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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Naltrexone From AllDayChemist

Has anyone ever ordered Naltrexone from and were you satisfied? Cant decide if it is legit or not. Thanks!
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Doc at UCSF that is supportive of LDN?


I read a post here somewhere about a doc at UCSF who prescribes LDN. I am a patient at the UCSF MS Clinic but my doc is really into copaxone and i am not. I would really like to try LDN and hearing that there is a supportive doc at UCSF is exciting. does anyone here know the name of that doc so that i may make an appointment with him/her?

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Doctor is Ottawa & Place to Fill

I was just wondering if anyone knew a Doctor/Neuro in Ottawa that would be willing to prescribe LDN and if there was a place in Ottawa, Ontario that would fill it?


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ldn in Turkiye

im a rrms patient for 10 years and i use gilenia as medication.
i have incontinance problem and want to try ldn but cant find in Turkiye :(
can u find it anywhere?
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New LDN user for MS Secondary Progressive

Greetings all,
As mentionned I am SP since 2005. My edss score is near 6.0.
I can still walk short distances until recently. I am canadian and my doctor
completely refused to entertain prescribing LDN even when presented with
litterature aplenty. The fact it was an off-label prescription was enough for him. Afterwards I went on a 10 month quest to find a doctor who would prescribe it. My initial prescription was 1.5mg for 2 ...
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LDN and Tysabri

Does anyone know of any information about taking LDN and Tysabri? I need to show my Neurologist why I think it would be okay to be on LDN and start Tysabri as well. From what i am reading about Tysabri, it doesnt affect the immune system at all, so taking LDN shouldnt be a problem, but does anyone know differently or how I can prove it?

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anyone prescribed a.m. LDN ?

Recently I filled my 4.5 mg LDN script and I began taking it a week ago today. (Yes, I realize that many, many people start out on a lower dose, and I have questioned my neuro's reasoning already. I was told- "all of his patients are using this dose." I didn't like that answer, but figured I'd try it anyway). I have been experiencing severe insomnia on and off for the past 3 months. ...
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LDN and bladder issues

Just curious to hear from anyone on LDN that thinks LDN has helped their bladder issues.
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I have definitely progressed while on LDN

I have been on LDN or over 3 years and have declined significantly. I remain on it because it's cheap, benign, and who knows? Maybe it's doing me some good.

I wanted to post this loud and clear because on other posts here people are making sweeping statements like " no documented cases anywhere of anyone getting worse while on LDN" .


MY doctor has other patients who have discontinued it due to no ...
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LDN and Copaxone

Was curious to hear from MSers who are both on LDN and Copaxone. If you fit this description, how long have you been using both for your MS? Do you feel that using both together has been more beneficial? If so, how? Do you inject the Copaxone daily or less often? Does your neuro prescribe both drugs or do you get your LDN from another source? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide ...
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