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Hi From Panama

Hi. I'm a U.S. citizen living in Panama. I was diagnosed with M.S. in 1995. I'm one of the lucky ones with recurring/recessive-my last occurance was in 2002 after a stressful divorce and move from the states-go figure! Anyway, after 2 weeks of double vision, I recovered and have been healthy ever since-barring bouts with fatigue and headaches. Good news- no drugs! Changed my diet-now vegetarian-no hydroginated oils-only olive oil, no fast food, no soda. ...
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looking for soc sec and disability info. ON PATH TO NO MONEY
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Greetings from caregiver

Hi: My loving wife diagnosed 2 weeks before 9/11. On co-paxon. Rem itting/Relapsing. Her brother was diagnosed 2 weeks before she was and that is how we finally discovered what was wrong with her. Were dealing with it. She has good attitude and her mantra play with the cards God deals you. We are doing that and trying to make a difference with the disease and help others inflicted with it as well as ...
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glad to find this site!

Hi, I am a caregiver for my husband. He has had MS for over 25 years but wasn't diagnosised until 1994 with onset of ON in L eye. We didn't know at the time that his total blindness in R eye was due to ON. He was one of the first to get an MRI at Vanderbilt in TN back in the early 80's. His MS did not show on test. His body has had ...
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Little introduction.

I am squiffy, though I cannot live up to my name, apart from the occasions when I fall over :O)

Live in southern England, still working (thank goodness) spend my leisure (ha) time raising funds for the MSRC through my Humour Site - Squiffy's House of Fun and also through my London Marathon page.

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Hi, my name is Marisa, I'm 38, single Mom of 3 kids (18,10,8), two dogs, and two cats. Just found this website. Had my first set of symptoms two years ago and was just dx for RMS today. Haven't started therapy yet. Would like some feedback from those who are on a therapy. I'm scared and don't know what to do.
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Just joined in Indonesia

My name is Stephanie. I'm from California/Alaska, but have spent the past nine years living overseas. I am 47 years old and I was diagnosed Dec. 1st after an MRI following partial loss of vision in one eye. I had seen an ophthamologist in Jakarta who told me nothing was wrong with my eyes, that it was all in my head. (Don't you love it?) I've had symptoms off and on for several years, ...
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Hi I have MS and so does my Neuro

Hi my name is Linda, I have had MS for 3 years and I will be starting Tysabri. I am currently on Rebif but I just went to my neuro and he said I can stop the Rebif a couple of weeks before Tysabri. I can't beleive I don't have to get the injections anymore. I am a nurse but I can't give the injection to myself so my husband does it. I can give ...
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introductions and question

Hi! I,m a new member. I've had MS for about 17 years. I'm not able to walk without the use of a walker for short distances or my scooter for longer ones. Question, Has anyone been on Tysalri and found any improvements in their mobility? My Dr is trying to get me approved for it.
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Hello and questions...

Hello all,

I've been reading this site since I was diagnosed with MS in October 2004. I thought I would finally intoduce myself and try to find out some practical answers to my questions.

My symptoms were/are numbness/tingling from the abdomen down through both legs. My right knee was also fairly weak and unstable. I had painful cramping feelings in my feet as if my toes were tied in knots. Initially, the docs thought I ...
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