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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Meery Xmas and Happy New Year

This is probably my last chance to login before the break so here's wishing a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all. Thanks for the interesting, itelligent and thought-provoking reading you've all given me this year - look forward to more in '06.
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Categorizing pain?

From reading this forum, I understand that nobody's MS is the same and perhaps I am still in partial denial of my DX. I believe that the numbness and tingling I have in my hands and arms are attributed to MS. Sometimes they will ache also. I have tingling and numbness in my feet. I have had deep aching in my lower legs, occasional cramping in my feet. I attribute this to MS. I cannot ...
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Unraveling how brain insulation is damaged

Here's an interesting article I just ran across. ... 51221.html

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Immunology Database

Interesting effort from an unexpected source...

Northrop Grumman, UT Southwestern Build Biodefense Resources

December 21, 2005 - Fighting bioterrorism and infectious disease is not part of the usual IT job description. But Northrop Grumman’s IT sector routinely moves beyond the usual, having garnered two multimillion-dollar bioinformatics development contracts since 2004.

ImmPort, Immunology Database and Analysis Portal, is the result of a six-year, $29.6 million contract awarded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ...
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pins & needles

new symptom appeared today... pins & needles on right hand and arm up to elbow. read this is a common symptom of ms. just never had it before anyone else having this? my right leg and back have been the problem areas. so now my right arm? also been having bad cramping of both feet. could it be the cold weather bringing out these new surprises? linda
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Stem Cells

Dear all,

Stem cells are often suggested as being a potential future treatment for MS. One of the UK's leading experts (MS and stem cells is Professor Neil Scolding). The UK MS Society recently held a question and answer session with Professor Scolding - see link below. My questions are under the name Bickley.

Hope it is of interest. ... _id=101215

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Alcohol and Chocolate are good for you :}

Heres a good short article on how not to believe all you read:

A wee dram cuts obesity risk? It's not that simple

Ben Goldacre
Saturday December 17, 2005
The Guardian

Christmas is a time for pedantic family disputes, and newspaper stories about how alcohol and chocolate are good for you. This week, the Daily Mail reported on a scientific study which reported an observation from survey data: that people who drink alcohol in moderation ...
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Vitamin D

Vitamin D could play a role in keeping the lungs healthy, research suggests.
Patients with higher vitamin D levels in their blood had significantly better lung function, a University of Auckland team found in a study of 14,091 people.

The difference between the two was more marked than that between smokers and those who had quit, the study published in the journal Chest said.

Dietary supplements could boost lung function, the team suggested, but they ...
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Infectious cause

Dear all,

As many of you are aware (I've bored you to death), I'm a big believer
that MS is caused / or triggered by a virus (or other infectious agent). EVB is my prime suspect, mainly because I had Glandular Fever quite badly at 15 (the only teenage / adult illness I had). My first MS attack came out of the blue at 39.

The so called outbreaks of MS also point to an ...
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Human Epigenome Project

Another international genetics effort brewing that has implications for MS research.

Forget mutations: geneticists are hunting for subtler changes to DNA.

December 16, 2005 - Nature - Geneticists are brewing plans for a collective effort, loosely patterned on the Human Genome Project, that would map subtle changes in DNA. Some say that these changes are just as important to our understanding of disease as straight mutations.

As many as half of the genetic alterations that ...
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