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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

lawsuit and MS

i'm loking for caselaw abiout persons with ms who have sued employers under ADA. (especially public safety people fire,police and EMS)


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medical malpractice

Is anyone aware of a successful medical malpractice action against a neurologist for failure to timely diagnose and treat multiple sclerosis?
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Interesting blog about antidepressants and neuronal repair

This blog is interesting...and seems to be right up Deb's alley...

March 09, 2005
Rewiring the Brain?

Just how do antidepressant drugs work? The answer you get (and the confidence with which it's delivered) will vary according to the experience of the person giving it: the more experienced and knowledgeable they are, the more tentative and uncertain the answer. I worked on central nervous system drugs for eight years, and I can confidently state that ...
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Cladribine (Mylinax)

From what I can tell, Serono is about to put cladribine (called Mylinax) into phase III clinical trials for treatment of multiple sclerosis.

For those who are interested in becoming participants in the trial, (you know me), I just wanted to issue another short and quick "caution" is all.

Just research carefully.

Remember, it is thought by some that the EBV virus is or may be contributory ITSELF to causation of MS. Let me post ...
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Hi All -

I've been wondering about remyelination and thinking that some of you might have some insights. I am particularly interested now because my latest MRIs showed a decrease in lesion load. I was not on any conventional medication that could have contributed to that outcome (and given issues with my liver and the Tysabri mess, it seems unlikely I will be any time soon). I understand that spontaneous myelin repair is not unheard ...
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Saw my first commercial

Today, March 9th, 2005 I saw for the first time, a Multiple Sclerosis Awareness walk-a-thon commercial! 9 days into the month!

The thing that gets me is that Breast Cancer advertisements run every other commercial! I have no quarrels with Breast Cancer and I applaud the way they advertise to make people aware of it and of their fund raising efforts!

I do not think MS gets the attention it deserves! And it affects a ...
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Standard of Care

Trudy brought up an interesting perspective in another thread regarding the medical profession itself contributing (even if inadvertantly) to adjustment or adverse emotions for MS patients.

That brought to mind that perhaps some people might not be completely aware of what kind of treatment they can and in my opinion, should expect from their medical care professionals, as a minimum.

I thought I would just post some items from the American Medical Association. I will ...
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The "Human Interest" Side of MS Desperation

The "human interest" side of this whole Tysabri thing is fascinating (and somewhat troubling).

Tysabri was approved for mild or RRMS, not any type of progressive MS (which progressive types don't usually involve inflammation anyway). We have now gotten "indication", not proof yet, but definite "indication" that Tysabri may be a little risky.

Ok, people with mild or RRMS are showing themselves (at least to me) to be extremely more "desperate" than is rational given ...
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One more favour to ask

Some of you may know that in the week before the London Marathon there is the Flora London Marathon Exhibition at the Excel Centre in Docklands from 13th to the 16th April.

Here all Marathon runners register and pick up their running numbers and "chips" for their shoes.

Also there is a massive exhibition by all the sportswear companies, charities etc.

The MRSC have a stall at this Exhibition, and they have a prime position. ...
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The new me :O)


Oh, and the total has gone up quite dramatcally:O)

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I have 6 weeks left to raise that total to the aimed for £15,000, so please spread the word!

squiffs :O)
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