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SPMS - What do I do?

I am a 32 year old, female diagnosed 5 days ago w/ Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
Dr gave me 4 meds to choose from & told me to talk to my insurance & decide which I would prefer - Avonex, Betaseron, Rebif or Copaxone.
Coincidentally, in checking w Aetna, these are the only 4 MS meds my plan covers. I had decided to go with Copaxone because the minimal side effects.
BUT, this morning I ...
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new and ready for info

Hi there!
I am 30 years young and was diagnosed with MS in December 2008. My diagnosis came as a shock to me. I had been hurt at work in Feb 2008 and during a rehab program that I was paticipating in(May 2008) They discovered that I had some unusual weakness in my left thumb. I had never noticed it before and to this day dont notice it. Then I had two weeks of vertigo ...
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dino84, new

new to here so here`s just a small introducion, feel free to ask me anything!!

i don`t speak perfect english but please forgive me.
just 24 years young
i had ms diagnose about 14-15 months ago...13lesions in my brain,
about 3 months ago had 50 lesions.
i tried interferone once, but got very bad side effects and stopped it.
now i`ve took tysabri two times, and it seems that i don`t have any side effects ...
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Undecided..Any advice?

Well I have been betaseron for about 5 months now, it has been ok, I just hate how the injections sites look, they are horrible. Well my insurance at work has changed and they will not cover betaseron because I have not been on it for more than 6 months. So I have to choose either Rebif or Avonxe. Which is ok because I was going to talk to my dr when I go back ...
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newly diagnosed, scared, looking for hope

Hi everyone.
I was just diagnosed with MS. I'm 24, married, and have a 16 month old daughter. My entire torso pretty much and left arm are stone numb. I finished 3 days of IV steroids on friday but am on no other meds. I'm still in shock from the whole situation and am praying for the feeling to come back in my body so that I can feel again, and go back to work, ...
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Another Introduction.

Hi Everyone. My name is shannon. I'm 24 and I was diagnosed at the age of 21. I was in the USAF when i was diagnosed. my first symptom was both my feet went completely numb. I fell out of bed. So doing PT was out of the question. So the doctors would run test and find nothing wrong. A few months later I started up with migraines and loosing vision in my right eye ...
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Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken

I am happy I have found this forum. I am a 28'ish year old Man'boy and was diagnosed with this gift that keeps on giving in mid 2008. I have relapsed 4 times since then and am ever ready to the get to the next chapter in my world win tour of MS torture. The doctor was nice enough to confirm my inquiry that I have had MS since my early 20's. hip hip hoooray! ...
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New Guy

Hey everyone, The name is Erich, had my first attack at 18 years old. Misdiagnosed at first, had second attack a year or so later, decided at that time to start on Rebif. I've been on Rebif for a few years at least now, no attacks since I started taking it so I can't complain. Decided I should start expanding my knowledge on everything so I find myself here. Seems like a solid site with ...
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:wink: Hi, I'm new at all this forums stuff. I was searching the web for info on MS and found this site. I was diagnosis with MS in Nov. 08' and started taking Avonex but this week had an allergic reaction and will no longer take Avonex. Once paperwork is completed I'll start on Copaxon. I am scared to DEATH. A shot everyday I hope I ...
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I have had the worst two weeks of my life - PERIOD. I hurt my back roughly two weeks ago after I realized my lower body was getting fairly weak. I went to the gym and did a lot of exercises to strengthen it only to find I had lost a TON of muscle strength in a month. I had been in a car accident three months prior and blamed it on this.

Well my ...
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