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Hello all

Hello all,

My name is Hope and I am a 33 year old female. Last Sunday I experienced, what felt like to me, electrical shooting pain (which took my breath away, due to the intensity of it) which shot up my whole left side of my body and it lasted for 3 to 4 seconds. This pain again struck me two more times on Monday night, once while standing and once while lying down in ...
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new diagnosis- fast diagnosis

Since I read this forum a few times a week, I figured I may as well register and introduce myself!
I'm 34 and was diagnosed after a whirlwind of less than 6 months of symptoms. On May 29, I was walking across the parking lot at work when my feet both suddenly went numb, as if they were asleep. The tingling persisted for days…then weeks..and random other symptoms started happening. Numb spots on my ...
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NEW here

Hi Im new here, Im mark but been around a while with my MS. Diagnosed in 99. Ran thru the ABC meds. Currently on betaserum again. Im on a few MS groups on facebook. Im currently organizing a MS get together in feb 2015 at disneyland. Its a simple meet and greet with others who have MS and its DISNEYLAND :) ... ...
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Finally Diagnosed with MS

Hi All!

My name is Natalie and I am 30, from Tucson, AZ. I was officially diagnosed with MS about a month ago. The diagnosis was actually a relief for me, and I strangely felt happy when I got the news.

Not that I am happy to have MS, but I first started having symptoms 10 years ago when I was 20. I was attending college in TN and one day started feeling numbness in ...
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my ms story

Since i was 13 I had crazy eye problem.Sometimes they were so painful that I couldn't go to class or move my eye. These eye pains would come out of nowhere and last only for a few days. I just kept living a normal life. I have also been known to fall a lot but never thought anything of it.When I turned 20 the falls came more often. But again I didn't think anything of ...
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Hello..New Here and Recently Diagnosed

Hello Everyone,

Though I have been "lurking" for quite some time, this is my first official post. You all share such great information and it has helped me tremendously. I have suspected for quite sometime that I have had MS, but just recently had it confirmed...finally..thank goodness by an MS Specialist. My first neurologist was a mess in that he misread my lumbar puncture. I had 9 oligoclonal bands and an elevated Igg Index and ...
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Time to throw the ball out of the pram !

I'm looking at the Aubagio tablets wondering whether to take the plunge, shall I take it tonight or the morning, after 3 years of uncertainty and then a diagnosis I'm heading into yet more uncertain territory and quite frankly I'm ready to throw my ball out of the pram. My body seems to have its own agenda and not invited me to the party which I am finding very inconvenient and frustrating and now just ...
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Newly Diagnosed

Hi I have had problems with walking, balance and extreme tiredness since Feb up to that point was very healthy. I was on holiday in Turkey when symptoms first appeared and ended up in hospital out there. Since returning to the Uk I seem to have spent more time waiting for appointments than getting any nearer a diagnosis. I was finally diagnosed with Relapsing Remittent Multiple Sclerosis in the middle of September and at first ...
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Possible MS would like input

Hi, All. My name is Anita, I am 45 years old. I just recently got referred to a neurosurgeon/neurologist due to my thoracic spine having 4 ruptured disc. It happened in an auto accident 5 years ago and has severely progressed. Some of my symptoms can be explained by this but many cannot. I am listing all of my symptoms below. The ones with * have been going on 4-5 years or longer. The rest ...
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scared of spinal lesion, or just BFS?

Hi everyone, i am a bit scared, not of MS, but of other motor neuron disorders really... please tell me does anyone else experience what i go through. So, a few years ago, i was in the best shape of my life, working out daily and lifting weights, eating clean, then i got norovirus (and also my test was equivocal for salmonella) and then BAM my life drastically changed. I got fasiculations and lots of ...
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