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I tried to get acetyl-L-carnatine for my mother but it seems to be banned in canada. One store had some under the counter and it was $80 for 60 pills or something. She had tried amantadine (at the behest of the MS clinic) with bad results.

Does anyone know of any other fatigue treatments that work that are available in canada? I don't think her doctors want to give her ritalyn or dexidrine or anything ...
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contaminated supplements as MS

Wonder what Ashton Embry would have to say about this?

<shortened url>
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Nutrition and supplement lectures

Here are two lectures on nutrition and supplements I did find useful:

The slide with the different absorption rates of calcium supplements can be found in the second lecture at 43:25

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Calcium supplement increase risk of heart attack by 30%

This might be an issue for many of us, who are supplementing Ca in order to adjust for our Vit D intake. ... 191154.htm

How comes the lable a 30% increase of incidence a "modest increase in risk" - 30% seems pretty high to me.

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Real doses

I need some of your expertise here:

I am taking Mg for my spasticity/stiffness and it seems to help a bit.

Question is - how much do you guys take in a day - in gram/milligram/micrograms - no IU (it does not exists here) and also; when do you take it? ie.: 100grams when waking up; or 20 grams evenly divided in the day?

And please the same for D3 if I can ask :/ ...
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Lactoferrin colostrum whey protein powder

Hi anyone tried any or all of these?
I am taking all 3. As I have not eaten dairy for about 14 years its a little worrying to start as I know I have issues with cows milk but hopefully the goodness of these products will outweigh the bad. (we will see)

Also I am still debating whether we should be stimulating our immune systems. There is so many conflicting opinions.
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Bee Sting Therapy

article on woman who recently used bee sting therapy:

<shortened url>
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Chelation Therapy?

Has anyone tried chelation therpay? pronounced keylation. theres a few of them out there, EDTA Calcium disodium, DMSA.

Pulls heavy metals out of your body. you have to take vitamins to replace the metals you need

hearing about ccsvi wonder if chelation therapy would help with the iron in the blood

idk if i should post this hear or in the ccsvi threads
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