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Discuss physical medical devices that can be used to treat or improve MS symptoms

The dreaded wheelcair

I have searchd and have not found anything on this topic, so I thought that I would give my thoughts on the subject.

First of all don't be afraid to use one. I would follow a few helpfull hints that I can share. If you are able try and keep yourself out of a motorized chair. The proverb " use it or loose it" aplies here. If you can still use your upper body use ...
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I was wondering what bed you prefer to sleep on? My family member sleeps on a regular queen but I had suggested that she try one of the movable beds so that she can sit up and also raise her legs if needed while she was in bed. I was also thinking that it would help her to be able to get in and out of bed easier. Thanks for your time.
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Bladder control device

Has anyone tried the pacemaker-like device offering relief for people with a variety of severe bladder control problems ?
I found the link below:
Read more: ... z1u97AUrl4
I am so miserable.
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Oral Systemic Balance

Has anyone had experience with Oral Systemic Balance? It's a patented oral orthotic developed by a dentist in Tacoma Washington that, according to some anecdotes, has been effective in treating MS symptoms.
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Bioness L300 for sale

I have a Bioness L300 for sale. I purchased it from the Bioness company, and it works fine. I fell on my left knee last June (2011), my orthopedist told me the severity of my injuries will likely prevent me from using an electronic knee or leg stimulation device in the future. I was not using the Bioness when I fell. Write me at and we will talk. This ...
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Bioness L300

I need a new "foot sensor" for my NESS L300.
Original one gave out. Rest of device is fine.
Please contact me;

Thank you.

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Do you have balance problems? If yes please read

Hello everyone,
We are working on a device that will help people with balance issues avoid falls. This device will be a vest that you can wear under your clothes without anyone noticing and it will push you back to your center when you're about to fall. It will be a replacement for canes and walkers and even wheelchairs if you're strong enough to walk.
Will you be interested in something like this? Do you ...
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Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Has anyone heard of the "Vecttor" therapy developed by Dr. Donald Rhodes in Corpus Christi? I just stumbled across his youtube videos and all of the videos say to visit his site, for more information but there isn't any. There is just information about it taking approximately 15 days worth of visits to his clinic and the tests that they do. It also talks about it having started the FDA trials but it doesn't ...
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FLEX-STICK walking cane

I came across this website because of its come-on line: Designed by Boomers for Boomers! The most unique walking cane ever made!
The RANjAM SOLUTION: Designed by a physical therapist, the 'FLEX-STICK' uses physics and basic geometry to enhance the stability throughout the normal gait cycle - three (3) points 'define a plane' which is why a three legged stool always feels more stable than a four legged ...
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Baclofen Pump

Anyone with a baclofen pump? If so, how has it worked for you?
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