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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Damage found in 'normal' brain tissue

Contact: Heather Babiar
Radiological Society of North America

Multiple sclerosis damage found in 'normal' brain tissue

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- The effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) extend beyond visibly affected areas into large portions of the brain that outwardly appear normal, according to a study appearing in the September issue of Radiology.

"This disease process in the normal-appearing brain tissue affects the brain globally and has substantial clinical ...
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Why me?

I often ask myself the why me question - of course the answer is genes and some bad luck coming in contact with the environmental trigger (or perhaps it was God punishing me for laughing at the girl with cerebral palsy at infants school, which seems a bit harsh as Hitler never got a neurological disease!).

Anyway, here is a booklet on genetics for boring nerds like me. Might be handy for those who suffer ...
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Oxygen Deprived Brain Repair?

This article has some implications with MS.

Howard Florey Institute, University of Melbourne
August 26, 2006

Oxygen Deprived Brains Repaired And Saved

Scientists from Melbourne's Howard Florey Institute have found special proteins that protect the brain after it has been damaged by a lack of oxygen, which occurs in conditions such as stroke, perinatal asphyxia, near-drowning and traumatic brain injury.

Dr Nicole Jones and her team discovered that during oxygen deprivation, or 'hypoxia', these proteins ...
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medical malpractice

A trial is scheduled to begin in the very near future in which my wife and I are suing a neurologist for failure to timely diagnose and treat her MS. Does anyone have experience in such a matter?
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DMDs are crap

I wondered why HarryZ had gone quiet. It looks as if he is now working for the Sunday Mirror.

For non-UK citizens, NHS is the National Health Service - the health system in the UK which is funded by taxation and is free at the point of delivery.
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Tovaxin II b Clinical Trial

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I found this particularly interesting since my neurologist said stress played no part in relapses. I have to admit though that reading these Pub Med articles sometimes make me feel like they are written in another language. You think they are proving one point only to state something different at the end. Maybe I should have stayed in college :D

Relationship between stress and relapse in ...
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Headaches and Interferons

Yet another thing to look forward to :D

Interferon treatment may trigger primary headaches in multiple sclerosis patients.

La Mantia L, D'Amico D, Rigamonti A, Mascoli N, Bussone G, Milanese C.

MS Center, C. Besta National Neurological Institute, Milan, 20133, Italy.

Recent data have suggested that interferon-beta (IFN-beta) may aggravate headaches in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. The aim of this ...
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Progression vs symptom relief

The posted slide show about cannabinoids raised a question I've had for a while.

I note that in discussion of, say, statins, a number of people report seeing improvements rather quickly. Same with supplements, people report VitD etc has made a real difference and they feel worse if they miss a few days.

I am, in fact, one of these people. But while symptom relief is obviously a good thing, it doesn't mean that progression ...
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Cannabinoid Research Info

Hi all

Here's a clever (IMO) and understandable presentation (pdf) on some of the research about marijuana and MS from the MS Care Conference in June.

The Present: Marijuana, Cannabinoids and MS by Claude Vaney, M.D.

Whether or not it's neuroprotective seems to be one of the outstanding questions. That would be nice. :)

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