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began falling down often last summer. wound up in hospital over the holidays this past year. neuros i was seeing then refused to go beyond proving i did/didn't have seizures. went to philly doc at jefferson hospital, who did appropriate testing for ms. been on copaxone since june. ms mostly knocks the right leg literally out from under me. using a cane to improve balance. look forward to increasing my knowledge/understanding via this site.

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Body by Jake


Good to meet you. Your fears are my fears - I often make lists of all the things that I won't (or don't think) I'll be doing with my five year old son that I planned to do (teach him tennis, scuba diving, go camping). And the worse thing is watching all the smoking / beer-bellied dads who turn up to my son's (and their son's) football (soccer in the US) each week. The ...
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Hello. I'm new here too. This is a really neat site!! I appreciate all the info that's posted and the articles and research. I was diagonsed with MS 2 years ago this month. I was 28 years old. I have RRMS and I'm still trying to get use to it. It's been up and down, but I'm starting to accept it. I'm glad to be part of a community of people who know MS and ...
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ThisIsMS Rocks!

Hello; I'm new here. I've visited &/or been a member of a number of MS boards, and I'm very impressed with the level of inquiry and commitment here. I hope, over time, I'll be able to contribute as well as read.

I have SPMS, diagnosed 3 years ago when it was still (barely) RRMS. My history indicates I've had MS for much longer than that, though. I was on Copaxone for a while, now just ...
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"De Nile" is not a river in Egypt

Hi everyone - This is my leap into accepting diagnosis and identify as a person living with MS. I have been searching the sites for about a year now, after hearing "Possible MS" about 2 years ago, with the confirmed diagnosis in October 04. Looking back, my story is much like so many of you - odd things happening since my late teens; but always attributed to other possibilities - then they were resolved and ...
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New to MS and Posting

:?: Hello, everyone one. Thanks for letting me join your fine group. I am hoping to learn as much as I can about MS and the Dx process. I am in limbo myself still going through all the testing.

I was Dx'd with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago, however a new GP has since decided that the progression of my symptoms as well as new ones are looking ...
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New to this site

Hello all! I have been diagnosed with MS for almost 3 years. I am currently doing well, but it's been quite a battle. I am 29 years old, married, with a beautiful 6 year old daughter. I just completed my Master's degree and I am planning on taking the Family Nurse Practitioner exam next month. I have been a RN for 9 years. I just wanted to find a site to discuss things that no ...
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seeking best open-minded MS neuro in Boston

hi! thanks for this site. Dx 2002 by optic neuritis plus MRI. Live in W. Mass but can't seem to find good neuro out here (do you all know of any?) Most people travel 2 hrs east to Boston. My pcp doesn't know anyone out that way. Friends did internet searches for me for names but feel like I'm fishing blind (o, my vision is completely back, btw :) ...
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:o :( :( I cannot handle my loneliness.Recently became a widow he was my ROCK. Yes, ( have friends good loyal friends. But I guess nobody will fill in right now.Hopefuly in time.Thank you all fr letting me vent.

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New Canadian Member RR MS going to SP!

Hi! I posted under weight gain and here I am again as no one gave me any hints! I wish this room had a chat forum but if it does I can not find it! Well our youngest wants to go outside so I guess I will check here later!
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