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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

anybody familiar with cryptovirus?

Century Pacific Financial Corp. Announces Position on Medical Breakthrough

September 22 - PRNewswire-FirstCall - ...Cryptic Afflictions, LLC has extensive U.S. and international patents pending and owns the intellectual property rights to a major and, heretofore, unrecognized human neuropathogen, an RNA virus designated-Cryptovirus. Substantial clinical and molecular evidence indicates that this virus is involved in the development of major neurological disorders including Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE); epilepsy of unknown cause.

This evidence includes ...
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Tracking LDN

I'm sure this maybe has been brought up before.
Those of you that are using LDN. Are your doctors, whether a General Practitioner or Neurologist tracking you progress.
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Pulling it all together

Dear all,

I've been using this site for over a month now and am amazed by the knowledge of the various contributors - I must admit that my main reason for logging on once (or more) a day is in the hope of news that either the cause or cure has been found.

There seems to be a new theory for the cause every day and an announcement about a new possible treatment. What concerns ...
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Dear all,

My first attack (no previous symptoms) coincided with a chest infection - I orginally thought the loss of feeling in my left arm / hand and my painful chest was all related. When the infection cleared up (with anti-biotics) the arm / hand problem remained and that's why I was referred to a neurologist. He said the chest infection was a red herring - I find it too coincidental.

Has anyone else had ...
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LDN Conference Date Change


First Annual LDN Conference Date Change

The planned date for an LDN Conference in New York City has changed from December 2004 to the Spring of 2005. The conference will most likely be scheduled for April. As soon as specific details have crystallized, the information will be posted on

Thought you would be interested.
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Aches and pains

I was diagnosed in May 2004 and am on no treatment at present. However, I'm getting fed up with stiffness and aches and pains (legs / arms / back etc) - particualrly in the morning. Does anyone know of anything that might help? My neurologist made no suggestions and didn't seem very bothered (do they have their hearts taken out at medical school?).

The other problem I have is sleep - I keep waking at ...
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IgA antibodies and MS

This is a very interesting excerpt. I have had ELISA testing for IgG and have no antibodies to gliadin and gluten. So I think I can discount it as having much of an affect on me. My IgG levels are on the low side of normal.

If, however, the we are looking at MS as a syndrome then one can speculate that this may be a trigger for some people. Coeliac disease can cause very ...
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some ideas for next neuro visit

Hello to everyone. My first time to ask a question here. I saw our family Dr. yesterday for results from last MRI of brain and it has not changed from one 6 months ago. Have had one MRI of spine and lumbar puncture, both OK, first MRI of brain showed two lesions but inconclusive for MS, (seems being 57 it could just be my older brain), overactive reflexes, dropped foot, muscle twitches, burning sensations, numbness, ...
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If you're interested in drug discovery and clinical trials

In light of some of the discussions going on here, I thought this might be relevant.

The link below is to an interesting blog by a chemist (PhD in chemistry) working for a pharmaceutical company (he sounds reasonable to me, but your bias sensors might be more perceptive than mine) in which he attempts to summarize some of the work that goes into developing a new drug. I don't understand the chemistry, but I found ...
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Antegren question

Antegren looks like the next big thing in MS treatment, but when is it likely to come to the market in the US (no doubt sufferers in the UK will have to wait a couple of years!)? Is it likely to be much better than the performance of the current drugs for modifying this disease (I've had one attack so am not eligible to start any ABC treatment)?

What else is in the pipeline - ...
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