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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Having surgery tomorrow, first since MS dx

Tomorrow morning I'm having a general anesthetic for throat surgery. I haven't had surgery since I developed MS, and I'm wondering if there's any reason to expect anything different. The NMSS site says it's no biggie, but I have sometimes found their advice lacking in the past.

I'd appreciate anything you guys would care to share regarding MS patients having surgery with a general anesthetic. If you had surgery since you developed MS, do you ...
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# of lesions = # of attacks?

in another thread i read that the number of brain lesions = the number of attacks a person has had. is that true? wow that is scary. :( i have 4 large ones and "too many to count" smaller ones. (those were the doc's words) do new symptoms always occur with each new attack? i often get these sharp, shooting pains in my head and within a ...
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Brain shrinkage

Dear all,

Article from BBC website (my pet subject and worst nightmare relating to MS is the brain atrophy issue). Is it MS that causes brain shrinkage or the pain with MS? Over to you OddDuck.

PS If anyone out there wants to swap arthritis / Crohns disease or a combination for my MS I'd be happy to oblige. I can cope with pain - it's the brain thing that does my head in (literally) ...
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In reference to previous discussion(s) in another thread regarding MS and cognition, I mentioned my own experience with cognitive decline (and the fact that it has now been totally reversed).

By happenstance, I ran across this abstract that mirrors my own experience and description of it! I found that rather serendipitous!

This may or may not be reassuring to you. Hopefully, it will be reassuring.

Any questions or comments, fire away, folks!! ...
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Antipsychotics treat brain virus

Here's an interesting BBC article about a drug that protects glial cells - the fatty sheath that covers nerve cells. Has anybody tried or thinking of trying it for MS?
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spinal tap

If you definitely have MS, but the spinal tap was negative, does it change the prognosis, or are you exactly the same as someone who returned a positive result?
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Coenzyme Q10 - Idebenone

Has anybody experience with Idebenone - or Mnesis (Takeda Chemicals) or whatever commercial name - ?
It looks promising, sort of better chemical variant of CoQ10 - with so called properties to protect the brain's myelin sheath.
I am a chemist, and both molecules look very similar in their anti-oxydant properties. Unfortunately I do not know anything about how slightly different chains in a molecule could affect processes in the body.

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Google Scholar beta

Google has a new search type: Google Scholar. You can reach it on the Google website by clicking on 'More'. It is a beta version so it will hiccup occassionally but it will give you more research article oriented results and less of the home remedies, junior's first grade science project website, etc. It is similar to what you might get with PubMed and MedLine in medical research libraries and institutions. This is important if ...
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The Sweats ::ick:::

I'm having night sweats and have had for some time. When you go look around at those 'diagnose thyself' websites... one usually finds - HIV (nope)... Menopause (very unlikely since I'm a guy)... blood sugar...and a few other unlikely maladies depending on the website...

Looking around in the MS areas I don't find too much either.... I did find on some discussion lists a few folks who had discussed with their doc but the doc ...
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Questions about Antegren? Post them here

This is MS has established a wonderful contact at Elan who is an MD researcher there. He has graciously offered to at least entertain, if not answer, our questions about Antegren (because they are a public company, there are certain questions that they simply cannot answer at this point...)

So.... please post questions you would like to ask Elan about Antegren in this thread, and when we have a critical mass, I will pass them ...
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