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Another LDN Question

Do people report walking better and/or improved cognitive function from LDN?

I know that many people report "feeling better", which I always assume means more energy.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Basic LDN Question

Does LDN work against the CRAB drugs? Do many of you use both simultaneously?

I know the answers to my questions have already been posted here, but I'm taking a shortcut here.
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Un site LDN en francais :

Enfin un site LDN en francais :
Fin de Màj 1 sept 2013
Dear friends

i tried to join the URL

I did not succeed.

Could you help me ?


JBaptiste (France)
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LDN and Tysabri

Hi all.

I am considering starting LDN. I 've been on Rebif for more than 4 years and it seems that it has stopped working for me. My neuro said that it would not do any harm to test it for a few months. He wanted me to start Tysabri, but... you know!

So, I was wondering whether taking Tysabri (as soon as/if it gets available again) in combination with LDN could do any harm ...
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Just started at 4.5mg and feeling numb

I started LDN on Feb. 12 and took 3mg for one month with no side effects. I didn't really feel any differences, maybe my mood was a bit lighter, but nothing significant. I just started 4.5mg (three nights so far), and today my left leg/foot is numb, like it's asleep. I'm a little freaked out and not sure what I should do. Should I just push through and see what happens, maybe this is temporary. ...
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Feeling GREAT after only one month on LDN!

After a month on LDN, I'm feeling so great I just had to say something. :) I guess I must be flying high on endorphins or something, because I don't just have more energy than I've had in years, and a return of abilities, but there's even an element of euphoria in it.

Nobody told me about that.

Maybe the euphoria part is just the mountain ...
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