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Taking Copaxone AND Rebif together...

I live in Michigan, have had MS for ten years, spent the first five years undiagnosed and untreated, and have injected Copaxone for the latter 4.5 years. I will be adding Rebif injections next week. Yes, adding it, not replacing Copaxone with Rebif. I look forward to discussing my own personal clinical trial, taking both drugs at once, and reporting the effects.
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Questions on the Symptoms

I am at the begining stages of being test for MS. I had an episode where my entire left side went numb for about 3 hours (on vacation of course!) and then I regained feeling and movement. After a visit with my doctor, his first thought is MS. I have my MRI at the end of this week and I am incredibly worried. I have a few odd symptoms and I'm wondering if others have ...
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hi i was diagnosed 24th july this year with rr ms , i am female 39 years old my mother had ms my brother has ms he was diagnosed 11years ago and is doing fine, i have psoriatic arthritis and was on a med called remicade for 5 years march this year i woke up left side all numb had mri 2 lesiond found at neck got steroids for 3 days ,lumbar puncture may with ...
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Hello all! I'm Hannah =D

Short story short, I don't have MS. But my mother, the most dearest person to me, does.

I'm not here specifically for advise on MS, I'm here looking for support. A place with people that know what it feels like. Even though it seems that every person here has MS and I don't, maybe, just maybe I could somehow fit in =]

But of course, half the time I'm POSITIVE ...
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New Here. Diagnosed MS, LYME, and CPN

Hello, I was Diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago after 2 bouts of Optic Nueritus. I also tested positive for Lyme. The Drs here in Oregon would not treat Lyme. After the CDC got my 3rd positive lyme test in the mail they made my nuero give me 30 days Doxy, I could tell it was doing something. My PCP decided to keep me on it since i so believed I had Lyme also. ...
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New to the forum

My name is Kay and I'm a 28 yo f, married, from Massachusetts. I have 3 cats, much to the dismay of my husband. I was diagnosed with MS in June 2008 and have been injecting Rebif since.

I've had ongoing sensory and gait problems since July of last year. I had 3 days of IVSM in August, October, and February. My symptoms subsided after the 1st 2 treatments only to return a couple months ...
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Worried about possible MS Symptoms

Hi all,

Came across this site after doing some research on MS and decided to post my symptoms and thoughts.

Firstly, a little about myself, male, 41YO, to date never had any pressing health issues, apart from a kidney stone a couple of years.

Right my symptoms, about a year ago I started to get a sensation of something caught in my throat when I swallowed, some days it was there, some days it wasn’t, ...
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Greetings from Ottawa

Hello All,

I'm currently undergoing diagnosis in Ottawa. My experience so far seems very alien to what I'm reading. If anything I feel a bit railroaded at the moment.
Having longstanding depression and fibromyalgia I've discounted symptoms that it seems I should have been paying attention to. I had some sort of event in May that knocked the stuffing out of me. Vomiting, staggering, vision issues, tremendous weakness, extreme exhaustion, confusion, concentration issues. I was ...
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Neither fresh nor too old, calling from Germany

Hi there,
thanks for your site and the forums, which are one of the most valuable MS sources on the web with lots of expertise and eloquency. Since I'm running a German MS news site called, I stopped by several times before to look for certain details.
Now, the CCSVI threads lead me to a new level of usage, and so I'm de-lurking and registered today.
For myself, dxed in 1999, using Copaxone since ...
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New and ready to learn

Hello everyone. I stumbled on this site and already i am grateful that I did. Everyone seems very welcoming and knowledgable on the subject. I hope to learn more from everyone and hopefully get a grip on this MS stuff. I'm newly diagnosed.
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