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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

RRMS vs PPMS, diagnostic criteria

My apologies in advance, I never seem to contribute to these forums, only ask more questions but here goes.

I know there are short textbook explanations of difference between relapsing-remitting and primary progrssive forms of MS. But they leave me completely confused.

If anyone has been diagnosed as PPMS (or rediagnosed from RR to PP) can you please provide info on what exactly were both the criteria and the clinical syptoms and/or MRI results that ...
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Immune system

Dear all,

The attached article was on the BBC website today.

The drug is not currently used for MS but Dacluzimab which is also an anti-transplant rejection drug is in trial. The moral of the story is that while you can affect the immune system by using heavy duty drugs there is always a price to pay - in this story the price is skin cancer. We are now aware of bad side effects (including ...
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Don't go to the Cleveland Clinic for MS

Just had an appt. today at the "prestigious" Cleveland Clinic after recently being diagnosed with RRMS. Went to see Dr. Cohen who reviewed my MRI's, history, etc. and, as expected, confirmed the fact that I have MS. However, the Dr. wouldn't even entertain the idea of prescribing LDN and in fact became visibly agitated when I mentioned it. I am convinced that many neuros are simply drug pushers working for the drug companies. They tried ...
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Campath trial results

Dear all,

This should be in the Campath 1-H section but I thought it might be best to highlight it under general discussion. Campath looked very promising in terms of reducing relapse rates etc but initial trial data from the Phase II trial shows that there are very risky side-effects (wouldn't be MS if there wasn't!).

I went to see Dr Coles (based in Cambridge, England) to see if I could get on the trial. ...
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MS and the contraceptive pill

Dear all,

Another piece of research - apparently using the contraceptive pill cuts the risk of getting MS by half. What about doubling the dose - would it cut the risk altogether? What should men do?

I don't want to offend our Roman Catholic members but the risk of getting MS must be pretty high for nuns - no contraceptive pill and not much vitamin D (covered up in those black robes most of the ...
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Black holes

Dear all,

I'm not talking astronomy here - unfortunately, it's what this vile disease does to us. As usual bigger studies are called for (got to keep those researchers employed) and the interferons may have limited efficacy in terms of black holes (yet Biogen's revenue from Avonex last year topped $1 billion - do they offer refunds if it doesn't work?). The need for neuro-protection is called for (as ever).


Interferon does not affect ...
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Another research discovery

Another week, another 'discovery' with the promise of better treatments. If I had a £ ($) for every such discovery I'd be very rich!

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Fundraisers coming up soon

Accelerated Cure Project is hosting its 3rd Annual Golf event 9?36/05 at the prestigious Charter Oak Country Club. The cost to participate is $400 per person or $1500 for a foursome. Contact Sarah Nels at (781)487-0010

19 year old Carrie Bryant was diagnosed 6 weeks after her last Birthday and is having a fundraising walk 10/15/05 starting at Middlebury College in VT. For more info call Sarah Nels at (781)487-0010

Accelerated ...
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Omega 3 fatty acids and green tea

Dear all,

Omega 3 acids are reported to be crucial to the development and maintenance of the CNS. I recently discovered that you can now buy milk in the UK enriched with Omega 3 acids (one glass gives c.30% of RDA). The milk tastes like normal milk.

On a different issue - OddDuck who posted on this site always highlighted the benefits of green tea (such as reducing inflammation). I'm a big sceptic of such ...
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Hi, I haven't posted much on this website but I love browsing around. For those of you who don't know me I don't have MS but a very good friend of mine has chronic progressive, he is now bedridden, paralyzed from the neck down because of this disabling disease. He is fed through a tube into his jejunum (small intestine) and experiences extreme acid indigestion between the hours of 3-4 and 7-8 in the afternoon ...
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