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I am new to this forum, but have been living with MS since 2011. I consider it a mild case because it doesn't really impact my abilities yet (a lot of numbness and tingling in my left hand and leg, but no real loss of function... I'd say 98% functionality).

Given the unique nature of the disease and how everyone experiences symptoms differently, I haven't had much interest or need to reach out to others ...
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Dealing with the news

last Friday I came to the ER with stroke like systems within 48 hrs my doc came in and told me the news that i have MS! I must say it shook me to the core of my soul! I tried to block out the news for a day that did not work very well.I think the hardest part so far was telling my 13 year old daughter she has been thru so many of ...
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New here

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, so please be patient.

My husband was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago after optic neuritis took most of his sight.

He was on Betaseron until about six months ago, when he changed doctors, and was put on copaxone
because he kept having relapses.

Since going on the Copaxone he has lost his appetite, and eats very little. He says food just gags him. He has lost ...
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HI Friends researchers of the centre for neuroscience research at children's health system believebto have found what they call a potentially novel therapeutic target. this would not only lessen the rate of deterioration of brain cells caused by MS
Read more ... -study.htm
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New and Med Free

Hi I just jumped on this site today looking for others who are taking the natural path like me. I was diagnosed in 2008. I used Copaxone for a year and a half. Due to numerous side-effects or allergic reactions, I quit. I focus on vegan/raw vegan and gluten free diet. I also do yoga, walk and running. I've been symptom free since I quit meds. I also believe that stress or emotional repression has ...
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Hello everyone

hello everyone, my name is Christopher Barra. I am a 24 year old male (25 in two weeks :-| ) I am brand new to this website and just wanted to introduce myself.
So 5 years ago (20 years old) I had a run in with optic neuritis in my left eye. They could never figure out what it was from. But all my tests for ms ...
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New to the board

Hi all. New, obviously. I do not have MS but know someone with it. I am here to seek information and advice and learn as much as I can. Thank you!
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new here but not new to MS

I have had ms since 1998 or thats when they thought I had but no symptoms lol I truly didnt know what was happening doctors finally in 2005 decided I did for sure have it and started me on meds been on a few rebiff ,the infusion and now tecfidera I love tecfidera I love how much better I have been feeling infusion put me in hospital twice so was off any meds for it ...
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No mri

No mri

Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:57 am

Hi..I am neg lyme and lupus with many MS symptoms. Buzzing sensation left leg, black hole in vision, burning sensation left neck and back, foggy headed, feel bruised on left arm but no bruising. Neuro said non contrast brain mri was clean so it cannot be MS. Can I have cognitive issues if there are lesions on spine and not brain? He did not seem to ...
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How do I help my husband thru his flares?

My husband was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago after a bout of optic neuritis. He was symptom free for 12 years. Now he has flares whenever he is stressed. His symptoms are mostly neurological. He will become emotional and then seem awake but not able to function. Sometimes he will just sit and it will pass, but other times he seems insistent on finishing whatever he was doing but he is not able to ...
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