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Tingling face-diagnosed with MS 5 days ago-booooooooo

I was diagnosed a few days ago. Boo. I started getting these "hot spots" like burning areas in random places that would come and go a few years ago. This year they were more frequent. They would last anywhere from 5 hours to a couple of days. I also had a little tingling in both hands that would come and go plus arm/leg weak feeling a few times that would be random and last a ...
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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody and I hope you're doing well...
I want to ask about something that I experienced in June 2011. So what happened:
I fell off my bike, with no injury at all... but it did stress me psychologically, as it was on some very steep hill and a dangerous road.
I've been stupid and started smoking 3 months before that time. I quit smoking as soon as symptoms appeared as I got really scared. ...
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New to MS

I'm waiting for MRI results and expecting a diagnosis of MS. I've had TM since 2006 and had two confirmed attacks, the second in 2009. I had a lesion at C4 in 2009 but brain scans have always been clear, as was a LP in 2007. I was told by my neuro in 2009 that I may go on to develop MS but he retracted this in 2012 as I had no other new ...
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New to ThisIsMS but not to RRMS

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this site - and it was quite by accident! Well, here goes with my story of MS (and what lead up to it).

I got my first migraine in December of 1989. I spent many years fighting the debilitating pain. I took pain medication to stop them. I took prescribed medication to prevent them. Hell, I even washed said medications down with alcohol (not recommended ...
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Hello... Probable MS, no diagnosis until at least January

Hello all, it's nice to "meet" you!

I'm a soon-to-be 28 year old with two kids, 4 and 2. I've had some symptoms of MS for a few years now, but I'd always attributed most of them to having kids (of course you're exhausted and can't get out of bed, why wouldn't your hands twitch when you work on a computer all day, your vision is blurry because the kids/work are frustrating, it's just stress, ...
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Hi all,

I am not diagnosed with MS. I have had 6 concussions in my life. MRI and CT scans from 2 years ago show white spots on the right side of my brain.

I moved and got a new neurologist. He said in the coming months he wants to test me for MS via blood work and spinal tap.

I've read that brain injuries can double the chance of MS.

My symptoms are chronic ...
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Violent Stretching Upon Awakening

It is somewhat normal to stretch upon awakening as our body is squeezing the lactic acid buildup accumulated during sleeping. During the stretching action lactic acid is squeezed out of the muscles back into the blood stream not unlike squeezing a sponge. Over the last few months I have undergone almost violent stretching and shaking upon awakening to the point of feeling as if my muscles are going to detach my tendons from my joints. ...
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"Almost" diagnosed

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are doing ok :)

This is my first post here. I will try to make a long story short ;)

My journey began 3 years ago (I was 20 yo) with some mild neurological symptoms (muscle weakness, mostly in left leg and slightly impaired sensation on the left side of my body). I was admitted ...
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Hi All...
So I need thoughts/advice. I have had symptoms for a while that I have ignored. First one I recall is a period where I tripped over my own feet for a while. Then I started choking when I drink liquids (not eating), and only sometimes. The next symptom I noticed was speech disturbance. No so much slurring, although there are times I smash all the letters in the word together, but mostly word ...
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Diagnosed a week ago

Hello there! This is all extremely new to me...I'm 32, and just left Arizona at the end of October to move in with my boyfriend in Iowa City, IA. A few days before our departure in AZ, I felt a tingle in the bottom of my feet that, within a matter of days, prevented me from walking correctly with horrible numbness. I was told it was sciatic pain in the ER (the MRI they did ...
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