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I was just diagnosed in July 2008. In hindsight my first obvious episode was 1986. A neck injury in 1991 and related surgery in 2001 became the catch-all excuse for my quirky symptoms. Well, docs also accused me of being an alcoholic – in denial, or trying to scam workers comp, or having body issue problems (like what 20th century woman raised in the US doesn’t?). Until I woke up one morning and couldn’t see ...
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new here

Just saying hey. I'll post my story in another forum
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Hi everyone. I'm not new to MS, just here. I was dx in 06. I have looked at a few post's and like the positive vibe.

I also like to share my story. It's on my website. Click it or don't but have a great day. I'll be reading

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New to forum, not to MS

Hi all.

First, let me start by saying that this is my first venture into an MS forum. I was diagnosed several years ago and have been handling things pretty well on my own, but I have come to realize that I just *might* need the support offered by such a community as this :D .

On a Monday in late September 2004, I woke up ...
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Hi all,

I am new to this site,although i have spent hours (days probably!) reading through forum posts the last month or so.So this is our story..

My girlfriend,aged 25, was diagnosed with RRMS in mid-July this year.It all started with spasticity of the right arm and leg for her,short attacks of 5-10 seconds several times a day.GP reccomended that we see a Neuro,who sent us for a Brain and Spinal Cord MRI.Brain MRI showed ...
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Just looking for help....

I may be posting this in the wrong place...sorry if I am.

I've recently been placed in the "you may or may not have MS" category. I was hoping that I could just post some of what I've experienced over the past month and just get some opinions. I go for a second opinion with a nuero next Friday but until then, it's killing me not knowing anything.

Here's what has been going on:

ON ...
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Hey guys and gals! I'm Krissy, I'm 20. I would love to say I have epilepsy and MS and it doesn't have me, but I can't. They're currently kickin' my butt.

I was diagnosed about two years ago with epilepsy, and about 4 months ago with MS. My neuro put me on Rebif, I was on that for just about three months, then my LFTs were over double the amout they should be, so I ...
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Strange symptoms.... MS?

It all started about 4 years ago... I was having strange achilles
tendon pain. It didn't feel like a tear or a bruise... more like
tennis elbow. It would expand into the plantar facia and up into the
calf muscle. It crawled like restless leg. MRI showed minimal to no
inflamation and antiinflamitories didn't help. This has come and went
over the last 4 years.

2 Years ago, some muscle twitching has started and seems ...
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New, Betaseron, and depressed

Hi. I'm new, just started Betaseron with Betaject, my belly is bruised and my mood is crappy. I read all these technical posts and I think 'what'? Do I really have this? I don't know what my vitamin count is, don't recall how many lesions I have (memory issues), don't get tingling or burning in my legs, didn't get a baseline liver enzyme count...Flailing around...
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Just diagnosed...

Hi All-

I am Kevin in Colorado and on Tuesday received the word that I have RRMS. Have had 2 bouts of optic neuritus and currently have left eye double vision with severe numbness on the entire right side for 4 weeks now. MRI showed 3 lesions.

While I am completely overwhelmed with information, and the decisions for therapy, I am eager to 'Have MS' and not let MS 'have me.'

Since I am not ...
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