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Matcha green tea- are capsules as effective as drinking tea?

I am going to start drinking Matcha Green Tea for the numerous health benefits, but green tea always makes me pee every 20-30 minutes for a few hours after drinking a cup

But i have seen Matcha green tea in 500mg capsule form , vegetarian capsules.

I would prefer to take 2 capsules a day instead of drink 2 cups of green tea
But will taking matcha green tea capsules give the same absorption/metabolism benefits ...
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Calcium EAP

I just visited my naturopath last night and feels that I am doing well on the B12 and B-Complex injections, as well as all of the other recommended supplements. However, he strongly recommended that I look for Calcium EAP and start taking that; unfortunately, his office does not carry the product. Has anyone in this forum taken Calcium EAP with any success? If so, are there any side-effects? I'm having difficulty finding any details around ...
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Tests for Nutritional Deficiencies

I have RRMS and am wanting to know what vitamins and supplements I am deficient in. I am seeing a new PCP this Thursday and was hoping to get her to order up some bloodwork so that I can see what I am lacking etc. So far my neuro would only order up Vitamin D and B12 levels which the Vit. D was 21 inititally and now it is 90. My B12 levels were not ...
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Multi vitamins

I need help with some vitamins. I work 45-60 hours most week and am lucky to get a drive-thru meal once a day. It is very hard to eat right (if at all) most days for me. My husband lost his job earlier in the year and recently found a much lower paying job so the over time will have to continue indefinitely. I was on a vitamin drink (from reading other post I am ...
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Pressure Sores: a natural way to treat them?

Hi all,

I have learnt today that i infact have a pressure sore near my coccyx and its not a pilonidal sinus,
the dr mentioned its likely due to my fairly sedentary lifestyle and muscle wastage,

so tomorrow, as the sore is infected, i will be starting a seven day course of Flucloxacillin (250mg 4x daily) - which should hopefully improve my weakened legs/bladder

But i was wondering if other MS patients have had pressure ...
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raw foods diet

Has anyone tried a raw foods diet and what have the effects been?
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How is this calcium supplement?

As my previous ca;cium supplement contained sucrose / table sugar, and as i'm following the Wahls diet very strictly, i need to change this, and i have seen this calcium and wanted others opinions on it: ... Track=true

i would probably take 1-2 tablet of these daily = 250-500mg calcium as i only take 250mg magnesium glycinate daily

- Is it best to take one of these calcium ...
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Oil of Oregano and fatigue

Two gelcaps of this and I don't nap during the day. No hyper feeling, just less fatigue. :YMAPPLAUSE:

Can anyone tell me what it is about oil of oregano that does this?
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Plasma zinc test on Monday wen do i stop taking zinc picolin

I currently take 100mg zinc picolinate with 4mg copper every morning,

but i should be getting my bloods drawn on Monday and tested for either serum zinc or plasma zinc,

Do i need to stop taking the 100mg zinc picolinate and 4 mg copper, and other vitamins and minerals i take on a daily basis, before the blood are drawn?

if so, how many days bedore do i need to stop?

I will hopefully also ...
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