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A forum to post questions, answers and discussion about general medications not specifically for multiple sclerosis, such as prednisone, painkillers, etc.


Has anyone on this board tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help heal their symptoms of MS that haven't gone away on their own? I have been doing some research online and have found that many people, especially in the UK, routinely use HBOT to help their MS symtpoms. It also seems as though HBOT has significantly helped many MSers that have bladder problems. I really only want to try the HBOT treatments that are done ...
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Can THC pills help with spasticity?

I don't think my Neuro is comortable with prescribing Sativex, but I have heard that Marinol helps some people with spasticity problems. I'm anxious to know if it has helped anyone here.
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Concerning pain medications...

Does anybody have any thoughts on pain medications? I'm just curious as to which ones work best. My 300mg x 3 a day of gabapentin used to work, but the pain's getting a lot worse, and it's taking more and more, and now I'm up to 600 mg x 3 a day, and the pain still leaks through sometimes.

Is there anything anybody could suggest? A friend I met awhile back in one of the ...
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My doctors prescribed me 1250mg of Predisone?

Does that seem right to you? It's a particularly bad exacerbation: I can barely see, I can barely move my legs, I can barely feel my hands and legs except for some excruciating burning, a few others. My usual exacerbation is pretty bad, and the two times I've had MRI's done during them, they've shown 'HUGE' round lesions according to my doctors and radiologists. The leg pain is persistent though, and it never really stopped, ...
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Drugs to help an over active bladder,which is most effective


I took Tolterodine xl 4mg for 2 months with a slight improvement in frequency, but have been taking Trospium 60mg for the past 3 weeks with significant improvements.

taking no medication would pass urine every 2-2.5hours
on Tolterodine would pass urine every 2.5-3.5 hours
on Trospium pass urine every 3-5.5 hours

I was wondering which bladder drugs others found most successful?

Also my doctor said as the nervous system is involved in the bladder ...
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detrol. side effects

Constipation bc I take 4 a day,, water, fibre doesn't do the trick Senokot S does but I worry, i've read can't use it too much. Does any one take this in order to go?
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Searching....for anyone with any experience taking IVIG - intravenous immunoglobulin. It's a blood product extracted from the plasma of donors and administered intravenously as a plasma protein replacement therapy for immune deifcient patients. It's FDA approved but not specifically for MS. It has been suggested as a possible therapy for my wife who is 2 1/2 years dx PPMS. AV & COP have been of no help.

Any experiences out there???

Brad in Sarasota
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HYDRALAZINE - Blood pressure drugs - MS

My doctor put me on another blood pressure drug to control my high blood pressure.

I was going to complain that I was already taking 4 other blood pressure meds and that maybe I did not need another one.

So I checked out the new one HYDRALAZINE. Results was a BIG surprise!!!

Since I am taking the HYDRALAZINE 100 mg THREE TIMES a day I feel that I might well get this "other" unexpected MS ...
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anyone been given this?

i urinate waaaay too much at night, which makes me extremely tired all day (which i urinate constantly then too)
I get up 4-5 am, go,and attempt to sleep 7-8 pm, but i'm up all night and this med is supposed to stop nighttime urination, but i haven't noticed a decrease, seem almost an increase
i'm so fatigued
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Methotrexate or Azathioprine?

As I have not been able to tollerate any of the first line DMD treatments (Interferons or Copaxone) my neuro has suggested that I try either Methotrexate or Azathioprine. They both seem to have pros and cons. . . the pros being tablet form, possible anti-inflammatory properties and fairly low day to day side effects (i am ultra side effect effect sensitive), but of course they both put strain on your liver (methotrexate a bit ...
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