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So I had sort of posted here before when I had a feeling that I may have MS. I didn't post much after, because I hadn't been diagnosed.

Well within the last month I suddenly got a black dot in my vision which grew over day and my vision went grey (only in my right eye). Initially I thought it was optic neuritis, and family members who have MS said that ON was what lead ...
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My name is Kristin, I'm 24.. I'm a navy wife & mother of an almost 4 yr old little girl. I'm very active, or at least I was.. I posted a thread in the 'undiagnosed' section. My drs are right now ruling out autoimmune diseases but are also looking at MS. I have a wide array of symptoms... From numbness & tingling, joint pain & puffiness, possible optic neuritis... To twitching muscles all over my ...
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Occupational therapy students need your help :)


We are occupational therapy students at San Jose State University and we are writing a paper on MS. We would love to learn more about MS and how it has impacted your life. We would gladly appreciate any information anyone can provide on when they were diagnosed, age, gender, and how MS has impacted several areas of occupation that occupational therapists address. This includes:

taking care of yourself (including: bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.)
sleep ...
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newbie confused


This is my first post although I have been stalking the site since I was diagnosed in September 2012! :lol: (I am shy I guess or just overwhelmed) I am 44 and have had a history of migraines and dizziness since @ 30. Long story short:

I went to Johns Hopkins ER upon waking up with right sided tingling and numbness was admitted and diagnosed.
Put ...
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Finally an answer to my symptoms. Wasn't expecting MS

I was just diagnosed, after more than a year of symptoms. Doctors, therapists, all looking at the individual symptoms, and all of us ignoring the ones that didn't make sense in the picture. Now, after having a breakdown from the stress of wondering how long I would still have my job. I needed to do my job! The tests just didn't point out what it was. And the fear broke me. Several months, more therapy, ...
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Hello there

I am a 74 year old great grandmother who has r/r/m/s/. Although only diagnosed in 1999, I'm pretty confident I have had this condition since my teens. I consider that I'm pretty lucky in that I still only use a walking stick and, on bad days, a wheelie walker.
Living in the sub tropics I find the weather does affect me but have a couple of air conditioners and many fans in the ...
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Dos this seem reasonable?

Saw a another neuro yesterday for second opinion. Said b/c I have had 5 brain MRIs over the last 10 years, I do not have MS. He said it would have presented itself with other symptoms by now. I expressed my concern about all of them being on open machines. He said it's not that hard to pick up MS. He said his sub specialty is MS and he has dx'd over 8000 cases. Left ...
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Keeping secret

Hi all. I'm new to the forum, don't know where to start. I have been diagnosed almost 15 yrs. I am 66, a grandma to 14 grand kids who live nearby, my family is a close loving, doing things together family. I am still on my feet, but walking is getting js harder especially steps. I am trying to keep my diagnosis I secret from all but family. A person in our circle of friends ...
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scared out of my mind

It began a month ago. I had burning sensation in my right foot which got progressively worse. Following this I started to get numbness in both legs and then muscle spasms in randsom places on my body but especially in my legs.

I went to the doc and got full bloodwork which came back with a vitamin d level of 20. I also got an ana blood test which came back negative. I was referred ...
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My spider senses tell me...

Hi guys, I'm Stephanie. I love art (enjoying & creating), gardening, playing with my dog, and pumping iron :). I have pretty eclectic taste in hobbies -- I'm a compulsive hobbyist, as I like to say. I love to read anything I can get my hands on (except concerning politics and other touchy, bias-prone subjects) and journal.

I'm the type of person who hates being sick, hates ...
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