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Uncertain - Please Help?

Hi, folks.
I haven't been officially diagnosed with MS, but under the circumstances, I am starting to believe that I have it. I've been going to a neurologist for 5 months and he hasn't been able to figure out what is wrong.

I've been doing a lot of reading and from the looks of it, some people with MS can go undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed for a while. I guess I just want someone else's opinion. ...
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50% Anger, 50% Denial

I'm a 41 year old female with a wonderfully supportive husband and teenage son. I was diagnosed in Jan of this year after being blindsided (pun intended) by ON. Yeah, I'd heard of MS (it was the one I always got mixed up with MD) but I didn't know the first thing about it.
In February (when I could finally read a paragraph in under 2 minutes), I found this forum and I thought "no, ...
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Hello from PA

Hi everyone. 42 and newly diagnosed with MS ( dec 08 ). Just started with Avonex injections yesterday. Still feeling very ignorant about the disease....but places like this help with the self-education :)

Anyways.... just wanted to say I appreciated the info provided here.... it helps take some of the mystery out of what to expect.

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New and not sure ...

- Update March 28 (i dig further back)
Note: Sorry for misspelling, I'm French speaking.

Hi all

I don’t want to bother anyone of you so I will make it short but clear.
First I don’t have yet been diag with MS.

Get up and ... lost my strength on left leg
- Drop foot
- Unable to go out the car without the help of both arms lifting my leg
- Gone after ...
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Hi folks...I too have MS actually PPMS

I have been watching this site for roughly 6 mos. I found this site by googling Dawsons Fingers. Otherwise I would not have found this site. I'm passing the word! I find the group forums exciting, knowlegeable and very friendly.

I was originally mis- diagnosed w/ RRMS in 2000. at that time my symptoms were not severe and the Neuro went with the stats. 80% of the MS pop have RRMS and the rest = ...
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Hi I'm new and on the undiagnosed roller coaster

Hi There,
I had posted this under the "general discussion" but thought it may be more appropriate here so please excuse me if you have already read this before.
Let me explain a bit about myself. I am a 38 yo man with a loving wife and 2 wonderful children. In 2004 i had a 1 off session. It started with a really strange sensation in my head. What followed was like a seizure (but ...
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New from Britain, Diagnosed 5 years.

Have been reading this site, and will continue to do so, really informative. Dx 5 years ago and up until last Saturday worked and limped along ok. Woke up last Saturday and havent really been mobile since, agony to walk and not been to work. Really hoping I can get back to where I was at. My back hurts and I think lugging the dead leg around has taken its toll. I do have an ...
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introduction HELLO!!

I am a new member. 45 y.o. female, diagnosed in 1990 with RRMS. was on Betaseron shots for 18 yrs. Felt great, then became resistant, put on Tysabri for 1 yr was resistant to it, now I am on Methotrexate. Since I went off the Betaseron now when I have an exacerbation and do a 3 day course of steroids I don't come back to baseline like I did when on I was on it. ...
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New member

Hello everyone. I've just signed up to the site. I am a Brit living in the San Francisco bay area. I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. To date I have been very fortunate - my MS has been relatively benign with only infrequent relapses. I went on Tysabri when I was first diagnosed but only had 1 infusion before it was pulled from the market following the first PML report. Since then I have ...
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Can I just say that MS sucks?! Got my official diagnosis January 6th, this year. I was relieved then shocked...upset, mad, and not so sure what to think now. Maybe I'm floating into the realm of acceptance?! Do you ever really accept it?

I've only had 2 real episodes. The first was in the spring just prior to going out of town so I didn't see my doc. The second was Optic Neuritis over summer ...
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