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Hello and want suggestions

Hi! I don't have a MS diagnosis. I have a lot of numbness. My face was first, but now my face, stomach, arms, hands, legs, and feet are all numb. My body has now been numb for 10 days. I have been to the neurologist. I had a CT and MRI of my head, which all came beck ok. Blood work was ok as well. Next week I'm getting MRI of my spine. The doctor ...
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HI Friend please read

FDA Approves Two Bayer Products to Help MS Patients Stay on Top of Interferon Injections ... 9-71285713

Homeless With MS


I received my diagnosis of MS a couple of years ago after struggling with symptoms for many years. The tipping point was optic neuropathy in 2011 which led to an MRI of the brain. It has been difficult. I've managed to keep working but a recent hospitalization led to being evicted and left homeless. I think a great mistake of mine was not applying for disability earlier. I have started the process now so ...
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Hello... newbie here

I'm happy to have found this site. :-D I have just started on Tecfidera today, and it's nice to know I can come here for help, advice, and to talk about my experiences with this new treatment.
I'm not a newbie to MS though. I was diagnosed in 2002 with RR MS, only one month after experiencing a visual disturbance in one eye, mouth droopiness, and ...
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Please help me with all this!

Hello, I really am lost with no answers and I don't know what to think or do. I am 44 yo who had a brain MRI in 2015 that showed one defined area deep in white matter, as per my neurologist. I had that MRI due to confusion, dysphagia, legs felt like they aren't working, unsteady gait, can't think clearly, depression, and heat intolerance, also when I speak I am unable to find or say ...
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Newly diagnosed with MS in AZ, Hello!

Hello, while trying desperately to find out the source and treatment for horrible migraines, I found out that I had a really bad issue with my neck, C5 and C6 and needed surgery, subsequent MRIs showed that I also had MS. My neurosurgeon at Barrows in Phoenix will not operate on my neck until my MS is under control. I just started Copaxone yesterday. It has taken some time because when all this came out ...
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Hello ThisIsMS,

Sorry for my English, not my mother tongue. I am a 33 years old man from Turkey.

Disclaimer: This is just my long story. Always consult medical professionals and I am not one.

wooooow what a flu that even makes my feet weird!!!

2.5 months ago I had some flu. Some numbness and paper-cut like feelings started in my feet. My doctor said my lungs and throat were OK but I had neurological ...
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New in Memphis TN USA

Hey All...i'm new in Memphis TN USA. They DX'd me last October 2016...spinal tap. I agree because i got all the symptoms and it actually came as a relief. I been on a much better road compared to 2015 and most of 2016. i prolly had MS for 20 just got worse but i'm doing much better these days. taking Aubagio helps. I'm a strong believer in diet and exercise.

Best to you All!
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New guy here.

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

I am 39. I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago. I am still not totally sure on the type of MS and am still exploring treatment options.

I have always been healthy. Never a broken bone, my only surgery was to remove my wisdom teeth as a teenager. I have been having symptoms for almost 2 years. I thought my symptom might be a ...
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New to the site and new to MS

Hello my fellow MS havers (or whatever we are calling ourselves)

I'm 37, and was diagnosed in October. I t was a normal day in the office and my feet went numb. Although it was annoying, I pretty much avoided it. As days went on, the numbness spread through my shins and eventually all the way up into my stomach and small of my back.

I really had no idea what was going on so ...
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