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Feeling GREAT after only one month on LDN!

After a month on LDN, I'm feeling so great I just had to say something. :) I guess I must be flying high on endorphins or something, because I don't just have more energy than I've had in years, and a return of abilities, but there's even an element of euphoria in it.

Nobody told me about that.

Maybe the euphoria part is just the mountain ...
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LDN and Dental work

I need to have some dental work done in a few weeks (crown). Does any one no if the LDN will interfer with the novocaine?
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Doctors prescribing LDN in Australia?

Hi there,

I posted this a while back I'm sure but can't find it now. I am in Australia (Sydney) and want to get on LDN. Unfortunately my GP won't prescribe it, despite me providing him with a lot of information about it.

What I'm wondering is if there' anyone in Australia (preferably in Sydney) that can help me out with the name of a doc who is willing to prescribe LDN. I have the ...
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Water-based LDN

Seeing as how Naltrexone is water soluble, I just obtained a prescription for Naltrexone 50mg. (told my Doc I never could get enough Heroin! :lol: ) We then brainstormed, and came up with this plan.

Take 500ml distilled water, then crush one 50 mg tablet, add to water, shake vigorously. This gives 1 mg Naltrexone per 10 ml of water. So, if you want, 3 mg Naltrexone, ...
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How we all doing on LDN?

LDN area on this board has been a little quiet lately, thought I'd liven it up..

So how we all doing on it?

I started last night, just took second dose, have nothing to report really. ;)
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Starting LDN - what do you do?

I think I want to try LDN but I don't really know what to do or how to go about it. I printed some information and took it to my GP and she is doing a bit of investigating and told me to find a pharmacy that could provide it should she decide to prescribe. I found a pharmacy in Toronto (Smiths - anyone use it?) and my doctor and I are to talk this ...
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Starting LDN soon-getting excited

I've been ready to get on LDN for quite awhile now, and it looks like it's finally going to happen :D .

After three consecutive, disastrous, near death experiences on Avonex, and many permanent, tender lumps, dents, and more MS symptoms from Copaxone, a few months ago I decided to try LDN. But my family doc said that while it sounded safe, I had to double-check ...
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Is there anyone out there from Canada

I have been to my GP and have been told he is not comfortable prescribing LDN for my MS. I have had it now for 12 years and have graduated from R and R to SP. I was on beta interferon for 7 years but have recently stopped this treatment and am looking for others. LDN sounds like it's somthing that every one with MS should try. Wheather it helps or not it's somthing that ...
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