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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

My Husband is Newly Diagnosed

My husband was recently diagnosed with MS after years of suffering and not knowing what was causing this suffering. As his caregiver, I cannot seem to find much information.

What are our rights legally? How do we manage financially? Where can I go for support groups? I have so many questions and I don't know where to turn to find the answers. I was wondering what your stories were for when you or your loved ...
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T-Cell Research

Interesting research on T-cells that they tie into their drug under investigation (phase II), Neurovax.

The Immune Response Corporation and Oregon Health & Science University Collaboration Identifies FOXP3 as the Gene Marker for Impaired Immune Regulation in Multiple Sclerosis
Results May Lead To a New Therapeutic Approach to Treating MS

June 14, 2005 -- The Immune Response Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to becoming a leading immune-based therapy company in HIV and multiple sclerosis (MS), ...
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Dear all,

Attached is a summary of a research project involving cyclophosphamide. The results appear impressive - reduction in EDSS and a claim that the combination treatment has halted progression (only time will tell).

Does anyone know anything more about cyclophosphamide? Know anyone who has received it as treatment for MS?

There seems to be an almost limitless amount of drugs that are currently being trialled. But many ...
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The Myelin Repair Foundation makes progress

Interesting that interferon-gamma plays a role in two of their findings...

Scientists Identify Molecular ''Switches'' Affecting Myelin Repair in Multiple Sclerosis

Business Wire -- June 14, 2005 -- The Myelin Repair Foundation today announced that its collaboration of five of the world's leading neuroscientists has identified three new "switches," or signals, operating in the brain and spinal column that appear to turn on and off the nerve cell's ability to repair myelin. Myelin is the ...
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Anyone familiar w/Klenner's therapy regimen?

It looks very involved. I'm wondering if anyone's tried it, and/or if there has been any research here.

-- Paul
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New brain cells

Dear all,

It's early days but given that our brains shrink with MS we may be grateful in the future for a top up of brain cells.

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Especially useful, non-obvious devices!

Hello All!

I'm trying to compile a list of all the devices that people w/MS are finding useful for mobility, daily living, exercise, etc.

This started as an attempt to figure out if an electrical stimulation device might be good for exercising legs and/or mobility, but then I started seeing pulsed magnetic therapy devices marketed at people w/MS.

Is anyone having success with FES/electrical stimulation devices? If so, which ones, and what kind of results. ...
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Ranking US Clinics?

I've got a question, which is, has anyone seen any kind of ranking of MS Clinics in the US, in terms of their diagnostic services, research programs, integration of client care etc.

I know that US News and World Report does a much quoted ranking of hospitals in US...but of course it doesn't deal at clinic level.

Any information will be welcome.
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MS, Depression and Anti-Depressants

Wondering how many folks out there are taking antidepressants, whether depression seemed to be the result of MS diagnosis or otherwise.

I have struggled with dysthemia, characterized as chronic mild depression, for years. Attempted to fight it without medication with mixed results. When I got optic neuritis last December and did steroid treatment, I went through a period of elation followed by crushing, debilitating depression. Could have been the steroids, but I don't think so. ...
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Cannabis derivative refused licence in UK

The Guardian is reporting today:

Cannabis spray for MS patients refused licence

... there had been great expectations of the medicine, produced as a nasal spray called Sativex, which had been undergoing trials for several years.

But the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority announced that the licence application to treat spasticity filed by GW Pharmaceuticals, which designed and manufactured the drug, had been turned down on appeal. The MHRA said there was not enough ...
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