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Introduction, learned a bit, hungry for something new

The very first MS symptom that I noticed practically scared me out of my skin.

As I drifted into actual sleep and genuinely lost consciousness, a violent hip flexor sort of spasm would hit my body and ruin the moment.

At first, I assessed it as a side effect of an exposure to PVC plastic. Cutting some of that to make a clothing rack resulted in a faceful of the dust from it.

That happened ...
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Support A Boy’s Swim for MS!!

Hi, my son is a 6th grader in an elementary school. He is doing a service learning project by participating in the national Swim for MS fundraising activity to help raise awareness and funds to support individuals with multiple sclerosis. His grandma suffers from Parkinson’s disease and can’t walk and has severe speaking problems. He feels the connection with the MS patients and wants to do something in his own way to help. He loves ...
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New to this Site...Old to MS ;-)

Hi There, My name is Liezil, I am 40 and have had RRMS for the past 18 years. I use Rebif and have just moved to Dubai with my husband and daughter (12). Our Son studies in South Africa at university. My question is to anyone living in Dubai or having lived there. Is there ANY medical insurance company that will NOT exclude MS and also how do I go about getting my Rebif here. ...
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New Here With a Whole Lot To Say :)

Hi There ! My name is Kara and I'm 25 year old mother of two biological children and a stepdaughter. My oldest is 4 almost 5, my stepdaughter is 3 and I also have a 8 month old son.

About 6 months ago I woke up to a completely numb right side of my body, I noticed this on a Thursday and by the weekend I noticed I was experiencing memory loss as well as ...
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Bowel Incontinence

Hi. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Today I had the most embarrassing moment of my life to date. I felt the need to go to the bathroom at work and went to 3 different bathrooms. I work Oil&Gas so the last one was the shop floor restroom. I was having difficulty holding it with all the walking as they aren't close. I had to wait on a stall opening all while trying to play ...
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Just Diagnosed, Not sure what to do about my work

Hi Everyone,

I am 27yr old female and I was just diagnosed with MS on Thursday Feb 20th, 2014. I had my first event in Mary 2013 which manifested as sudden buzzing in my feet, that spread all the way up to my thighs in a couple of days, and was the same in both legs. After my doctor did everything she could for me, which consisted of requesting an MRI, blood test & some ...
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I am new to this forum, but have been living with MS since 2011. I consider it a mild case because it doesn't really impact my abilities yet (a lot of numbness and tingling in my left hand and leg, but no real loss of function... I'd say 98% functionality).

Given the unique nature of the disease and how everyone experiences symptoms differently, I haven't had much interest or need to reach out to others ...
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Dealing with the news

last Friday I came to the ER with stroke like systems within 48 hrs my doc came in and told me the news that i have MS! I must say it shook me to the core of my soul! I tried to block out the news for a day that did not work very well.I think the hardest part so far was telling my 13 year old daughter she has been thru so many of ...
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New here

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, so please be patient.

My husband was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago after optic neuritis took most of his sight.

He was on Betaseron until about six months ago, when he changed doctors, and was put on copaxone
because he kept having relapses.

Since going on the Copaxone he has lost his appetite, and eats very little. He says food just gags him. He has lost ...
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HI Friends researchers of the centre for neuroscience research at children's health system believebto have found what they call a potentially novel therapeutic target. this would not only lessen the rate of deterioration of brain cells caused by MS
Read more ... -study.htm
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