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*waves* hi from Wales

I'm Nikki and I'm new to the site.
I don't know yet whether I have MS, and am really just trying to get some answers about what's going on with my body.
I have previous diagnoses of ME and type 1 diabetes.

Nice to meet you all and thanks in advance for answering my silly questions!
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So here's my story. This just sucks!

Hi all. I am new to this site. So here's my story. I am a 41 yr old male. I do not have the official dx as of now however my appt on the 26th with neuro I suspect I will. I have been in flare up for aprox 3 months now. I am jc positive. Lyme negative. Vit d level is at 11. Vit b1 level at 3. Recent MRI's showed 7 lesions on ...
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Another newbie from Germany

Hi community.

My name is stefanie, I'm a 41 old german and i have ms since 2000.

The first years I had primarly sensizitation disorders under rebif and nearly was free of complaints. However, in august 2015 i suffered a severe thrust of vertigo. My doc tried AUBAGIO after this, but it did not work satisfyingly, so i had approx 5 thrusts in the last year. So i decided to try ZINBRYTA. My first injection ...
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34 year old mom, diagnosed last week .

My name is Crystal and last week I was told (via MRI) results that I have a couple of "small lesions" that require me to be referred to a neurologist. I have an appointment with him Monday and am equally scared and looking forward to it. This started last month when I started losing vision in my left eye, went to the eye doctor and BAM was hit with this new diagnosis. Its been ...
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I'm a newbie

Hello I'm new to this site.
I was DX July 2014, with RRRM MS, My question is my Neuro just said yesterday that it's not 100% I have MS because my last MRI didn't show any changes.
I've been taking Tecfidera since being DX. I've read where this medicine can help with getting no new lesions.
I'm really upset that if I don't have it why did she put me on all these drugs?
I ...
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New here

Hey I am new here and pretty sure I will be sticking around. I was rather suddenly told Wednesday (8/31) that I more than likely have MS. I went to see a neurological ophthalmologist for some new vision problems including the difficulty focusing after shifting my eyes and double vision while trying to focus. After focusing I had 20/15 vision. I then told him about an episode a few months previous with numbness on the ...
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New to MS and the forum

Hi all,
I am 54 and my diagnosis was just confirmed Monday 8/8/16 and I am still in the throws of my initial attack. It started on 7/14 with a 'bit of numbness' in my right thumb and fore finger and progressed from there to where my right side from my ear to my hand 'feels weird'. It feels like I have a very tight wristwatch on and my shirt feels like it has lead ...
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Greetings from NC

Hello everyone. A 42 years old man here from NC. Joined the discussion to participate. Wishing everyone a good overall health.
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Diagnosed August 4, 2016 - Dr. Recommended Copaxone

Hi. My name is Candice and I am 46 years old. I just got diagnosed with MS and the doctor wants me to start Copaxone injections. I'm kind of scared to take it because I'm not sure what to expect. My symptoms are dizziness, nausea, random pains in arms and legs. My left leg goes numb and sometimes my foot drags. I have lesions now in my brain and spine. I could use some support ...
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Newly Diagniosed

Hey! I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and did 5 days of Solu-Medrol last week. I met with my neuro yesterday and I have to decide which long term treatment to try. I am really confused and would love any recommendations. The choices he gave me are Avonex, Copaxone, REbiff, Beta Seron, Gilenya, Tectidera. I don't want to do Tysabri. My main symptoms now are optic neuritis (which is better) and numbness from waist down ...
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