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My sister was just diagnosed

Hello, everyone. Came here looking for answers and support. My 55-year old sister has just been diagnosed with MS. She is not computer savvy and so would not go on forums like this on her own. I am really freaked out by her symptoms, which have been falling (total muscle failure), seizures, violent tremors, periods where she could not speak coherently, or walk. (but even on good days she uses a cane to walk). Thankfully, ...
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Long scary journey

I am a 62 female who for 8 years or longer have had strange symptoms that's say MS. My doctor has told me for years it is stress. Well a few months back I quit my stressful job as 1. I could not take it anymore, I would get home sit down and sleep wake up to eat dinner and be in bed asleep by 9pm. 2. This last year I seem unable to complete ...
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New to this

I’m recently diagnosed with ms and have no idea how to get through the day without crying at least once. The only thing that keeps me going is my goal of weighing 100 pounds and getting 50000 steps a day. I have/had my dream job. I know once they find out I’ll be fired. I see my neurologist tomorrow to see what drugs I’ll be on and I’m terrified of the side effects from them. ...
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Hi Friends *waves shyly*

I am new to the forum, but since I keep coming back to here I figured I should join the community. I was dx'd with RRMS about six months ago. The odd bit about me I guess is that I'm a transgender woman; I had been taking anti-androgens and estradiol for gender transition for a little over a year prior to my MS dx. They found the MS because I had a flare of uveitis ...
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New to the group

Hi all, I'm new to a site like this. So please bare with me :-D My name is mimi and I'm from Texas but live in Ga. I, have many questions and don't know if this is the right place to ask or discuss my health issues. So thank you for letting me get started. And thank you in advance..
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How to stop taking fampyra

I want to try biotin but I can’t do a trial if I’m on fampyra. I was wondering if anyone has done this.
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Waiting For Neurologist Appt

Hi everyone,
I am having the following symptoms and I am concerned this could be MS:
Ants crawling under skin in waves
Fatigue (since Spring)
Terrible brain fog (since Spring)
Blurry vision (since Spring)
Tingling on toes, forearms and hands
Strong pressure on my chest
Small cough (practically for months with a few weeks rest)
Easily out of breath
Feeling I cannot finish to swallow saliva completely
Chills that cause me to shake once ...
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New guy

I'm 60 years old. I developed vertigo two months ago and ended up in the emergency ward for 4 days. Now I'm on pradaxa for blood clots and propranolol for benign hand tremor. I just finished two rounds of steroids and will start tysabri next week. I read the Starch Solution by Dr McDougall and switched to his diet. I've read other diet gurus but his approach makes the most sense to me.

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HI Frends
please find

Kezar Life Sciences Raises $50M to Advance Clinical Testing of Potential MS Treatment ... cal-tests/

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My intro

First of all, I'm glad to have found this site. I'm a 53 y/o woman who recently began experiencing left hand feeling out of sync. I work doing transcription and type all day long. Swapped out keyboards on two different computers. I went to my PCP who,ordered a brain MRI which showed lesions and the radiologist is calling suspicious for MS. 30 years ago I had more pronounced symptoms but on the right side of ...
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