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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

so hard....

It was one of the hardest thing I had to do in my life was to tell my 9 yr old he had MS tonight. It took me 5 days but I had to go ahead and explain to him, why he was having some of his problems and about starting treatment. He cried about the shots, and we talked about trying to make it easier. all the neat tips, Ive been learning about on ...
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why your CRAB?

trying to do research on the best CRAB, for my newly dx son. The DR. says we can help in the decision, but there are so many good and bad things about each one.

Please let me know what made you choose the one you use. And how do you feel about it. Side effects, the amount of times you use it. etc.

thank you.

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work and saying you have MS

Rather new to posting on this site, but have read it for a while. My question for everyone is: How many of you have told your employer about your illness? Did you find this to be beneficial or a mistake? Were they understanding, or not? Would you advise someone to say or not?
Thanks ahead of time for any answers...
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Calgary and Vit D

There is a lecture in Calgary next week about the lack of Vit D and health risks (including MS).
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DACLIZUMAB we go (and I better start dodging the rotten eggs that will be about to be thrown at me. But then again, I was on the mark with Tysabri last time, so maybe I'll come out of this one a little more unscathed.)


Ok, let's see how much about daclizumab (e.g. Zenapax) I can quickly fill you in on. I'll come from the basics (so forgive me if I'm telling you some things ...
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9 y.o dx w/ mS

Hi all, glad I found you guys. It has been so hard to find these sort of site for kids with MS.

Back in July, my son was put in the hospital for stomach problems. While there he started seeing double. 1st MRI was done and did show lesions. He then was sent to a childrens hospital. They then did a spinal tap and more labs. He then was DX w/ Encephamylitis(sp?) said possaible MS, ...
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Canada & the Netherlands

As mentioned to Bromley in another post, here is something I found today that supports the research being done in the Netherlands. The positive spin with this is that finding chemical agents (drugs - yes, desipramine being one of them) that will likely prove efficacious should be fairly easy. IF, as Bromley so rightly noted, we can get the researchers OFF of the immune system for a bit, and onto this area.

Here is a ...
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Bromley in a bad mood

One of the MS sites I check for info on new findings / treatments has a search engine which picks up references to MS in the world's newspapers (English speaking). Everyday there is an obituary but today three deaths were reported. The individuals were all in their 50s. It sort of hits home that despite the 'its not a death sentence', 'a near normal life span' etc that you see on the National websites - ...
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MS and viruses

Another day, another research paper, another theory about the cause of MS.

At least the poor old mouse hasn't been involved - they're now using monkeys. Couldn't they use convicts on death row for some of these experiments?
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