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Hello! Just diagnosed and have some questions. :)

Hello all!

My name is Erica and I am a 29 year-old stand up comic from Cincinnati. I was just diagnosed with MS after a week-long hospital stay precipitated by optic neuritis and a subsequent inability to walk normally. After admission, I had horrible pain shooting down my legs as well as severe neck and back pain. After five days of IV steroids in the hospital, my symptoms were significantly better. Having been off the ...
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Hi, I was diagnosed over2 years ago with RRMS I can't ever remember having an attack/relapse but I must have done? I have symptoms like severe dingling all over is my MS getting worse? my balance most days is good I just find it so confusing.
thanks Sue
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The MS Hug help

I am a new member. I am desperately seeking advice for my mother. She is a long time MS sufferer and is having a really hard time with "the hug". I posted a new thread for my question below:


Any help is so much appreciated. She is in a lot of pain.
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reengaging w/ ms stuff

this is mostly copy/pasted from a reintroduction I posted on a far less active board yesterday

My account has been dormant so long that I think I registered with an email attached to an ISP that I abandoned years ago. I was psyched when this forum started and it seemed to be attracting good people, but I started to feel like I was dedicating too much time to my identity as a patient and stopped ...
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Stem Cell treatment

Stem Cell treatment in China. my mum and I have found a hospital in china that does this treatment and are trying to find out if its a scam or not. read loads on this and are prepared to pay for it. just wondering if anyone has been or can help us to find out if its for real
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Diagnosed Monday...confused about spinal tap?

Hi, I'm new here! I just got diagnosed a couple days ago. I went into the ER with left leg numbness assuming it was a pinched nerve and instead they performed an MRI on my brain and found brain lesions and swelling. I spoke to a neurologist who gave me a spinal tap, but I'm still pretty confused by the diagnosis. It's not just that it was completely unexpected, but I won't get the spinal ...
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The start of an adventure...

Hi There!

I am a 48 year-old male recently diagnosed (last Monday) with relapsing/remitting MS.

This comes after 3 years of confusion created by doctors in various countries (in the Middle East) without the necessary experience of MS to make the correct diagnosis. Now I am in New Zealand and it took only 2 months to get the answer I always suspected.

I experience substantial balance problems and have great numbness/lack of feeling in both ...
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Not new to MS but can't find a stable job

Hello all I am in my fourth year of having MS and cannot find a stable job. I have a contract job that I can go back to in about 5 weeks. The bad thing is that it is shifts which somehow I handled it and called in when my legs were feeling weak. My last 4 months I was forced to work on a different crew and was no happy because I had to ...
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Diagnosed today

Hi all,

As per the subject title, I was diagnosed with MS today and have joined the board in order to read others stories, share stories, and enlighten myself on MS and the treatments available.

In 2009, I had woken up one morning and felt that I was going blind. My vision was blurry in both eyes. If I was to use my peripheral vision, or to turn my head to the left, my right ...
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New to MS forums...

This is my first MS forum I've ever been on, so I don't really know what to expect. My mother, a nurse, was diagnosed with MS-relapsing/remitting in December of 2009. I was 18 years old and a freshman in college so I didn't really care/understand what this diagnosis was going to mean for my family. I'm now 22 years old and a month away from graduating from nursing school. I'm now MUCH more aware of ...
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