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Dizziness if you miss LDN???

Through pharmaceutical error combined with ex-husband error and the US postal system, my son went 3 days without his LDN over the past weekend. We do not have a reputable compounding pharmacy in our area, so we had to wait. He said he could certainly tell that he was not taking it, and complained of dizziness and light headedness. Has anyone ever experienced this? I thought he was going to kiss the mail man when ...
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What to do...?

Hello everyone. My husband has been taking LDN 3.0mg for the past three months. I will admit that he hasn't been overly faithful about taking it every night and he doesn't always take it at the same time. He works from 5pm until 3am and doesn't like to take it until he comes home for bed which can be anywhere from 3:05am until 6:00am. I KNOW that he isn't taking it correctly and therefore not ...
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Any good news?

Dear all,

Is it me or are MS good news stories drying up? Will another year pass without any real progress in finding out what causes this disease?

I've been reading lots of recent research papers and a number are suggesting that MS is more akin to Parkinson's disease and Alzeimers (?)than other auto-immune diseases. That really cheered me up.

I've only been diagnosed since May but have seen the regular reporting of better treatments ...
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Does anyone wake up?

Does any one wake up early at 5 am everyday then takes about an hour to go back to bed? I also use the restroom. Just wondering. This is still 10x better than I was feeling before Ldn. :roll:
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Latest LDN news summary

Feel free to pass on to others:

1. The journal 'Medical Hypotheses' has accepted an LDN/MS hypothesis for publication. Will be public in a few months.

2. The MS center at Univ. Texas is planning a full clinical trial of LDN for MS, after seeing my rapid recovery from secondary progressive MS on LDN. I am happy to answer any questions, my story and email is at

3. Sourasky Medical Center in Israel has ...
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I take have taken tylenol,advil,and aleve. All these meds for pain.Any suggestions that will not interfere with Ldn? I have finished a few bottles of Tylenlol hin the last few months.I have some Darvacit, but it is a narcatic so I have not taken it.
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Does LDN help relieve numbness?

I am going through my 3rd very bad relapse since being diagnosed with MS two years ago. I have had the usual steroid treatments, but they are not working in getting rid of the numbness I am experiencing all over my body right now.

I have read so many promising posts on LDN that I want to try it. Has it helped anyone here with numbness? Numbness seems to be my #1 MS symptom. Right ...
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LDN Research Trust *SURVEY* - for all who take LDN

If everyone taking LDN could fill out this survey, Linda from the LDN Research Trustand LDN Petition will be compiling all the data received. They are trying to get things going over there in the UK working with Drs. Coles and Lawrence, momentum is building. Hopefully we'll all benefit from their efforts. They need the support of everyone taking LDN or in support of research and trials. This particular survey is for those who are ...
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phone conference with Dr. Bihari

Hi there,
This may not be new information for everyone, but I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this option. After being frustrated about which neuros in Chicago actually know anything about LDN, let alone prescribe it, I decided to go right to the source. I called Dr. Bihari's office and talked with his assistant Bill, who was very helpful. I was initially thinking of actually going to NYC, but Bill told ...
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chicago docs

Hi, has anyone had any personal experience with Dr. Steven Myer or Dr.
Alan Buchman mentioned in this site? I'm looking to go for a consult.
I'm now on Avonex and I would like to try LDN without going off Avonex.
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