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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Where do you get your LDN?

I am interested in finding out where other people get the prescriptions of LDN filled. I use Irmat Pharmacy in NY.
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Help in attaining LDN

Can anyone help me in how 2 attain LDN. I tried copaxone and rebif but had 2 stop both due 2 very bad adverse effects. My consultant does not see LDN as a suitable treatment for MS (won't see outside the box), and my gp will not prescribe it without his consent. I am in the uk, I know about Dr bob, but he cannot deal with any new clients. Is there any consultants/doctors in ...
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HI, I have been trying to get LDN in England but my doctor refuses to pescribe it. I am due to go to Miami beginning of January for a holiday can anyone recommend a doctor in the area who might see me and give me a pescrption?
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LDN and drugs for pain

:?: My brother gets a lot of pain in his legs. When he was in hospital earlier this year they gave him oxinorm an opiate baseddrug. He is now hooked on it with all the side effects. No apatite, feel sick all the time, beigng sick when he eats, constipated (he has been in hospital with this) feeling cold and shivers. He is also sitll in pain. ...
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LDN & Prozac

Does anyone know if you can take LDN with Prozac?
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Does LDN slow lesion growth

I have recently been reading about low dose naltrexone (LDN) and was wondering if it slows brain lesion growth.
I was diagnosed in 1998 with MS and have been taking copaxone ever since. Motor function and balance are not a problem but my neurologist is concerned about a new lesion that showed up on my latest MRI. My neuro recommends Rebif but I'm concerned about the side affects, such as liver problems. If anyone has ...
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An English translation of an LDN trial protocol is available at the Evers Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in Germany

This should encourage other researchers to proceed as well, and it will make it easier for patients seeking LDN prescriptions, now that a trial has launched.

The protocol calls for a very short duration trial (10 days). Dr. Mir indicates this is an initial pilot study, to be followed by ...
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Dizziness if you miss LDN???

Through pharmaceutical error combined with ex-husband error and the US postal system, my son went 3 days without his LDN over the past weekend. We do not have a reputable compounding pharmacy in our area, so we had to wait. He said he could certainly tell that he was not taking it, and complained of dizziness and light headedness. Has anyone ever experienced this? I thought he was going to kiss the mail man when ...
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What to do...?

Hello everyone. My husband has been taking LDN 3.0mg for the past three months. I will admit that he hasn't been overly faithful about taking it every night and he doesn't always take it at the same time. He works from 5pm until 3am and doesn't like to take it until he comes home for bed which can be anywhere from 3:05am until 6:00am. I KNOW that he isn't taking it correctly and therefore not ...
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Any good news?

Dear all,

Is it me or are MS good news stories drying up? Will another year pass without any real progress in finding out what causes this disease?

I've been reading lots of recent research papers and a number are suggesting that MS is more akin to Parkinson's disease and Alzeimers (?)than other auto-immune diseases. That really cheered me up.

I've only been diagnosed since May but have seen the regular reporting of better treatments ...
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