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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.


Neuro-degeneration is a key feature of MS, although as discussed on another thread it's not clear whether it come before the immune system involvement or after. Protecting our nerves must be a key objective (rather than just tinkering with the immune system). An advance in relation to neuro-protection was recently reported. ... W6035.html
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Myelin in multiple sclerosis is developmentally immature

The etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) is considered to involve genetic, environmental, infective, and immunological factors which affect the integrity of a normally assembled myelin sheath, either directly or indirectly resulting in demyelination. In a correlative study involving protein chemical, mass spectrometric, and electron microscopic techniques we have determined that myelin obtained from victims of MS is arrested at the level of the first growth spurt (within the first 6 yr of life) and is ...
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Re-myelination and data sharing between scientists

Interesting article from today's WSJ. Cheers!

In Switch, Scientists
Share Data to Develop
Useful Drug Therapies
January 20, 2006; Page A9

Brian Popko makes mice in varieties that nature hasn't gotten around to. He makes mice missing a gene or with an added gene, mice with cells that glow or that get the rodent version of a human disease. Usually, the University of Chicago molecular geneticist decides which mice to create based on his own ...
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Something for progressive patients at last?

Regaining EDSS points after only 18 days of treatment! I wonder which hormone the steroid triamcinolone acetonide represents. ... med_docsum

It may only be symptomatic relief rather than disease modifying but it still sounds like good news.

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Link betweeen MS and Krabbe disease?

Here is a recent abstract (below) about an inherited disease caused by an enzyme deficiency, called Krabbe disease. Krabbe disease is a devastating disease that is usually shows up in infancy. It is autosomal recessive, meaning both parents have to carry the mutation. It is a demyelinating disease. It is a case report about a baby with Krabbe that cropped up in a family with several MS cases. The authors suggest that possible "MS coinheritances" ...
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Metals book

Book on metals and neuro-degeneration (incldes MS).

I love the way the blurb describes this book as 'exciting'. I don't think it will frighten the pants of Jackie Collins.
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Holiday season

After the ACTRIMS / ECTRIMS vacation to Greece (did anything really come out of it?), MS neuros around the world must be licking their lips as the big one nears - major conference in Australia. As usual, promises of prevention, stopping progression etc. If we all donated a $1 each we could send Arron along as a reward for all his good efforts.
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Possible Fibromyalgia

Happy New Year to everyone.
Deb, sorry to bother you with this but you are the obvious expert on this topic, anyone else is free to answer as well. Since October 2005 I have suffered with balance problems, stiffness, irritable bowel.headaches and most importantly severe myofasial pain. I've had these same symptoms off and on since I was dx in April 2004. However, they have gotten worse in both years in the fall. Every medicine ...
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More on progression

Another research article on progression.

While these sorts of articles frighten the pants off me, at least the researchers (after 50 years) are starting to wake up to the fact that this disease is much more than inflammation. It is only when we start to really understand the underlying mechanisms that any real progress will be seen.
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We start a discussion on MS being possibly a collection of different diseases and then researchers publish an article suggesting that progression in the various sub-types has common features etc. It also suggests (from my understanding) that there is an underlying mechanism distinct from the immune sytem involvement / damage. As usual no insights into how this underlying mechanism could be halted.

It does pander to my real fear that even if you stopped the ...
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