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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

LDN & Avonex

Just thought I would share...I went to the LDN website and found a link to contact the website editor.

I emailed him/her "Is it ok to take Avonex & LDN?"
They emailed me back, replying..
Yes. Although many people with MS proceed to get off the Avonex after
they see substantial stabilization (or symptom improvement) on the LDN.
Theoretically, the two drugs tend to act at cross purposes -- the former
tending to suppress the ...
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When you're on LDN and you have an exacerbation

I eavesdrop on a few of the LDN boards because I'm very curious about it and the results people have been having. I'm not on it but I don't rule it out as a possibility in the future.

In the last 6 months or so I've noticed that several people have gone through an exacerbation while on the drug and some have been on it for years. I often read that LDN stops the progression ...
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Doctors that Prescribe LDN

The most common problem people interested with this treatment have is finding someone who will give them a prescription for it.

So with this thread, let's start a list of doctors (GPs or Neuro's or whatever) that have prescribed LDN.

If you're already on LDN, please help out those that want to try it

Just copy and paste the following into each of your posts:

Doctor Name:
Doctor Location:
Doctor Contact Info: (of course, do ...
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Is there anyone here from the UK that takes LDN?


Hi all,

After putting a long and detailed case to my GP, he has just phoned to say that he won't be prescribing LDN for me. unless he hears from the local neuro that it's ok.

Since learning of LDN and reading hundreds of case notes about its success, it has been all that has kept me going ...
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Have any of you had an MRI done since starting on LDN? While I realize scans alone do not determine if your doing better, it might be helpful to getting a study going and promote LDN if someone had that actual documentation they like.

Also, where could I find out definitive info. on using Avonex & LDN?

Actually, I wouldn't be opposed to switching back to C & doing LDN, if I could find someone ...
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LDN- Anyone on LDN also on statins or HRT?

I am on LDN for one month now and have had positive results.
My legs feel stronger and have more energy.

Since there are MS trials showing positive results with statins or cholesterol drugs (Lipitor, Zocor) and Estriol a female hormone and Testosterone for men, I was wondering if anyone was on them also.

1. Are you on LDN?
2. Are you on a statin?
If so, which one? How long? What dose?
3. For ...
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LDN Users...Help

Hi everyone. I am very curious about this LDN phenomenon. There are a lot of issues about the regimen that I am not quite clear about, even after reading the LDN website.

It appears that there have been no scientific studies completed as of this date that I am aware of. The only documentation that is available is through the testimonials of current and past users of LDN.

I have read the postings here from ...
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Who's on LDN?

Check in here...

Copy and paste these questions into your reply to help everyone out!

Are you on LDN?
How long?
How many mg's?
When do you take it?

What kind of MS do you have (rrms, spms, ppms)?

Positive changes since/while taking LDN?

Negative changes since/while taking LDN?

Any relapses while on LDN?

The million dollar question: Will you continue to take it?
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