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Robbie: Why did you go off the LDN??

I'm sorry if you have already posted this info but I have not had a chance to check in here for a while but why did you go off the LDN at all?
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Insurance Company Denial

Atlantic Blue Cross has denied my claim for LDN. I submitted a special authorization form (after it was denied the first time) that the neurologist filled out, and they still won't allow me to put my prescription costs for LDN through for reimbursement. It reads "Established payment criteria indicates that Revia is not reimbursed for treatment of MS".

There are so many things wrong with this. First of all, shouldn't the medical "professionals" decide what ...
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Try Again

I wish i could just try everything out there that might help, but unfortunately all the new and maybe promising treatments have to go through the government testing which takes a long time ,probably longer than alot of us have before the claws of ms really take hold.I would say from all you read it looks promising for future msers but i guess people back in the 70's and 80's said the same thing. Somtimes ...
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My Pharmacist's take on LDN

After finishing my first 3-month supply of LDN I phoned in my refill to my compounding pharmacy today. The pharmacist asked me how I felt and I told him that since I started taking LDN I have had no MS symptoms and my energy levels have returned to normal. I also added that I understand that this could be totally normal in RRMS and LDN may or may not be attributable to my symptom improvement. ...
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LDN and weightloss

Has anyone experienced weightloss while taking LDN? Normally one wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, I just don't want to miss an underlying problem. Thanks
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LDN and leg twitching

I have been on LDN 4.0 mg for almost 2 weeks and am experiencing tolerable (but noticable) leg spasms at night. I had similar symptoms prior to LDN but definitely feel the spasms have increased since starting LDN. The twitching doesn't bother me at all but I'm fearful that increased spasms are suggestive of increased disease progression. Since spasms are caused by demyelination isn't it reasonable to assume that increased spasms are a result of ...
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Not Sure

I have been taking LDN for almost 8 months now . I wish i could say that i was better but the pain in my legs is back and the spasiticty in them is getting brutal. It seemed for about the first half(4 months) of the LDN that the pain was much better as well as the spasiticity but has gradually been getting worse.I am at the point now where i wonder if it is ...
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8 months on LDN


I thought I would give a quick update on my LDN experience. I started it 8 months ago and take 3mg. nightly. I tried 4.5mg for a short while but was having trouble sleeping so I went back to 3mg. I may try 4.5 again...

I really don't have much to say. No relapses, which is definitely good. I've had one episode (last fall) that led to diagnosis, and nothing since. LDN is the ...
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LDN & a glass of wine

Can I ? :?
I am starting LDN this weekend. Considering what Naltrexone is usually used for, I was wondering if alcohol is a no no ? Only talking about a max of 2 glasses of wine...

Smyelin :P
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