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Hello and wanting feedback

Hi Everyone

I am feeling over whelmed at the moment because I've been feeling terrible for 6 weeks. It is really wearing me down.

12 years ago I was in London and woke up one morning in massive amounts of widespread pain, boiling hot and stiff everywhere and throbbing through all of my muscles and joints. I can feel my entire body, every inch of it. I ended up going back home to Australia and ...
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New to the Forum

Hello my name is Antonio, just recently turned 22 yay me! anyways so i decided to join the forum since i have a lot of questions & concerns & would really appreciate some advice & reassurance to calm me down or get answers. I'll try to make this as short & to the point as best as i can. Just really worried i have MS. Because from the research I've done it seems like a ...
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Hello from Singapore.

Hi everyone,

39 yo male here.
I starting experiencing constant dizziness/lightheadness in Apr 2015, went to see a nuero and had an MRI done on my brain in Sep the same year.
Was told by the nuero he could not find anything and the MRI was the best test possible.

Starting around Feb 2016, I started experiencing numbness and 'needles' on my scalp, arms and feet when I wake up.
Went back to the neuro, ...
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Making treatment decisions - new to the forum

Hi, just signed up as I'm looking for some input/support on choosing a treatment option, I have rrms but have been told it's fast acting so I 'shouldn't delay' starting treatment. They have offered me the option of basically anything available (UK) but are pushing towards Tysabri or Lemtrada both of which seem to have fairly terrifying side effect potential.
Would appreciate anyone's personal experiences having taken either of the above and how you actually ...
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I may have MS, please help. Sorry Long...

Good afternoon. I know that it takes a while to figure out if MS is the cause, but I have a story to tell. I hope that someone may be able to help me. Sorry that this is long, but I will condense the best I can:

I am 46, male, and from puerto rican decent. I am adopted and didn't know any family history until 4 days ago. I found my brother on Facebook. ...
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hello from northern bc canada

hello everyone. new here but have read though a few posts. mostly about medications and routines.
im from a small village in the north west coast of british columbia canada :) its beautiful i love it here, i was diagnosed this past summer with MS.
first major hurdle was Optic Neuritis was looking out on the water one day and noticed that my vision was clouded in ...
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Hi from NZ. Anyone on Tecfidera and Epilim/Depakote?????

Hi. I was dx in April this year and started Tecfidera three weeks ago. Since then my side effects have been minimal unless I don't eat enough then feel hideous. My major complaint is that I'm putting on weight. I have maintained my weight last three years eating the way I eat now so this is very frustrating. I'm also on Epilim for epilepsy. I'm wondering if anyone out there has experienced the two drugs ...
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New from Miami, Florida

Hello, my name is Wendy and my husband was diagnosed in 2009 when he was 33 years old. We live in Miami and have 2 boys, 11 and 3.

My husband is a musician, he founded and directs an organization dedicated to percussion. He keeps really busy and active, and is an amazing dad. I worked in architecture many years, and although I always helped him, I left a firm at the start of this ...
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Hello from the Motor City

Hello my name is Dave, I am from Michigan and am married for 24 years raising 2 boys 18 and 22. I was dx'd in 1997 with RR. I used to take Copaxone but never thought that it helped. Taking Gilenya now for 2 1/2 yrs. Recently I started seeing more and more ms patients using Vitamin D so I thought that I would give it a shot. I would like to hear from anyone ...
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Any suggestions would be great :)

Hi there all,

I didn't know exactly where to place this but I thought since it was my first post the Introduction board would do. A little about me: I'm a career counselor for disabled adults, 30 years old, married. I'll get straight to the point with facts...

Dad has MS, diagnosed about 10 years ago
60 years old
Farmer (can't do much anymore but refuses to retire completely)
Married for 39 years
3 kids ...
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