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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

transverse myelitis

My wife was dignosed with MS 6 years ago. Her sister was diagnosed with MS two years ago, but has recently been re-diagnosed as having transverse myelitis. A quick online review of TM makes me wonder how Doctors can reliably distinguish between the two. So, maybe my wife also has TM instead of MS. Anyone have some knowledge on this question of differentiation?
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Axon Regeneration and Polyamines

Not long ago, in another thread (link below), we talked about axonal regeneration:

<shortened url>

The thought is it takes not only growth factors and neurotrophins, but ALSO an elevation in cAMP at the same time in order for CNS regeneration to result.

I propose to go one step farther (based on prior research of mine). If you can also block PKC activity, inhibit Nogo-A/NgR (which is a protein that has been found to ...
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Gray Matter, Progressive MS, & Better Imaging

Here is something that combines what we have discussed before (gray matter changes in MS) and correlates it directly to progressive MS. Interestingly enough, this recent study also supports one of my (many) recent complaints about the antiquated testing and disease progress imaging procedures that are still in common use today, when there are many other testing and imaging procedures that if put into practice would prove to be more efficient, etc.

In a nutshell, ...
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Cool Multiple Sclerosis Yahoo Group


Check out this yahoo group if you have not already. They post numerous polls regarding MS which are quite interesting! For members
with MS only. They welcome suggestions for new polls as well. The more votes on the polls the more meaningful the results. 8O

Here is the link. ... rosispolls

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The Physiome Project

Interesting look at a way to possibly eliminate the need for clinical trials one day.

The Doctor Will See Your Prototype Now
How super-accurate sims can test the effects of drugs on patients.

February 2005 - Wired

To Peter Hunter, the future of medicine looks like this: You visit your doctor after weeks of feeling fatigued and lethargic. She takes a blood sample, records your DNA profile, does a quick CT body scan, then uploads ...
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Tailored MS Treatment (& more on interferons)

We have talked many times in the past about "tailored" treatment of MS, when referring to influencing the cytokines (immune system response), and which ones you want to try to influence and how.

We also today (in another thread) have mentioned the HPA axis hyperactivity in MS.

To recap, some of the main points regarding influencing specific cytokines and the immune system in MS, what has been found is that you want to control NK ...
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HPA Axis and MS

Here is something new and interesting (at least I don't recall having seen it before).


Dysregulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis is related to the clinical course of MS

F. Then Bergh, MD, T. Kümpfel, MD, C. Trenkwalder, MD, R. Rupprecht, MD and F. Holsboer, MD, PhD

From the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Neurology, Muenchen, Germany.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. Florian Then Bergh, ...
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New Statins forum

By request, we've added a forum dedicated to statins. Statins, found in cholesterol drugs like Lipitor, have been shown in early clinical trials to have a beneficial effect on MS-- but in a much higher dose than is normally used for cholesterol reduction.

It would be great if those of you using statins would post your experience for the benefit of the others. ... forum&f=33

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Uric acid and inosine


There seems to be quite some evidence that uric acid levels in MS patients are lower than in healthy people, leaving us unprotected to oxidants. The following links give some background:

In my case I find this specifically interesting because I'm diagnosed with a heavy metal poisoning which could drastically increase the number of oxidants in my body. Has any of you been tested on heavy metal poisoning?

I consider ...
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was wondering why it is recommended to NOT take zinc if you have MS?
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