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No mri

No mri

Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:57 am

Hi..I am neg lyme and lupus with many MS symptoms. Buzzing sensation left leg, black hole in vision, burning sensation left neck and back, foggy headed, feel bruised on left arm but no bruising. Neuro said non contrast brain mri was clean so it cannot be MS. Can I have cognitive issues if there are lesions on spine and not brain? He did not seem to ...
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How do I help my husband thru his flares?

My husband was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago after a bout of optic neuritis. He was symptom free for 12 years. Now he has flares whenever he is stressed. His symptoms are mostly neurological. He will become emotional and then seem awake but not able to function. Sometimes he will just sit and it will pass, but other times he seems insistent on finishing whatever he was doing but he is not able to ...
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New User....Intro

Hello all, I've been dx since 1996, rrms, on Gilenya for a year now. Wanting to know if any of you have had side effects of chills, flu-like symptoms, bad headaches, nausea, extreme tiredness (worse than usual ms fatigue)...if so, what have you done about it? Thanks
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Im new here and have some questions :)

Hi my name is Emma and I just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I just started getting a tightness in my knees and im very worried. Does anyone else have this problem?
Thank you
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Just stumbled on this site and wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I say stumbled although I am sitting but I do tend to stumble quite often so it seemed to fit :wink:
I am a 40 something female with a MS diagnosis for the past 19 years, although they said I probably had MS since my early teens. I was forcibly retired from nursing about 13 yrs ago, and went back to school for a degree in ...
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Hello everyone!

I'm new here. A colleague of mine pointed me to this site. I was given an initial diagnosis of MS on Dec 30th, and i have additional tests over the next two weeks. Tomorrow i go in for EVOKES and i have a lumbar puncture scheduled for the 17th. I actually posted about my story here: ... in-review/

I plan to continue to post about the journey. Right ...
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I'm new to this. So: Hello! To everyone!

I'm showing the common signs of having MS. It's going to be a rough time to even get some tests done to see if I'm positive for having MS. There is a free clinic in my city that I can go to, but they only call you back when they are testing for what you have or think you have. I do not have any kind of insurances; state or otherwise. I don't work either. ...
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diagnosed just under a year, now what

Back in 2010 I was at the emerg with face numbness and very druppy on the left side, since then had had many ct scans and MRI'S. I have over 35 leisons on the brain one large one very close to the spine. I have now been diagnosed with MS.
I am in my mid 50's and apparently have a mild case. However not sure what is in store for me. I have so many ...
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Maybe MS. Maybe not. Either way I'm new here!

Hi folks!

My name is Lisa and I'm a 25 year old brand spanking new to a management career, just finished my masters and now I'm told I might have MS. The doctors kind of fluctuate, I think depending on their mood of the day, about whether or not I have MS. I have been diagnosed by several doctors and then told I was misdiagnosed by others. That makes it really hard to feel like ...
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A Warm Hello

A warm hello to the group!

I wanted to introduce myself and officially join the community. I came here as a visitor searching for information and found a lot of great advice for people at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

For me, I'm entering my 4th year in limbo land. Finances and pre-existing condition exclusions made that period longer than it needed to be, but I'm getting closer to a diagnosis now. The worst ...
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