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seeking recommendation

I do have prescription for LDN and have taken it last 3 months but my compound pharmacy charging me $60 for one month supply (3 mg)
do you know of any Pharmacy who can supply the prescription for less and ship it to me?

Thanks in advance
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How long before you feel effects

How long where you on LDN before you started feeling the effects good or bad?

Ive been on it for about 3 months 3 mg with no effects
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Do the dreams subside?

I have been on LDN for about 3 months, but at first was also taking 20 mg/night of amitriptyllne, which is sedating.

I'm working on getting off the amitriptyline, and am now down to 10 mg.

It's been about 2 weeks on the lower dose, and I've found that the vivid dreams that started when I started the LDN have become, well, more vivid and sort of tiring. They aren't nightmares, but hectic, fast-paced and ...
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LDN & spasms/spasticity

After 7 months on LDN 3mg I had to stop LDN because of increasing severe spasms & intense pain all day & night. I have a baclofen pump that usually controls the pain & spasms but after having numerous tests a dye pumpogram showed that all the baclofen was leaking into the gut through a hole & not going down the spine. (This caused new weakness in left hand/arm which I has taken nearly 4 ...
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Side effects after 2 years on LDN?

I have been having some sleep disturbance lately, and headaches (sort of mild, background type), and it reminds me of how I felt when I first started taking LDN two years ago. It seems weird that I'd suddenly be having side effects again after taking it for so long, but that is what this feels like! I'm currently taking 4.5mg and have been at that dose for most of the 2 years (I started at ...
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New use in diet pill

The big news today seems to be that an FDA advisory panel is positive about a new diet drug:

The mention of naltrexone caught my eye:
Contrave, which is being developed with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (TKPYY, 4502.TO), is a combination of two drugs already on the market, addiction-treating naltrexone and the antidepressant bupropion, commonly known by the brand name Wellbutrin. Orexigen argued that Contrave's ingredients have been on the market for 20 years and ...
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Hi all,

I have been on Copaxone since October of this year, and have noticed a huge increase in my fatigue.....not sure how common this is, but it is very tough trying to keep up with my 2 little ones. I have been doing a lot of reading into LDN and am wondering how many of you take it along with Copaxone? From what I can tell LDN has helped many with fatigue and brain ...
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LDN YouTube Channel

Lot's of MS testimonials on this... ... 1Mqjl0RMeI

Or google...

"LDN Research Trust YouTube Channel"
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VOTE today and everyday at so that we

We need your VOTE today and everyday for the next month because we have applied for a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant to support Non-Mainstream MS Research -- this means that CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency), LDN (low dose naltrexone) etc. can be studied using rigorous scientific method.

We are competing against kids who have vast online social networks and we need to vote daily to support MS research. We also need you to send this ...
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LDN or Copaxone?

After 6 yrs on Avonex I stopped because I didn't think is was doing anything old neuro agreed...without any MRIs other than the initial one. My new neuro is suggesting after reviewing MRIs of the spine which has atrophied but has increased multiple foci but do not demonstrate contrast enhancement-there is no formal stenosis- to do monthly IV steroid and go on Copaxone.
I was thinking to try LDN but not sure it would ...
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