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Ok, here goes...

Hi. My name is Ronnie, and I have had MS since 1990 (optic neuritis), although I didn't get a real diagnosis until 1994.

I have a daughter who will turn 13 in December. I am 45 going on 46, and I feel like I am 45 going on 46. I teach computer graphics part time at San Antonio College. My husband teaches full time at the same college. He teaches three-dimensional computer animation, using the ...
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Oldie but newby !!

Hi, Im jan from Milwaukee WI

Im just looking for honest, intelligent, but playful dicussions.

My MS doc isn't sure I really have MS, so he says Im "atypical" and benign. Good !! This gave me a chance to really re-evaluate my health and lifestyle.

Currently, Im doing a Liver-colon cleanse and eating healtheir. Trying to exercise and adjust ya know?

Ive known a lot of recent stress but life goes on.. and on..

Thanks ...
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Dear all, diagnosed in April 2005. Stopped crying in June 2005, and have been on the SWANK + no wheat diet since April. Was already a vegetarian. I have seen 2 neurologists, 1 said go on rebif - the other said you're too well for medication, come back in 1 year. I am hoping to stay off treatment until I have an o/s holiday next year - don't know if this will be possible? Is ...
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Greetings from California :)

First I want to say how deeply touched and amazed I am at such a wonderfully caring, organized and informative website. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
In 2002 my fiance was diagnosed with MS. He was 23 at the time. Since then we have been dealing with the hardships that have accompanied this illness. In the years that have followed his diagnosis he seems to be on the fast track to disability- at ...
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Hello Everyone!

I am new here and so happy to have found this board. I was dx'd with m.s. 3 yrs ago and have always been suspicious of a chronic infection link to my m.s.

I used to lurk on Lyme Disease boards, as my symptoms were so similar.
I had painful inflammation of both knees limiting my mobility 2 yrs before my m.s. dx. Doc's always downplayed the significance.

After a neg. Lyme titer test, I ...
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- Deleted -

- Deleted -
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Hi all - New here....

I've been diagnosed since March of this year.

Optic Neuritis seems to be the attack of choice for me. I've had it twice, and I'm not sure, but it's possible that as of yesterday, I'm working on my third!

I've been on Betaseron since May, in fact, I am in a clinical study for Beta, comparing standard dose, double dose, and Copaxone to see which works best. I'm on Beta but I don't know what ...
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OK, so I'm new and I don't know what I am doing.

and I am up and it's late - again - and I still don't have a Dx to know what's really going on. I am really suffering the last few days and I feel like I have no one to talk to.

I started this year pretty well untill a few months ago, when I had a severe nerve injury in my right foot. It just didnt seem to heal, and then it seemed like ...
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Vitamin D

I have another question: Does anyone know how much Vitamin D we're supposed to have daily? Does that amount fluctuate depending on the time of year?


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Feeling fatigued!

Hi, everyone:

I was diagnosed with RRMS in January, 2003. I've had a very mild case of MS with no relapses since I was diagnosed. BUT, this summer I have been noticing feeling VERY sleepy and weak in body--this is the first time I've struggled with this problem. I had some blood work done, and my white blood cell count was low. Could this be the culprit? I'm on Betaseron, and I'm wondering if it ...
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