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Hello everybody ,
I stared the ldn one week ago . I heard that it is a medicine that helps many Ms patient and I wanted to try .
I have done the ccsvi procedure 2 times but my left jugular vein is now clotted. So I have problems that I can say that are ccsvi problems like fatigue, cog fog , depression , dizzyness, etc.
If the ldn helps to these problems, that makes ...
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what convinced your doc to prescribe you LDN?

did you take her/him research? or gave a persuasive speech about how LDN would benefit you and your particular circumstances? just trying to figure out what has been working for others so that i can try it :)
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Naltrexone From AllDayChemist

Has anyone ever ordered Naltrexone from and were you satisfied? Cant decide if it is legit or not. Thanks!
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Doc at UCSF that is supportive of LDN?


I read a post here somewhere about a doc at UCSF who prescribes LDN. I am a patient at the UCSF MS Clinic but my doc is really into copaxone and i am not. I would really like to try LDN and hearing that there is a supportive doc at UCSF is exciting. does anyone here know the name of that doc so that i may make an appointment with him/her?

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Doctor is Ottawa & Place to Fill

I was just wondering if anyone knew a Doctor/Neuro in Ottawa that would be willing to prescribe LDN and if there was a place in Ottawa, Ontario that would fill it?


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ldn in Turkiye

im a rrms patient for 10 years and i use gilenia as medication.
i have incontinance problem and want to try ldn but cant find in Turkiye :(
can u find it anywhere?
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New LDN user for MS Secondary Progressive

Greetings all,
As mentionned I am SP since 2005. My edss score is near 6.0.
I can still walk short distances until recently. I am canadian and my doctor
completely refused to entertain prescribing LDN even when presented with
litterature aplenty. The fact it was an off-label prescription was enough for him. Afterwards I went on a 10 month quest to find a doctor who would prescribe it. My initial prescription was 1.5mg for 2 ...
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LDN and Tysabri

Does anyone know of any information about taking LDN and Tysabri? I need to show my Neurologist why I think it would be okay to be on LDN and start Tysabri as well. From what i am reading about Tysabri, it doesnt affect the immune system at all, so taking LDN shouldnt be a problem, but does anyone know differently or how I can prove it?

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anyone prescribed a.m. LDN ?

Recently I filled my 4.5 mg LDN script and I began taking it a week ago today. (Yes, I realize that many, many people start out on a lower dose, and I have questioned my neuro's reasoning already. I was told- "all of his patients are using this dose." I didn't like that answer, but figured I'd try it anyway). I have been experiencing severe insomnia on and off for the past 3 months. ...
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LDN and bladder issues

Just curious to hear from anyone on LDN that thinks LDN has helped their bladder issues.
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