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Discuss physical medical devices that can be used to treat or improve MS symptoms

relocating with a WalkAide

Has anyone moved, relocated or for any reason needed to go for servicing and/or supplies to another location other than the place you originally purchased the WalkAide? How does the new place get the information from the WalkAide unit? Can information be downloaded to a flash drive? What has been your experience?
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cool sleeping surface

Is there something like a cooling pad you can sleep on during the night? I guess it would resemble an oversized icepack you can lay on. I can't seem to aquire a comfortable sleeping enviroment. I'm always hot!
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Terry Wahls and using a neuromusular Aide: The 300 PV EMP

Has anyone on this site tried this?

She seems to have turned her illness round, would welcome anyone else's experiences on this. It seems like quite an extensive programme-an hour and a half a day of therapy, but seems worth it..
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Disposable urinal system

Does anyone have experienced this kind of device (with a bag attached to the leg)? ... urinal-kit

I will have to travel next month and usually I put a folley through natural ways at a Doctor's office with a bag that can be emptied for the duration of the trip.

If I could I would avoid that; suppose everyone understand why. I am 100% confined in a W/C ...
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Easy Pivot Transfer Lift

Recently, I became aware of this device, the Easy Pivot Transfer Lift, and mention it here for those who might find it useful. I am not extremely knowledgeable about lift devices, but this appears to use a rather novel system. I have not seen this device, used this device, nor do I have any financial connection to it.

Through my cousin I have become acquainted with her friend who has CP (Correction, 2/7/10 -- This ...
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Standing frames?

I would really like to buy a used standing frame, preferably electric and not hydraulic. I would like the kind they you just wheel up to to use and not have to transfer. I am in British Columbia Canada, and I have searched and searched and searched for a good used disability equipment website to post a wanted ad and cannot find a free one. Can anybody make any suggestions concerning my dilemma, or by ...
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Swedo Step-Smart Drop Foot Device

Is anyone using the Swedo Step-Smart Drop Foot Device. Looking into something to get me a little more mobile since my drop foot has become quite severe and walkaid or bioness are not in the budget just yet. After to reading many of the other posts on the drop foot subject it is clear to me that lifting my left leg which has become become quite weak is likely due to compensation of the foot ...
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Anyone looking fora recumbant stepper...

I am hoping to get one of these steppers my physio/rehab place has called a NuStep. I was a full paraplegic after having my son nearly 5 years ago and after a roid run I got minimal use of my legs back and am still considered a paraplegic BUT I can use this machine and got back muscle! It's very exciting to me because I couldn't use my legs in a cycling type way - ...
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can anyone recommend a cooling vest?

hi everyone
my mom has recently been diagnosed with MS,
she has a lot of trouble in the heat so I'm looking into all the different types of cooling vests, it seems as though the cold pack/gel cooling system might be the best option, but I'm having trouble finding reviews for them or finding which one is the most popular/ most liked.
can anyone recommend a certain type and/or brand of cooling vest that works ...
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