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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Today mice, tomorrow humans?

I love stuff like this.

Mouse brain simulated on computer

BBC -- US researchers have simulated half a virtual mouse brain on a supercomputer.

The scientists ran a "cortical simulator" that was as big and as complex as half of a mouse brain on the BlueGene L supercomputer.

In other smaller simulations the researchers say they have seen characteristics of thought patterns observed in real mouse brains.

Now the team is tuning the simulation to ...
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Change in MS ratio

The different rates of MS in men and women has always seemed to me to contain important clues about the origin of the disease. That ratio has changed dramatically over the years, and the difference has become even more pronounced, so maybe the clues might become a little bit more obvious:

Contact: Angela Babb <>
American Academy of Neurology <>
Over time, more women are developing MS than ...
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Stem cells and scar tissue

My optimism about regenerative medicine has always been tempered by one thing: the presence of scar tissue at the site of any damage more than a few weeks or months old. Although his article is about transplanting retinal tissue, it also points out that stem cells can break through this barrier with the help of MMP-2.

Contact: Patti Jacobs <>
Schepens Eye Research Institute <>
Scientists identify key ...
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Lizzie Takes A Dive - 2 days to go!

It is now just 2 days (29/04/07) until one of our Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre's Message Boaders,
the young and, dare I say it, stunning(!) Lizzie throws herself out of a plane all to help the MSRC!


So please spread the word and get the pennies rolling in to support this
mad, mad but ultimately lovely lady who will be leaving her wheelchair behind to savour
the ultimate thrill (unless the chute doesn't open!) ...
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Boston Neurology Conference

hi all,

while perusing online, i came across some info from the American Academy of Neurology conference starting in a day or two...there's a lot of info there about a lot of just needs to sort through all of it...first, here is a link to the abstracts presented at the meeting... ... 2007-05-01

next, here's a link to the posters presented at the conference during the meeting...i ...
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multiple sclerosis: One virus, one disease

I know some people in this site would find this article interesting because the authors raise the possibility that MS might be initiated by or even driven by a virus which we can't identify because we haven't been able to successfully culture it.

I found it interesting because they raise the possibility that relapse and remission might be caused by waxing and waning attacks by the unidentified virus. I'm not saying that's the only possible ...
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VOICES UNITE -- 1,500 down...8,500 to go!

Two months ago, I launched a grassroots initiative to change the way Social Security Disability benefits are awarded to victims of MS and other chronically disabling illnesses.

My goal is to gather 10,000 signatures within the next year in order to establish credibility at the federal level. I am also in the process of forming a coalition panel of various chronic illness organization leaders, physicians, "celebrities," and patients who have experienced the shortfalls of our ...
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Important new weapon against aggressive MS

New Weapon against Multiple Sclerosis
22 Apr 2007 11:23:00

A new breakthrough medicine getting multiple sclerosis sufferers’ hopes up has worked its way through the market since early April. The new medicine promises to reduce deterioration by 54% and slow the annual relapse rates by 68% in two years’ time. Injected and administered once a month, all pension funds cover its cost.

In particular, the new medicine contains a really effective and drastic compound that, ...
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Protein research - looks promising

There's quite a lot of protein work being undertaken in various labs. This looks promising as it's about protecting nerves,


Deactivating protein may protect nerve fibres in MS 24 April 2007

OHSU findings could lead to first drug to treat progressive, disabling form of disease.

Oregon Health & Science University neuroscientists are eyeing a protein as a potential therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis because de-activating it protects nerve fibers from damage.

OHSU researchers, ...
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Allen Brain Atlas

I don't know if the Allen Brain Atlas has been mentioned before on ThisIsMS but check out these links: ... 00122.html;jse ... FD36A2A115

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