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LDN and Pregnancy??


I see on that Naltrexone is a Category C, but I'm assuming that's as the 50 mg dose, not the 3 to 4.5 dose that MSers take. Anyone have experience with LDN and Pregnancy- been on it while prg, know anyone who has, etc?? Just curious... If LDN continues to improve my situation as it has done in (albeit in small strides) within just one ...
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Taking a break from LDN

I have been taking LDN for almost 4 months without a break.

Can someone advise on the effects of stopping LDN for a short term.

There seems to be mixed opinions on dependancy and effect after continous usage. Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

Arfie 33 RRMS Aug03
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What time do you take your LDN?

I'm really confused. The doctor said for my son to take his LDN an hour before bedtime, yet I read a posting from someone who works the midnight shift and takes LDN at 1:00 a.m..

My son is just starting LDN this weekend, and his "bedtime" is pretty eratic during summer months out of school. He's 16, very social, and it's hard to set a specific time every night to take it.

How are you ...
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LDN Survey: Relapse rate on LDN same as Copaxone

Most recent analysis of LDN survey reveals relapse rate of 0.226 for 267 MS patients, or 1 relapse every 5 years. Same as Copaxone!

The other questions on symptoms are subjective of course, but are informative for LDN users, who want to compare their results to a block of users, broken down by MS type.

I hope these reports help convince anyone you are talking to about LDN, ...
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LDN and rebif?

Can you try out LDN while on interferon beta 1a like rebif? I worry about trying something new and going cold-turkey off a treatment that has been helping (some).
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LDN's possible way of action

If LDN shows out to be a successful treatment option to MS I think it is interesting to think a little about how LDN might work. As far as I'm concerned todays view of LDN action is a bit weak.

The way in which LDN is doing good to people with MS is described on the internet as " by boosting the immune system".
What kind of research has resulted in these conclusions?
Among many ...
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liquid or pill form?

I started LDN a little over a week ago. I am not sure if I am seeing any results or not.

I have had fewer headaches, but leg pain persists.

Anyway, I take LDN in the liquid form. I read a few places that the pill form is better and vice-versa.

Which do all of you use? Anyone tried both and noticed a difference? I asked my neuro about it and he said that ...
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LDN and steroids

I have SPMS. My neuro has given me a prescription for LDN and I've located a compounding pharmacy. In my research on the web I've found one mention (Dr M R Lawrence) of LDN not to be taken with steroids. I've been on Solumdrol 1 GM IV/mo for six months. What does Dr. Bihari have to say about this?
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NMSS "Lie" About LDN

I have read the article on This Is MS accusing the NMSS of lying about low-dose naltrexone. I think the NMSS article is inaccurate for at least some of the reasons This Is MS has listed, but an inaccurate statement is a "mistake" unless there it is intentional. This Is MS presented no evidence that NMSS intentionally misled anyone.

Until such evidence is produced, I think it's going too far to call the NMSS article ...
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Interesting LDN article in Vt newspaper...

Hi really pleased to see so many people finally coming around to realizing just what we have here with the LDN. Here is a very interesting newspaper feature that I thought you all might be interested in reading.,1413, ... 50078.html
Copy and paste it if it does not come out as a link. Good to see that LDN is finally getting recognized for what it is. 2 ...
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