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A board to discuss Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Watch the video on this site to understand how LDN works!!!

I hope this is okay to post. :-D

This site explains how LDN works. Click on video and put your sound on.
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Anyone get Bells Palsy after starting LDN?


I started LDN at 1mg about three weeks ago, three days after this I developed Bells Palsy, along with this I have extreme fatigue and dizzyness.

The Bells is still with me but is not as bad as the first couple of weeks, I have some movement in my face but still need a straw for drinking.

I wonder if this is is a side effect of the LDN, I have never had Bells ...
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LDN after CCSVI venoplasty?

Have any of you taken LDN after venoplasty? If so what is your experience ? Symptoms? MRI results? How much do you take and for how long? Any side effects? Cost?
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Spanish LDN - some info that may help others...

Well after the rather useless info here, I managed to read the Spanish foros on how to get LDN.
There are NO compounding farmacias in mainland Spain.
You have to get your hands on a packet of 50mg Naltrexone and do it at home, but this is what I've been doing for 2 years, so no problem.

To obtain the Naltrexone, you can talk a farmacist into selling it to you, or get a ...
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hives and skin reactions from LDN

Hi....I have been taking LDN, 2.5 for 16 months. About 3 months after I started taking it, I was developing red bumps that would break open and become sores but only on my legs. A dermatologist biopsied the sores and told me they are a reaction to either the LDN or the copaxone (which I also take). My neurologists insists it is not the copaxone . I believe it is the LDN. These red bumps ...
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I've run out of LDN, can anyone help?

I've been on LDN for 2 1/2 years. It's been a pretty good experience, all in all.
(I've also been on Rebif since 2000 and it's been very successful).
I ran out of LDN two weeks ago and I can't afford to buy more. I've tried to see if I can buy a packet of Naltrexone (or ReVia) but the prices are unbelievable.
I can't afford a private prescription and believe it or not, ...
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What would you do first if you could do it all over again?

I am a 27 year-old female. I am in the Air Force and as of last year have totally stopped preforming my duties as an Air Traffic Controller due to my symptoms. I have vertigo, blurred vision and am tired all the time. I was recently told by my neurologist that after two MRI's I have more lesions than before, but he still will not diagnose me with MS. I have read on here and ...
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Recent PubMed Post on LDN Study

I found this recently published article on pubMed very encouraging:

LDN Therapeutic Implications for MS

This is from a Pennsylvania State Univ study published last month.

Admittedly, the study was conducted on the EAE mouse model, but the conclusions are very encouraging and relate to treatment with either OGF or LDN (which produces high endogenous OGF levels):

1. Halted EAE disease progression
2. Reversed neurological deficits, and
3. Prevented onset of dysfunction across considerable span ...
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Update from flora68

Hi guys!

Well, I'm still doing great, still taking LDN (4.5 mg), and still NOT interested in trying anything else, thank you, as long as this works so well for me.

The main MS symptom I still have is a cr*ppy short-term memory (I forget what I was doing/saying when I get interrupted) and urinary retention. (Too bad I don't have better memory retention instead of urinary retention...)

Otherwise I don't think much about having ...
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LDN for 14 year old teenager

Does anyone have any experience with LDN use for a teenager (14) with possible MS? My daughter is experiencing multiple symptoms. She has one lesion on her spine and "time will tell" comments from the doctor. The symptoms come and go, but lately they seem progressing. Please share any experience you may have. I know LDN has been used in autisn and Crohn's in children, but the studies were only 8 weeks long. I am ...
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