parkinsons, memory loss - Alzeimers). The following article suggests that demylination may be a feature of Alzeimers.


Breakdown of Myelin May Lead to Alzheimer's

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 4 (HealthDay News) -- A new study links the age-related breakdown of myelin, the fatty insulation coating brain cell connections, to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

The report by researchers at the University of California, Los ...
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Another cure

If there is a God I would really like to come back as a mouse with EAE in my next life. When the mouse goes to the mouse neurologist the latter can say 'you've got EAE, but don't worry we got 300 cures available (unlike those poor humans with their MS)'. This times it's Italian researchers and something called Leptin. We'll outside my knowledge base, but I wonder if statins have any role in regulating ...
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Sativex Broadcast tonight

To: Division Communications Managers

All Ontario Staff

Ontario Chapter/ Unit Chairs

Ontario Chapter Administrators

Ontario Directors of Research Advocacy

Communications Update Special Distribution List

CBC will be broadcasting a story on the MS drug Sativex.

Date: The date of broadcast is Wednesday, January 12th, 2006


CBC National TV: Canada Now with Ian Hanomansing, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
CBC Newsworld: in rotation, times unknown


Sativex, an MS drug derived from cannibis and used for neuropathic ...
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Suggestion for grouping discussion on research areas

Just an idea - for technical research discussions we might want to start some headers for topics of ongoing research, like infectious causes, mitochondrial dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction, metabolism issues, etc. Different people have different areas or research that they focus on, and it can get detailed. We are all working over different aspects of a very big elephant. So much get posted under "general discussion" and I can't remember the threads or where to go ...
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