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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Anyone know a doctor who prescribes ldn in virginia?

Hi, my name is Erica. I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2010 at the age of 21.. The doctor I was working with was rude and didn't seem concerned with me at all. I was going to the vcu hospital. I went about 4 times in that yr follow ups and steroid treatments that I hated because they made me feel like crap. I wouldn't go on any of the treatments they offered me because ...
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Len. If on beta interferon -atoned

Have been reading about this Ldn - it sounds a bit too good and simple to be true! If as good as it sounds why is it not the main drug prescribed by neuro?

I have many questions my main one

Can you take it while taking a beta interferon? :?:
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2013 LDN conference in Chicago

Just thought I'd post info about the upcoming LDN conference this October near Chicago. I'm hoping to attend. Here is a website with info for those that may be interested.
Here is the current schedule

08:30 - Registration
09:00 - Linda Elsegood Welcome Address
09:05 - Dr Mark Mandel, Introduction
09:10 - Dr Pradeep Chopra - Pain Specialist
09:40 - Speaker
10:00 - Dr Kent Holtorf - Thyroid ...
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LDN Fillers... Liquid ok?

I will be trying LDN soon and by the looks of it I will get the liquid form... (sorbitol and
glycerol - along with some preservatives).

Sound ok? :) x
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LDN Placebo effect ?

Last September 2012 I started the normal titration of LDN and three weeks later I started feeling the good effects such as better bladder control, more energy to my legs and better torso strenght. I was extremely happy with the outcome of the drug effect. I am Secondary progressive and still mobile. At the end of November I began to lose all the benefits I had acquired. Also I had a groin skin yeast infection ...
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LDN (Laugh Daily Now)

BillR wrote :

The simple explanation:

Naltrexone is an FDA approved drug (1984) that was originally intended to treat people suffering from opium (e.g., heroin) addiction. It treated these addictions by blocking the "pleasant" effects from the drug, so addicts who took it did not get "high" anymore.
How does it block the "high?" There are receptors in our brain that an opioid like heroin would use to ...
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Hello everybody ,
I stared the ldn one week ago . I heard that it is a medicine that helps many Ms patient and I wanted to try .
I have done the ccsvi procedure 2 times but my left jugular vein is now clotted. So I have problems that I can say that are ccsvi problems like fatigue, cog fog , depression , dizzyness, etc.
If the ldn helps to these problems, that makes ...
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what convinced your doc to prescribe you LDN?

did you take her/him research? or gave a persuasive speech about how LDN would benefit you and your particular circumstances? just trying to figure out what has been working for others so that i can try it :)
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Naltrexone From AllDayChemist

Has anyone ever ordered Naltrexone from and were you satisfied? Cant decide if it is legit or not. Thanks!
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Doc at UCSF that is supportive of LDN?


I read a post here somewhere about a doc at UCSF who prescribes LDN. I am a patient at the UCSF MS Clinic but my doc is really into copaxone and i am not. I would really like to try LDN and hearing that there is a supportive doc at UCSF is exciting. does anyone here know the name of that doc so that i may make an appointment with him/her?

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