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liquid or pill form?

I started LDN a little over a week ago. I am not sure if I am seeing any results or not.

I have had fewer headaches, but leg pain persists.

Anyway, I take LDN in the liquid form. I read a few places that the pill form is better and vice-versa.

Which do all of you use? Anyone tried both and noticed a difference? I asked my neuro about it and he said that ...
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LDN and steroids

I have SPMS. My neuro has given me a prescription for LDN and I've located a compounding pharmacy. In my research on the web I've found one mention (Dr M R Lawrence) of LDN not to be taken with steroids. I've been on Solumdrol 1 GM IV/mo for six months. What does Dr. Bihari have to say about this?
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NMSS "Lie" About LDN

I have read the article on This Is MS accusing the NMSS of lying about low-dose naltrexone. I think the NMSS article is inaccurate for at least some of the reasons This Is MS has listed, but an inaccurate statement is a "mistake" unless there it is intentional. This Is MS presented no evidence that NMSS intentionally misled anyone.

Until such evidence is produced, I think it's going too far to call the NMSS article ...
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Interesting LDN article in Vt newspaper...

Hi really pleased to see so many people finally coming around to realizing just what we have here with the LDN. Here is a very interesting newspaper feature that I thought you all might be interested in reading.,1413, ... 50078.html
Copy and paste it if it does not come out as a link. Good to see that LDN is finally getting recognized for what it is. 2 ...
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Progress on LDN trial, Call for Collaborating Neuros

After seeing my progress at 10 weeks, and the results of the LDN survey, an LDN trial is being proposed by my neurologist at Univ. Texas! Will post follow ups.

LDN Survey now has over 260 responses

Yash is going to write a case study in conjunction with my neuro, and is looking for any other neuros who might be interested in collaboration on trials. Here is his ...
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Can you use LDN while still on Imuran and Prednisone?

My husband is still on Imuran and is weaning off of Prednisone. He just quit Rebif as it was making him feel terrible - though his MS specialist said it was all in his head. I'm hoping the new neuro will consider Copaxone and LDN, but I'm worried about the Imuran and how long it will take him to finish weaning from Prednisone.

Any ideas or comments will be greatly appreciated!!


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chest pains??

Anyone experience chest pains their first night on LDN? My husband started last night at 3.0mg and said he felt jittery, had a dry mouth and chest pains. He said it almost felt like indigestion, but it concerns me none the less. Will these other symptoms pass and should we be concerned? Thanks.

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Starting LDN...???

Hello everyone! My husband and I have an appointment this week with an MD who is willing to prescribe LDN. I am just so excited that I found someone locally who was willing to look at the information and support our choice to try it. For all of those that have been on it, is there anything specific that we should know. We just don't know what to expect or how hopeful we should be. ...
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LDN and dosage times

I started taking LDN 3mg at bedtime 3 days ago. I've noticed that it causes sleeplessness for me, which is counterproductive when it comes to my symptoms. When I sleep well, I feel much better throughout the day. Everything I've read about LDN says that everyone takes it at bedtime.

My questions are:

1)Does anyone take their dose at anytime other than bedtime (such as in the morning)?

2)Why should I HAVE to take it ...
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Teaching a pharmacy who doesn't (but could) to compound LDN

I don't know if this is a stupid question, or not.

I live close to a local compounding pharmacy who has not compounded LDN but claims they have access to a US national pharmacological resource that provides directions on how they would take the standard dose of Naltrexone to the low-dose weight. I'm not sure who's database they're referring to.

Has anyone dealt with a local pharmacy (US) that has compounded LDN for them as ...
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