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My Name is Russ and I was diagnosed in 2000. the progression has increased noticeably in the past 6 months.

I would rather stay in then go out and cooking and cleaning is difficult.

Not sure why am here....
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New Here Pre Diagnosed

Hi. Aftrer 14 years of searching, I got a "Pre" diagnosis of MS. Symptoms started shortly after I had my daughter. Started with my thighs and went from there. Id have to say the last 1.5 to 2 years the symptoms have really ramped up. So last January I decided to really clamp down and put my foot down with doctors. For so long, doctors wrote me off. So, last week Thursday, I got the ...
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New and looking to connect with holistic minded people.

Hi! I'm new here and hoping to connect with people using diet and healthy lifestyle changes to complement their conventional treatment. I love learning and sharing wellness tips.
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Long term MS, less than a year with Official Dx

Hello all,

Forums have been a valuable resource, providing loads of information, but have not entirely helped with my conflicted feelings and ambivalence towards having MS.

I was Officially Diagnosed about eight months ago, ultimately by two unaffiliated neurologists. I have "a great many lesions," but have had a (mostly) benign history of symptoms, and have exhibited few signs during neurological exams. This is changing now as I reach my early 60's. I believe I ...
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Introduction from cath

Hi everyone,

I've had relapsing-remitting MS for around 36 years, but I was only correctly diagnosed around 17 years ago after suffering a severe exacerbation. Mostly I've been fortunate to enjoy a good quality of life even though I've never taken medication for MS.

I joined this forum out of a feeling of gratitude to those whose ideas and advice have helped me live a normal life. I'm grateful to the MS support group I ...
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New to the concept of chronic illness

Hi everyone, Mark here, new to MS and to the whole concept of chronic illness. Developed optic neuritis about four years ago, it went away, sat with the "possible demyelinating disorder" diagnosis for years, then three months ago noticed an intention tremor and couldn't feel my legs. In an area with public health care so the wait for an MRI was going to be six months. Ended up in hospital for a month due to ...
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Just been diagnosed pl I don't know what to do is the drugs expensive. Please tell how manage it naturally. Kingsley from Ghana. Can exercise help?
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Need help in my journey of declining health

hello all. I’m new to this community and never reached out for help but it seems I don’t get any help from drs and who better to ask then from the community that has probably been in my exact shoes
I have been having severe flare ups over the last two years that were months apart the first year and now every month I have one. I’ve had trigeminal neuralgia twice, burning; tingling legs; now ...
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My sister was just diagnosed

Hello, everyone. Came here looking for answers and support. My 55-year old sister has just been diagnosed with MS. She is not computer savvy and so would not go on forums like this on her own. I am really freaked out by her symptoms, which have been falling (total muscle failure), seizures, violent tremors, periods where she could not speak coherently, or walk. (but even on good days she uses a cane to walk). Thankfully, ...
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