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End stage of SPMS?

I am in what I consider to be the end stages of SPMS. I was diagnosed in 2005 with practically no symptoms and in the past 10 years I have gone downhill to the point that I can no longer stand for more than 30 seconds - let alone walk. I have no use of my left arm and left leg and about 20% use of my right leg. The last thing to go will ...
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New to Forum


I'm new to this forum. Diagnosed in 1998. On Copaxone since 2000. Just started Wahls Protocol. I'm noticing a lot of changes but none feel good.

Anyone out there notice physical discomfort at the beginning of the Wahls Protocol. Maybe a detox thing?

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introducing myself

Hello fellow peeps-

I was diagnosed 6 months ago, at 59 with MS & 1 yr ago with Parkinson's.

It's taken me this long to adjust to my newfound anomalies. Having a double whammy of two Diseases with similiar symptoms its hard to know which IS which.the Meds I take for Parkinsons work well so most of my tremors and slowness are under control. I currently am not on any medicine for MS. I was ...
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Diagnosed and confused

I was diagnosed last year and I was in complete shock. My symptoms were slurred speech and my eyes unfocusing. Now I have trouble walking long distances and my legs are in constant pain. My neurologist says that its not caused by the MS but all other test for auto immune diseases come back negative. Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause?
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Introduction of myself

ok, not sure how this whole introduction goes but here it is...
My name is Jennifer and I was diagnosed in 2010 when I was brought to the hospital due to increasing difficulty walking and numbness up to my chest. They immediately did an MRI and found an active lesion on my spine in the back of my neck. I was put on cortisone and kept for a week at the hospital.
Since then I ...
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I'm a new member and I don't speak english very well. I'm a french guy.
My best friend (like my brother!!) has a Sclerosis 10 years ago and I would like to help him.
I've read a lot of things about Dr David Wheldon and Sarah Longlands and I would like to know if some French Doctors apply Dr Wheldon protocol?
if someone speaks French , it would be easier for me...
Thanks to ...
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New here, not yet diagnosed

Hi All,

I' Sarah or Cherry, 29, female and I'm new here and not yet diagnosed, actually having difficulty getting drs to listen, I've been told it's all in my head, accused of being overly dramatic, hysterical, even borderline for asking drs to look into things.

I've been experiencing unexplained symptoms for about 3 years now that have gotten progressively worse. At first I was having trouble with numbness in my right leg and some ...
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Confusion. New to all this.

Hey everyone! My name is Sean Kennedy I am 18 years old from Massachusetts. I am having a lot of different symptoms that have been going on and off for about 5 years. I have weakness in my left arm and leg, sometimes I lose feeling in this area, when I was 14 years old I was in a wheelchair due to the weakness. I have bad memory issues. I have had MRI and spinal ...
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New here MS/Lyme diagnosis

Hi everybody! I'm a 39 year old male whose completely confused from all the doctors. After going through a number of symptoms, I tested positive for Lyme disease. However upon visiting my local MS clinic, the doctor believes it's MS. I was treated for Lyme disease, so now I have to wait until October to have another MRI to determine whether or not I still have the legions. While I hold out hope that it's ...
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still no diagnosis

Hello today. I introduced myself last summer and am still undiagnosed. ALL tests show nothing. Mostly through the winter I am symptom free, just a minor symptom here and there. Then summer happens.... my neurologist is trying me on Adderall to see if it helps the central nervous system. He says this is just like MS but no proof anywhere. ALS has been mentioned but the symptoms basically go away for the winter. This is ...
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