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30 year Anniversary with ms

Hello! I am checking out new forums and trying to connect with other m.s.' rs.
I was diagnosed in '86, the same month as my 1st marriage. I had numbness and tingling which led me to a neurologist, an MRI and a spinal tap. I was lucky that my Dr. suspected immediately.
I don't want to downplay the years but overall they were pretty good.
Started Avonex when it was new and the only others ...
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Hello, Newbie Here

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but have had a lot of changes going on lately and wanted to share with you guys to get some insight from others that have already been dealing with MS for a while.

I am a 50 year old male.

In late 2012 I was having tinnitus in my left ear, headaches on the left side of my head, some coordination issues with reaching for things and ...
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Hello, Dealing With MS for over 20 Years

From northern lower Michigan. Have been on Avonex weekly injections since 1996. Have been taking over the counter D3 10,000ml & B complex vitamins for the last couple of years with no new exerbations since. Just starting to review this website and so far have found it enlightening! Good to be part of this community! Joel
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Fiancee was diagnosed in June

Greetings! My sweet, intelligent, bella Italian fiancee was diagnosed in June last year. I guess you all understand how many questions I have! So, she is in the hospital as I write this. She was on the floor of her bathroom for hours, bleeding rectally, in pain. Her tongue has also been giving her problems. She is not giving to complaining so I do not know of any other symptoms right now. She is only ...
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I'm not really "new"

I was first diagnosed a year after having my oldest son right after a frightening bout of optic neuritis.

That child is almost eleven now.

I set out on the Internet to learn as much as I could and was faced with every bleak and downtrodden, personal website known to man. No hope or humor. Also no escape as there were also posts disparaging people who didn't want to embrace their new future. It was ...
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New here, scared, lots of questions

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to have found these boards. I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

I had optic neuritis in 2009. It resolved and, while I had an MRI that showed a couple of v. small lesions, the neuro said they were more typical of migraine and that was that. My vision was restored.

In 2010 I had weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, not a bypass) and had felt terrific for ...
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Are new posts moderated?

I'm new here and wrote a longish introduction post but don't see it ... ?
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haven't been here in a while so let me reintroduce myself

Hello everybody,

I run a activity group for people with MS in New York City (surprisingly there wasn't one anywhere in the tri-state area) and if you're interested please do join, it's free! -

Several meetups on the schedule with more to come. Suggestions always welcome.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks, ToNY :-)
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What to make of this....ideas needed!

Hi all, first visit here, I wonder if anyone has any ideas about this?

I have l'hermittes sign.

Following a bout of flu in Feb 2015 I had a spell of dizziness which started my referral an ENT who said labrynthitis, then vestibular neuritis as I had no hearing damage and passed all the audio/visual tests. Told to do a load of neck exercises, vestibular rehabilitation for the ear/balance issue. I reckon 250,000 vigorous ...
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Recent Dx'ed

Hi all -

I am a 33yo male and was Dx'ed with RRMS in Sept 2015, I was having a right eye issue that my eye Dr. couldn't figure out (it wasn't due to ON, it was the location of a lesion) and he kept telling me to ride it out... I went to my primary and he got me an MRI the next week which showed 3 active lesions and 3-4 inactive ones. About ...
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