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New Here - New Diagnosis

Hello everyone! I hope that you all are doing well today and are not too miserable with your symptoms. :) I returned to work for the first time today in weeks because I have felt so awful. I did not work a full 12 hour shift and I still came home, went straight to bed to sleep, and I feel like I have been run over by ...
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new to this but i have a question to anyone who has thoughts. i was diagnosed in 84 and have taken methotraxte since 85 and have been lucky in the sense that my ms has remained fairly mild. i cant work (due to fatigue) walk badly and my balance is poor. about 2 months ago my doc took me off of the methotraxte and started me on tecfidera and i have real problems with ...
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Hi my symptoms started 3 years ago! I was having numbness down my left side to my toes! Just a nagging feeling I can't put into words! I then started having issues with word finding! I also felt a heaviness in my left cheek! Went to md and MRI of brain done which was negative! I would like to add I suffer from anxiety! I've had this numbness off and on since then! I also ...
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newly diagnosed help!

I was just diagnosed with MS after a lumbar puncture, MRI, blood work, and Eye exam. I have several lesions on my brain and i have numbness and tingling in my my legs, arms, and face. everything came back that I didn't have MS except for the lesions. I am scared how can they be sure that it is MS?
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New to support in general.

I am a 27 year old male who was diagnosed 4 years ago with MS, apparently I have had lesions in my brain since I was a preteen. I have not been given a type other than MS. It may be because I have not been able to get medication. I have been fighting for it since 2012 because I was under the impression the paperwork I gave to my doctor, which was the ssi ...
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Hello from Canada, eh!

Hello hello.

Will keep this short. Have PPMS that hit pretty quickly. Symptoms started 2009 (EDSS of 6.0 within months), official diagnosis in 2012. I'm now at about 6.5 and thinking of tricking out my rollator -- racing stripes! custom rims! :lol:

I'm pretty upbeat and positive but without the "woo" factor. I'm a very realistic person when it comes to my future, but it shouldn't be ...
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hello everyone! :-D
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Caregiver for 12+ years

My name is Laura. I've been a caregiver for my husband James for over 12 years. His first onset was November 2001 - ON. We had a 4 1/2 month old son, his first newborn (and only), my fourth. It took 15 months for an official DX. The last 3 years MS has taken its toll physically. As we wait and hope for SSDI, we're trying not to be evicted and pay the bills. At ...
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33 year old male with RRMS

Hello everyone!!

My name is Bryan and I live in Alaska. I figured I would share my story with people and also talk to others with MS so i have people that would understand and also share what I go through. Every day I experience pain, headaches, dizziness, you name it. Have fell down a flight of stairs last year because of weekness and dizziness. But I'm trucking along...

I apologize ahead of time for ...
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Confused of MS diagnosis


Reading MS report and confused about the conclusion:

"At least 7 focal white matter lesions are scattered throughout the blah blah..fulfilling McDonald criteria for MS....
However there is no contrast enhancement of these lesions to confirm a newly developed lesion or previous imaging available for comparison to confirm dissemination in time. Clinical review and ongoing imaging follow up therefore is recommended to further confirm the suspected diagnosis of MS"

Now does this mean docs ...
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