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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Totally emotional

I am speechless!

My employer, and the intenational employees have just donated £1500 towards my Marathon attempt.

I have had to raise my total expected now to £5000!


To say that the "emotional lability" had kicked in would be an understatement! Stupid MS symptom in a man I think,,,,,,,,

squiffs :P
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Beware of the "Marshall Protocol" of which you can find out more in the Antibiotics forum, so I won't repeat it here.

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can someone help translate this into English?

I can recognize when I am over my head! Please help me understand this:

Antibodies against OspA epitopes of Borrelia burgdorferi cross-react with neural tissue ... 9ebac2011e

Neurological sequela of chronic Lyme disease include
encephalopathy, myelopathy and peripheral neuropathy.
These have generally been attributed to either persistent infection
or pathogen-induced autoimmunity. In this study, we investigated
the presence of cross-reactive human neural epitopes that share
amino acid sequences ...
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Larry King Show on MS

Did anyone record the Larry King show on Monday, January 17th, which was all about M.S.? I didn't and would like to geet a copy of it.

Also, I just got the first treatment of Tysabri this week, so will keep you all posted. So far, so good!
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London Marathon Blog

Just to let you guys now, I have set up a Marathon Blog for my Marathon training.:O) ... rathon.htm

So if you want to keep up to date with my tribulations on the way to the Mall on April 17th, here is where you'll read it first, oh and if you feel like giving some monetary encouragement, there is a link to my JustGiving page in aid of ...
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Boston Cure ... interviews

Interesting article on LDN clinical trials

Hope everyone is well!!

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MS and siblings

Dear all,

Another piece of research attached. This time they conclude that the risk of ms is reduced if you have lots of younger siblings.

Again, one has to wonder what use this is to those who have ms. Given other research findings you really don't want to be a female, born in May and a single child! (although I am male, born in March and have a twin sister)


HAVING lots of younger ...
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Trial funding

Shall we put our heads together and brainstorm ways that funding can be found for trials that are meaningful to the MS community but not necessarily for the big pharma companies? We currently have these big pharmas funding a trail of rebif vs. copaxone (<sarcasm>so that we can find out that one is 30.13% effective and the other is 30.12% effective</sarcasm>). Who cares!!!??? What about trials for antibiotics, LDN, and so many others? Yes, I ...
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Something to think about

Professor Janet Polivy at Department of Psychology, University of Toronto has developed a theory about False Hope Syndrome which she has applied to those faddy diets one sees in magazines and cheap TV programmes.
People appear to behave paradoxically, by persisting in repeated self-change attempts despite previous failures. It is argued, though, that self-change attempts provide some initial rewards even when unsuccessful. Feelings of control and optimism often accompany the early stages of self-modification efforts. ...
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LDN Survey Form

Well, we made it to the 200 mark, many thanks to you all, it is very much appreciated by all in The Trust. The results should appear on the Trust site later today. :D

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