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Discuss physical medical devices that can be used to treat or improve MS symptoms

Brainport: The electric tongue stimulator for balance

Is anyone using this? Montel Williams is taking part in their trial at Wisconsin.

If you are using it, how are you doing?

How can you get hold of one?
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T.E.N.S. device ( low frequecy electric stimulator

Is anyone familiar with T.E.N.S. devices. (Low frequency electric therapeutic massager) I tried one of these units and it seems to relieve some of my pain in my spastic muscles. Is this okay to use for MS? Anyone have thoughts?
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Chronic Pain and pain pump

I had a pump implanted on 10/5. My doctor claimed that I would get my life back free of taking oral pain meds. So far, over a month, and I have little to no relief from the pump. My doctor doesn't want me back on the orals b/c she figures I've already detoxed from them. I have extensive chronic pain in my left leg. She put Dilaudid in my pump about 2 weeks ago, and ...
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Baclofen Pump (medtronics itb therapy)

I had a Baclofen pump implanted on 10/5. I am still swollen and balance is off at times. I almost feel drunk. I had the doctor lower the dosage medicine but I am not sure if I have seen "the benefits" of the pump. I had the stiff leg for years and was managing well. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the pump. I am going with I haven't given it ...
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relocating with a WalkAide

Has anyone moved, relocated or for any reason needed to go for servicing and/or supplies to another location other than the place you originally purchased the WalkAide? How does the new place get the information from the WalkAide unit? Can information be downloaded to a flash drive? What has been your experience?
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cool sleeping surface

Is there something like a cooling pad you can sleep on during the night? I guess it would resemble an oversized icepack you can lay on. I can't seem to aquire a comfortable sleeping enviroment. I'm always hot!
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Terry Wahls and using a neuromusular Aide: The 300 PV EMP

Has anyone on this site tried this?

She seems to have turned her illness round, would welcome anyone else's experiences on this. It seems like quite an extensive programme-an hour and a half a day of therapy, but seems worth it..
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Disposable urinal system

Does anyone have experienced this kind of device (with a bag attached to the leg)? ... urinal-kit

I will have to travel next month and usually I put a folley through natural ways at a Doctor's office with a bag that can be emptied for the duration of the trip.

If I could I would avoid that; suppose everyone understand why. I am 100% confined in a W/C ...
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Easy Pivot Transfer Lift

Recently, I became aware of this device, the Easy Pivot Transfer Lift, and mention it here for those who might find it useful. I am not extremely knowledgeable about lift devices, but this appears to use a rather novel system. I have not seen this device, used this device, nor do I have any financial connection to it.

Through my cousin I have become acquainted with her friend who has CP (Correction, 2/7/10 -- This ...
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