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F/26, Newly Diagnosed 11-1-2013, on Gilenya

Hi! I've had my diagnosis for a month and a half; I've been on Gilenya for two weeks, and I'm female, happily married, and 26 years old.

I was reluctant to join a message board; I was afraid it would be just a lot of symptom comparing, like one person says "my legs are so weak I can hardly walk," and another person responds, "oh, that's nothing - my legs are so weak I can't ...
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How were you told of your Dx?

My neuro called after my MRI brain and LS spine. Despite the fact that I saw the films and read the report (didn't seem too significant other than some tumors on my L5 and S2 and S3) she called and asked me to come in on Christmas Eve to "talk." This is the first time in six years that she has done this. I am worried to say the least. Should I be? How were ...
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New here

I am new here. Thank you for having me. I am 45 and a mom of six children ages 16, 12, 11, 8, 7 and 4. I have been married now 19 years. I have had "suspected MS" for about five years. Had an MRI in 2010 with nothing really unusual. This one I had today showed a bunch of white spots. I attached the photo. Hope it's not too big. Does anyone have any ...
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Looking for answers...

Hi, my name is Tamara and I am a 29 year old mother and wife. I am writing b/c lately I have been experiencing some weird symptoms. I've been to MANY doctors in all different fields and still no answers. I have been doing a lot of research and MS is the only thing that really seems to make sense to me. Here is my story (a little personal)...

From the time I was about ...
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Newly diagnosed, facing some difficult questions

hello everyone, I was recently diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS about 2 months ago...

I'm 26 years old... I have a brother who has primary progressive MS diagnosed when he was 20 and is currently almost fully wheelchair bound...
I'm an MD currently in my second year of surgical residency program. As I'm sure all of you went through this, I keep asking my self weather I should seek a new career path or at ...
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New to forum, lots of questions.

Hello all, I was diagnosed in 2008 with relapse-remitting and have been on Tysabri for two and a half years now. Not sure that it's working so great, though; six months ago, I could run five miles, now, I walk with a severe foot drop. I will post some of my comments/concerns in the Tysabri board. Until then, greetings, and I hope you, yes YOU are having an awesome day.
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New MS Carer

I'm the partner/carer of my girlfriend who has MS.... Just thought I'd say hello:) We post on the site a fair bit

I have chronic renal failure as well, just to add to the fun:) She's learning about my condition, I about MS.. We hope, whatever means to stay independent to some degree and live together.. Life is a challenge :)

So hello all:)

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New here...confused...but dealing

Good morning!

First off, I must confess I've been stalking this forum for about two months. I have learned so much from all the posts on here. I would have been a basket case after diagnosis if it weren't for the knowledge I gained before my appointment.

This might get long, but need to get it out...Thank you in advance for your time and patience.

I was diagnosed with CIS on November 5th, two days ...
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Newly diagnosed today

Finally got a call back from my neuro, and with one lesion on my brain and one on my spine that caused left sided parathesis (numbness) last August, and with more than five oligoclonal bands in CSF, I have my MS diagnosis. I was actually more upset at the doc not calling back for more than a week after her knowing the results (long story) than the actual dx.

Anyway, now I'm trying to figure ...
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Family History of MS

Hey guys,
This is the first time I have used a forum, so here goes. I am a college student, and just been starting to deal with what I have been hiding in the back of my mind for all of my life. My dad has MS. He was diagnosed around 20 years ago. He is doing fine and on Copaxone. He does not have any noticeable physical symptoms, or any others that he has ...
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