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If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.

Exercise and MS?

I am considering buying a treadmill for exercise purposes. My rationale being that if I regularly exercise walking the brain will form new axonal connections and my ability to walk will increase. It also has the added benefit of handrails for when things get a bit wobbly :lol:

However a motorised treadmill is a reasonably substantial investment. As such I wondered if anyone had any experience of ...
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Lies, damn lies and statistics

Dear all,

Having this disease is a nightmare, but almost as bad (but not quite) is the quality of the information / data on this disease. Let me give a few examples:

- Many websites (e.g. of national societies) often say that by ten years after dx, 50% of RR ms sufferers move to Secondary Progressive (should this be regressive -progressive sounds like improvement?). On first reading, I assumed that the other 50% always stay ...
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Lesion load / auto-immune theory

Dear all,

Many MS treatments refer to the effectiveness they have on reducing the 'lesion load'. In the case of Antegren, the speculation is that the effect might be much higher than current treatments. What does this term mean? Having less lesions (I assume) is a good thing and would result in less damage to the myelin and the underlying nerve cells. I assume that having less lesions would also allow the body to deal ...
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I've noticed several lawyer commercials on tv proposing a link between MS and the acne drug Accutane. I took this drug for about two years. I was just wondering if anyone else had taken this drug or had heard of a possible link. I did a search and only found more law firms proposing a link between Accutane and Crohn's and lupus, but not MS. I am not sure if there is anything to the ...
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MORE ON DESIPRAMINE (ceramide, bdnf, sodium density)

Hi, folks. Well, it has been a while since I’ve promoted the testing of desipramine for MS, and another thread this morning got me thinking I should check to see if anything new has come out lately, and sure enough. Here’s what I found.

We all are aware of how it is believed that ceramide plays a role in MS. The hypothesis is that you ideally would want to inhibit ceramide. Well, read this. We’ll ...
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Drug reps on Antegran

The following website has been reported as one used by various drug company sales reps. Read the various posts, ensuring that you go beyond the first page to the following pages of messages.

The one comment about Antegren losing effect after 18 months is quite astounding. You'll have to make your own conclusions.

Harry ... e=0#262902
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MS Historical, Regional and Suspected Causes.

Very interesting reading with an overview on many different suspected causes and regional MS informaton, and historical references:

Areas covered:

Disease Associations
Laboratory/Radiologic/Other Diagnostic Testing
Gross Appearance and Clinical Variants
Histopathological Features and Variants
Prognosis and Treatment ... _sclerosis.
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Flu Jab

Just wondering how many of us MSer's have had the anti flu jab and for how long? :?:

The reasons being is that I first started having the flu jab about 11years ago and have had the jab every year through work. I was diagnosed with PPMS in 1995 and I've only just found out that in most of these flu jabs there is a preservative and ...
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Blood Brain Barrier

Dear all,

Many articles I read make reference to the Blood Brain Barrier. Could somewhere explain (in simple speak) what this is and where it is? I assumed there was blood in the brain.

Another question - does anyone know what changes ms from relapsing remitting to secondary progressive? How does one know when the change has taken place? Does secondary progressive equate to primary progressive (but the sufferers of the latter by-pass the RR ...
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