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Hello all

Hi everyone, I'm new here and want to start by saying this seems like a good forum. I don't visit forums much, but I have no friends or family to speak of, so I thought it'd be worthwhile to start communicating with people, even if it is digital, about this nasty thing called MS. I started feeling weird in 2010 while going to university and checked into the hospital. They did ct's, mri's, labs and ...
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Please read! I am scared and need advice :(

Hello all!

My name is Amy and I was recently diagnosed (two months ago) with clinically definite multiple sclerosis.

I have several active lesions in my brain ...none on my spine so far...but I have developed new symptoms since. I also have positive oligoclonal bands and IG index in CSF.

Two years ago, I started experiencing severe back spasm episodes. They could last a few minutes to about 15 minutes and were extremely severe. Sometimes, ...
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Hi everyone!

I am a 25 year old girl living in Scandinavia(so i apologise in advance for my spelling;)
I was just diagnosed three weeks ago. I have already started on Tecfidera and have finished my 2nd day with the full dose.

Fysically Im doing ok, some minor flushing 3-4 hours after taking my morning dose, a bit tierd(may have somthing to do with the mental stress of de diagnosis and the lack of dayligth ...
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Caregiver Turmoil

I am posting here because I just need to vent these emotions whirling around inside me in a place my girl cannot see.

My daughter has incomplete transverse myelitis - she was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with a lesion between C2/C3. The right side of her body was going completely numb from her shoulders down. We have been through series after series of tests and the news is not positive. They ...
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Just recently Diagnoised after a year of testing

I am new here and I was just diagnoised recently. My doctor gave me a list of meds to research and decide on so that I could talk with him at my next visit in a couople of weeks. I am so confused reading all of this it is very overwhelming. I do not really have many symptoms yet, that is why he wants to start me on something. I have the brain lesions, fatigue ...
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New to forum but old to MS

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with MS in 2010 when I was 19 and its been 5 years since I have been facing numerous attacks of RRMS. I currently started with Avonex-Beta-interferon 1a injection and have been facing all the side effects like (flu like symptoms, shivering to the extreme, head ache, muscle ache till the next day, breathing problems) and all this stops only after the next day with almost 3 dosage of Dolo-650 ...
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Long time with MS, new to the forum!

Hello! I'm 36 and was diagnosed at age 27. I have no disability at present, but do struggle with symptoms on occasion. I guess I'm here because I'm curious about other people's experience living with MS.
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Hi everyone nyd, could valium have been masking my symptoms

Hi all first time posting here. I recently stumbled across an ms wiki page while looking for reasons my back might of been spasming and tingling and feeling a weird sort of numbness. I was horrified as the more I read the more I realised I had so so so many of the symptoms associated with ms that I had just ignored and put down to other logical explanation. I promptly went to my gp ...
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New - undiagnosed - scared...

Hi all,

I posted my basic story over, so I won't repeat it all. But in a nutshell, I've been having numbness in my arms and legs (and part of my torso). Some of this may be unrelated - for instance, I think the pain in my arms is more likely due to a radiculopathy than anything MS, in large part because it's mostly in discrete fingers that relate to specific nerves, but I ...
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As I sit in the opthamologist office waiting for my left eye to dilate so I can be checked out for ON, I write to introduce myself. I am a wife and mom of two and have been diagnosed for 2 years. My mom has MS as well... I came here looking for support. It's nice to have family support but hard not to be able to talk about how I feel and really not ...
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