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Keeping secret

Hi all. I'm new to the forum, don't know where to start. I have been diagnosed almost 15 yrs. I am 66, a grandma to 14 grand kids who live nearby, my family is a close loving, doing things together family. I am still on my feet, but walking is getting js harder especially steps. I am trying to keep my diagnosis I secret from all but family. A person in our circle of friends ...
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scared out of my mind

It began a month ago. I had burning sensation in my right foot which got progressively worse. Following this I started to get numbness in both legs and then muscle spasms in randsom places on my body but especially in my legs.

I went to the doc and got full bloodwork which came back with a vitamin d level of 20. I also got an ana blood test which came back negative. I was referred ...
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My spider senses tell me...

Hi guys, I'm Stephanie. I love art (enjoying & creating), gardening, playing with my dog, and pumping iron :). I have pretty eclectic taste in hobbies -- I'm a compulsive hobbyist, as I like to say. I love to read anything I can get my hands on (except concerning politics and other touchy, bias-prone subjects) and journal.

I'm the type of person who hates being sick, hates ...
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Recently diagnosed with 'atypical' MS - next steps unknown

Hi everyone! I'm Holly - age 39, mom to 3 kids.

I was finally diagnosed about 3 months ago. I've had symptoms since 2001, mainly cognitive problems, poor memory, bladder issues, but despite seeing multiple doctors over all those years I kept being diagnosed with "depression". Finally this year I had a horrible headache that didn't respond to any treatment for three straight months and convinced my family doc to order an MRI. The MRI ...
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new to this site - switching to Tecfidera

Hi everyone,

How great we can connect and share our experiences. I am about to start Tecfidera, and am fairly apprehensive about it - especially after reading all the posts. I plan to eat a proper meal, drink lots of water, and hope that plain yogurt will help the stomach problems without diminishing absorption of the drug.

I have a full time job and travel for work. I have done well on injections since diagnosis ...
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M.S walk! Mri next week will it show?

Hi all,
I am currently undiagnosed. However, my last MRI was a year ago and was marked as non specific. Last week I had an episode of opticians neuritis, my left eye lost total vision and everything went grey but it's has resolved itself . Since then I can barely walk, I now have the very typical and very noticeable m.s walk, my legs are wider, I can barely shuffle along and my foot has ...
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I live in Toronto anyone else there ?

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this forum and am looking for someone who is a South Asian and lives in
Toronto to share symptoms. Are there any support groups in Peel ? I know of MS Society
anything else. Please help. I have a formal diagnosis of MS
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vitimin D and M.S?

Does anyone have either m.s symptoms or a diagnosis of m.s, who have low vitamin D? mine was low and I am undiagnosed. My vit D levels was not requested in my blood test it was found incidently. I've been reading that research has found that not only can low vit d make people higher risk of developing m.s, but in 90%of m.s suffers generally have low levels of vit D,, I found this very ...
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Thank You Dr. Wheldon!

Dear Dr. Wheldon,
I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive 3 years ago. It nearly ended my life, not from the disease but from the effects it had on my life. I lost my job, I lost my credit, I essentially lost my life.
My neurologist told me when I was first diagnosed that I would be in a wheelchair, but case scenario, a walker for the rest of my life.
I flipped that idea the ...
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Help with Medical Insurance Approval

My daughter was diagnosed with MS in May, but has been unable to get on a treatment program. Because of the severity of the attack and the location of the lesions on her spine, three different MS doctors have recommended an aggressive treatment program of either Tysabri or Tecfidera. Because we could not find good information on the risks of Tysabri, she chose Tecfidera, but her medical insurance will not approve Tecfidera as an initial ...
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