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Here we go again. :)

Hi, ThisIsMS. I came here after getting myself kicked off of for posting honest personal opinions which that site's moderators took exception to because my opinions were unpopular. I did not insult anyone or deliberately provoke anyone. They sent me warning emails telling me that I was out of line for sharing my opinions on a discussion forum. I invited them to exercise their option as administrators to suspend my account and they did. ...
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Hi all,
I've posted a couple of messages in another group, but I'd like to introduce myself properly here.
I'm a 36 year old male diagnosed 2 years ago with RRMS. When I was initially diagnosed, I ended up spending a week in hospital as I was not in a good way and they wanted to keep me in for observation. MRIs showed significant scarring both in brain and spinal area, with one large scar ...
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Feeling overwhelmed

I am new to the idea that I may have MS and my ability to cope varies from day to day. I am waiting for a neurologist appointment at the moment. The earliest I can get is in May (I also may be insane with anxiety by then). I had sudden onset hearing loss about 7months ago. The ENT sent me for a MRI to make use there was no tumour. Fortunately no tumour but ...
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New to MS (RRMS)

After a three day hospital stay because the right side of my body went numb from head to toe and lots of tests later, I was diagnosed as RRMS in October.

I did the round of Solu Medrol & was never sicker. A short round of Acthar injections helped me regain feeling everywhere but my extremities. (My left hand & leg joined the party after Solu Medrol.) I did about 2 months of Tecfidera & ...
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It's PPMS, I'm certain. Good bye guys, sorry for the rant.

Here I lay in bed, on Christmas Eve, contemplating ending my life. In my early years I wished I could sleep the entire day and wake up with the toys under the tree. Not anymore. Now I wish I would wake up healthy.
I have tried in vain to get people to understand that the nerves in my leg demyelinate in heat or after exercise to no avail. Why does my leg feel numb in ...
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Tingling face-diagnosed with MS 5 days ago-booooooooo

I was diagnosed a few days ago. Boo. I started getting these "hot spots" like burning areas in random places that would come and go a few years ago. This year they were more frequent. They would last anywhere from 5 hours to a couple of days. I also had a little tingling in both hands that would come and go plus arm/leg weak feeling a few times that would be random and last a ...
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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody and I hope you're doing well...
I want to ask about something that I experienced in June 2011. So what happened:
I fell off my bike, with no injury at all... but it did stress me psychologically, as it was on some very steep hill and a dangerous road.
I've been stupid and started smoking 3 months before that time. I quit smoking as soon as symptoms appeared as I got really scared. ...
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New to MS

I'm waiting for MRI results and expecting a diagnosis of MS. I've had TM since 2006 and had two confirmed attacks, the second in 2009. I had a lesion at C4 in 2009 but brain scans have always been clear, as was a LP in 2007. I was told by my neuro in 2009 that I may go on to develop MS but he retracted this in 2012 as I had no other new ...
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New to ThisIsMS but not to RRMS

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this site - and it was quite by accident! Well, here goes with my story of MS (and what lead up to it).

I got my first migraine in December of 1989. I spent many years fighting the debilitating pain. I took pain medication to stop them. I took prescribed medication to prevent them. Hell, I even washed said medications down with alcohol (not recommended ...
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Hello... Probable MS, no diagnosis until at least January

Hello all, it's nice to "meet" you!

I'm a soon-to-be 28 year old with two kids, 4 and 2. I've had some symptoms of MS for a few years now, but I'd always attributed most of them to having kids (of course you're exhausted and can't get out of bed, why wouldn't your hands twitch when you work on a computer all day, your vision is blurry because the kids/work are frustrating, it's just stress, ...
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