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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

SSA wants comments on neuro disability evaluation

The social security administration emailed the Accelerated Cure Project (among others) asking for comments on a proposed rule change regarding the evaluation of people with neurological disabilities (such as MS) for receiving disability support. I've got the links to the relevant pages set up here: ... ode=nested

Let your voice be heard!
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Re-educating the immune system - research in diabetes


Has anyone looked into the research by Dr. Denise Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) regarding their new approach to diabetes?

I first found out about it here:

In short they are examining a method of re-training an immune system to stop attacking it's own cells.

Apparently, if proven correct, their findings may have huge implications for other autoimmune diseases such as MS. The research looks promising.

Kind regards.

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cannabis spray ... 9/wpot0419 Cannabis spray gets go-ahead
From the wow,man what a buzz dept.

anyone tried it?
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I did it!

Well, the Marathon is over and I did it! :O)

Came in at 6:32:52 so was just under three minutes outside my target time!

To prove it, see my medal here : ... obdone.jpg

To say I am sore and stiff today would be an understatement! think my crutches will need another "retread" now :O)

The money is still rolling in to my justgiving page and the current ...
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Can MS lead to Alzheimers or are they associated in any way?

I saw a program on TV today, and they showed the brain of a Alzheimers victom. The plaque and lesions showed in the Alzheimers patient seemed to resemble what showed up in my MRI. And of course, I was diagonosed with MS. I realize the diagnoses is based on the Dr's findings in the many office visits, as well as the MRI. Yet, it was scary to hear the same type of MRI key words ...
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more symptoms when ill with something else

I'm undx but probable. Just saw Neuro for 6 month check and I was the best since starting all this in June 2003. Was beginning to think maybe not MS because walking close to normal for a month and not much need of a stick. Still does not say anything but neurological and looks to be slow progressing. He would be very surprised if it started to progress more quickly and no need to look ...
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1 day to go to the Marathon

and the butterflies have started! :O)

My £10,000 mark blue hair went down a treat on the train up to London this am, even got a seat, guess they all thought I was a nutter :O)

On the way home it proved useful in extracting sponsor money off a very nice businessman who made the mistake of asking me why I had blue hair......I explained that I was doing the marathon blah blah, and at ...
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New Research Grants

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a new list of recently funded research projects (spring2005) appearing on their site. Link to the actual paper:

I didn't read through the whole paper but the general idea I got was......... lots of very specific research (too focused).

If this has already appeared here, I apologize, I must have missed it.

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I nearly missed it ...

MS Week: 10th - 17th April 2005

Yes this week is MS Week in the UK. I'm not housebound, I do watch the TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers and the net but I've seen doodley-squat of this anywhere except on the UK MS Soc website.

I gave a pluadit today to the MS Soc ( but the MS Week initiative seems to me to be pathetic. Anyone else from the ...
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Advice needed

I was diagnosed 13 years ago with mobility is limited and I use a cane to get around. My neuro and physical therapist felt that a scooter would be benefical for my daily living/social health insurance has a denied a pre-authorization submitted by a DME company, their reason being that the scooter "is a transportation devise. It does not treat an illness nor serve a medical purpose. It is useful to a person ...
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