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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Trustworthy source (also dosing question)?

After being denied a prescription by my neurologist, I went looking to bypass the system online. I found the 50mg tablets at alldaychemist but then I stumbled upon this site which seems to sell LDN already in the low dose form:

Does this look like a trustworthy source to you guys? Does anyone order from here already?
When I was planning on getting the 50mg tablet to convert ...
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First dose

My doc has prescribed LDN, 4.5 mg, which I will be starting tomorrow. I know everyone reacts differently, but what is the range of things I can expect in the first few doses? Is it better to take in the morning or night time? (I would prefer to take in the morning so I can see how I react.)

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LDN and Avonex

I have gotten my doctor to Rx LDN but she is telling me to take it as well as my Avonex. The reason I wanted LDN in the first place to get rid of the Avonex- period. I was Dx in July, but have probably had this for over twenty years when my toes started tingling for no reason. (yes, they still tingle.) I got the Dx after my orthopedist got an MRI of my ...
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LDN and Insurance?

I'm newly diagnosed and thinking of trying LDN before any of the other treatments. Is LDN typically covered by insurance since it is not 'approved' for MS? If not, how much does a typical monthly prescription cost including shipping?


Robin :smile:
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Other ways to boost endorphines?

I have read that the most common belief on the workings of LDN revolve around the endorphins boost soon after taking LDN. I have also read elsewhere that Naltrexone is thought to have some specific mechanism within the CNS. However, on the endorphins, has anyone tried a floatation tank?
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Hello friends is anyone taking LDN while on AMPYRA. I was taking LDN for the last 5 years. i was so happy no setback. But my nuro. doest not like the LDN for M.S patients. Last week my nuro. gave the script for the new drug AMPYRA with the condition that the day i starting AMPYRA i should stop taking the LDN. Buti do not want to stop LDN. From last week i am on ...
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7 days on ldn and feeling great!

I am 7 days in---and up to 2.0 mg and noticed several things so far--------last 3 nights I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT w/o having to get up to pee or fight to go back to sleep----I feel a general sense of well-being-----------------tremors are still there, but if i stretch before exercise I even took a spin with my walker and altho it is hard, I did it---i've been wheelchair bound for 5 years and have ...
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LDN and depression?

I know this board is about MS, but I was wondering if any of you who have had experience with LDN could report on whether it had an effect on any mood symptoms you might have been experiencing, either as a result of your illness/treatment or due to longstanding depression / bipolar / mental illness.
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We The People LDN White House Petition

While 1000s of people with MS have been taking LDN for years with good results,
there continues to be a reluctance by many neurologists to prescribe it for
their patients because LDN has not been approved by the FDA for multiple

To be approved, a clinical trial needs to be conducted yielding positive
results. No private drug company is willing to invest millions in a LDN
clinical trial due to the fact LDN is ...
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ldn and crab drugs

I must go off tysabri as i carry the virus that predisposes me to pml---I want to go on ldn, but since my ms was rather aggressive, i am contemplating a crab and ldn-------can they co-exist?
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