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Anyone looking fora recumbant stepper...

I am hoping to get one of these steppers my physio/rehab place has called a NuStep. I was a full paraplegic after having my son nearly 5 years ago and after a roid run I got minimal use of my legs back and am still considered a paraplegic BUT I can use this machine and got back muscle! It's very exciting to me because I couldn't use my legs in a cycling type way - ...
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can anyone recommend a cooling vest?

hi everyone
my mom has recently been diagnosed with MS,
she has a lot of trouble in the heat so I'm looking into all the different types of cooling vests, it seems as though the cold pack/gel cooling system might be the best option, but I'm having trouble finding reviews for them or finding which one is the most popular/ most liked.
can anyone recommend a certain type and/or brand of cooling vest that works ...
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electrode Burns Skin

I posted this on another thread but got no response. Here's hoping!

I'm a farmer and sometimes I think the farm would fall apart without duct tape!
I have a different problem which is a big one..
My walkaide was great. Kept me walking and able to stand/move for 8 hour Saturdays at my Farmers' Market.

But, my skin reacted to one of the electrodes. I kept wearing it only on Saturdays because it made ...
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Secondhand Bioness

In Europe the Bioness is just getting more attention. However the pricing is quite a bite higher (€8100). Therefor I am looking into the possibility of buying one in the US and prefably a used one/second hand.

Is anyone willing to help me in buying one and shipping it to Europe?

Best regards,

Kurt (Netherlands)
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Stanford helps an innovator

oops! deleted --placed in wrong forum
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This device, which is said to be compareable to WALKAID, might be specially interesting for german MS patients. I heard that the device would cost about 1.000 EUR.

(sorry only german text available - maybe google translate might help)

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Wheelchair Footrest Options

I came across the following post on another website; I thought I would post it again here in case someone at This Is MS might have some suggestions:
Wheelchair footrest options


Are there any footrest options other than these three?

1. The rigid built in, doesn't move: suspect wouldn't let me stand close enough to the chair to feel it behind me before I sit down, or sit down far enough back to not ...
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Anyone trying GaitAid Virtual Walker yet?

Virtual Reality Helps MS Patients Regain Stability While Walking, Medigait LLC Claims
Article Date: 04 Nov 2008

Studies performed over the last few years show many Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients no longer have to live with a meandering or unsteady gait caused by their disease. According to a study published in the highly acclaimed medical journal "Neurology", closed-loop visual feedback helps MS patients improve their walking. Both stride length and walking speed improved dramatically helping ...
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Myomo E100

Hey i just found this and thought that it was a really amazing story after doing a little work i found that the product that they are using the Myomo E100
Here is the story ... 0905141710
Here is the companies web site
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Walkaid or bioness- both legs?

So, what if you have 2 weak legs and a very weak core...will these aids help? Does anyone have a machine that sends pulses to the core. I've wondered about the contraptions you can buy at the sport store here, where you place pads on your stomach to make it firmer...I wonder if it's safe to use on my husband. But mainly if he has the above problems, is it still possible for the walk ...
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