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A board where people can laugh about their day to day experiences with MS, to combat some of the stress that goes with this illness.

Happy Earth Day - April 22

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Modern ghost stories

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Earth revolves around the sun? 1 in 4 Americans say nope.

A National Science Foundation survey offers a sobering reflection of knowledge in today's all-knowing world. Many people really do believe the sun circles the Earth. And more than half don't know that humans evolved from animals. ... -say-nope/
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Messy (MS-y, get it?)

I do have a problem deflecting my fears or discomfort with humor...but when someone asks me how I'm feeling, sometimes I like to say "Oh, just a little messy! MS-y, get it? Get it?!" I've found it's a good way to tell the truth without complaining about every single symptom (as I am sometimes tempted to do.)

On Facebook once I posted a picture that said, "I'm not drunk; I have MS." I thought it ...
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Loving Kids' Curiosity!

This isn't so much humorous as sweet, but one of the positive experiences I've had is with children. They want to know why I am in a wheelchair; they try it out and I show them how to propel themselves, or I let them ride on my lap, or let them push me. They want to know how I use my walker, they admire the designs on my cane, they ask if it hurts.

At ...
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I sometimes just laugh at myself :)

I have a story to share with you... just after I was diagnosed (two years) and of course thinking about MS all the time I woke up one morning and at the second I opened my eyes there was a flash of bright light (in the middle of winter). Through my mind went just one, not the eyes too! So I lay there thinking fora second and then thunder...I just laughed at myself so ...
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Free WiFi !

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Take your cat to work.

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Fun with math!

What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?

Nothing! Everyone knows that you can't multiply a vector by a scalar.


An engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician are watching an empty house.
They see two people enter, then three people leave.

The physicist says, "Well, the result is within uncertainty."

The engineer says, "Huh, guess there was a person in the house
after all."

The mathematician declares proudly, "If ...
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The perils of social networking

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