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Synthetic Progesterone Not Neuroprotective

I’m still an advocate of “bioidentical” progesterone (not synthetic) for potential neuroprotection. Here’s some info I just found on the topic.

MPA, or Provera, is by far I think the most common form of synthetic progesterone used in the US in hormone replacement therapy preparations. It seems pretty clear that it probably does not provide neuroprotection so I wanted to post it for reference.

The Synthetic Progestin (MPA, Provera) is Not Neuroprotective

The ovarian ...
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Just a Hello from another senior

I already posted in the Introductions thread, and now here I am again, introducing myself in the Golden Years thread.

I'm 66, a woman who's had MS since about 1978 or maybe longer (diagnosed in 1980). I've taken part in a couple of MS message boards since 2001.

I've lived in the same HUD-subsidized apartment in WA state since 1983, though I'm from Chicago originally.

I use a wheelchair most of the time. I don't ...
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Retired and unable to enjoy it! Are you driving?

:?: So after fighting SSA for two years I finally achieved the bliss of full disability. It is not enough to use for exotic travel, but it came with Medicare and at least my medical expenses have gone down.

Now how do you/we cope with empty nest syndrome, children who won't accept the diagnosis and that constant feeling of the need to do be doing something we ...
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flash of light in right eye

Any one else have a flash of light in your eyes? Mine is my right eye, white narrow line from right corner up over my eye. Very quick and seems to come when I move my eye or head, not always though. First saw it at night after turning the lights out. Thought it was a reflextion of light from my glasses, took them off, made sure hair not in my eyes etc., closed my ...
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ivig and pinched nerve

started my second month w/intravenousimmunoglobulin drips. has seemed to help, especially w/cognitive. have at least 2 more months of drips.

new major trouble has appeared, which is setting me way back. have been favoring right leg because of ms numbness and heaviness. developed fullblown excruciating pain in left lower back & thigh plus feeling like left leg is numb or falling asleep.. so now have pinched nerve/herniated disc which is probably back to ms acting ...
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Synthetic Estrogen/Progestin Risk Info

A long time ago I indicated I would post some info on the risks of estrogen and progesterone in postmenopausal women. Sorry it's taken so long but finally here’s some information for women who may be considering hormone replacement therapy.

The most recent research found that synthetic estrogen (taken without synthetic progesterone) does not increase the risk of breast cancer. There’s also a hint, consistent with research I’ve read, that the risky culprit in hormone ...
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marble on mri

seems we're all in hibernation for the winter. just wanted to check in on how everyone is doing.

had an mri w/contrast recently. number and location of white spots were unchanged... but a spot on the left side of my brain showed up. neuro said it's about the size of a marble, and definitely active disease. have been feeling worse for a while.

neuro leaving meds (statin, copaxone, cymbalta) the same. few if any new ...
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definite dx of rr ms at 57 yrs old. having symptoms for years, but always dx as something else. finally saw a neuro at teaching hospital in philly and he confirmed what my gp and priest suspected. wanted dx but hate this one. yes, have hot/cold flashes where i feel drenched. femopause long over, so not from that. also get crippling lower back aches sometimes from slightest activity. seems to be getting worse w/cooler weather. ...
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There's a lot of talk on this site about fatigue, sleeping a lot, naps, etc. My problem is LACK of sleep and NOT being able to sleep. Is that just the old menopause thing (I've been doing that for 10 years) or is MS contributing? When I don't get enough sleep, my MS symptoms are worse but I can't seem to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.
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Older than Scrooge!

It's Christmas morning, and I was just watching "A Christmas Carol" for the zillionth time, the one with Reginald Owen playing 'Scrooge'.

I just learned, to my stunned disbelief, that I am three years older than Reginald Owen was when he made the movie 8O ! (I'm 54, he was a mere infant of 51.)

This reminds me of the birthday card my little brother gave me ...
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