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introductions and question

Hi! I,m a new member. I've had MS for about 17 years. I'm not able to walk without the use of a walker for short distances or my scooter for longer ones. Question, Has anyone been on Tysalri and found any improvements in their mobility? My Dr is trying to get me approved for it.
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Hello and questions...

Hello all,

I've been reading this site since I was diagnosed with MS in October 2004. I thought I would finally intoduce myself and try to find out some practical answers to my questions.

My symptoms were/are numbness/tingling from the abdomen down through both legs. My right knee was also fairly weak and unstable. I had painful cramping feelings in my feet as if my toes were tied in knots. Initially, the docs thought I ...
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Just saying hi

Just saying hi. New to this site today. I was referred via a discussion board on MSWatch site. Not too sure of the format here yet, but will learn in time. Hope everyone is doing well, and Happy New Year to all

Mary Lou :D
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MS and Crohn's Disease

Hi - I'm new to this site. Am very interested in hearing from anyone with both MS and Crohn's. I'll be starting on Tysabri March 1, so also very interested in your stores re: Tysabri!

Was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 30 years ago and with MS in 1991. MS has been relatively 'benign', but have had about 39" intestine removed in 1988. Currently on 6MP and sulfasalizate for that, but nothing yet for MS. ...
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Hi Ya'll

I am currentilly in hospital. I found your site researching Tysabri. My doctor is talking about putting me on it. This is a great site. You will have to excue my typing as I am on so many drugs to deal with the pain that I am stoned out of my mind. Not a good feeling.
Could any one tell me how to deal with the pain with you being on all these brain drugs. ...
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New Here

Hey everyone! :) I have had MS like symptoms for 9 years and last two years progressed. I'm 42 now. I went to a Neuro in August 04 and got a Brain MRI and neck/back to look for lesions. They found one 7mm X 9mm lesion on the brain. Supposedly in the Vision area. I have no vision problems. Here's what happened 9 years ago.

I was ...
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Tysabri Bound!

Hi -- I was just diagnosed with RRMS last week & stumbled (no pun intended) upon this site. I'm looking for some book/reading suggestions so I can learn more.

I'm 42 years old, female, married with one pre-teen daughter. On the executive team for a fast-growing company - have to travel a lot. Symptoms started 6 weeks ago with right leg numbness while I was working out. Blew it off as a pinched nerve. Then ...
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I just found this great site!!! The best thing is that it is not "owned" by a drug company or an organization!!!

I am looking forward to being more informed, trying to take an active role in my care (I HATE needles) praying and wishing for a pill form of treatment for this monster of disease. In the process of reading a book called curing Ms by Howard L. Weiner, M.D. it is interestingto say ...
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hello, just told 11/24/04, rrms, 42 , start tysabri 12/6/04 , scared
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Diagnosed Today

Well, it's official. My doctor sent me home with info packets on the different treatment options (Copaxone, Rebif, Avonex, and something else) and I was feeling a little overwhelmed so I started searching and stumbled on this site. I saw the forums for all of the different regimens and started breathing again. This site is great! So now I'm a new user. I'm 24, and living in Louisiana (Geaux Cajuns). I work as a district ...
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